Friday, October 29, 2010

i am bored so forgive me for crapping.

guess what I found? :D


I really wanna do these type of stuff but.. firstly, I don't have a tablet like Hana or Cynta or Sammie nor do I have self confidence like Eva to draw using the mouse.  secondly, I really prefer having paint tool sai which I only have on my computer so. And to use a tablet is really better with a laptop. and I really don't wanna install my stuff on other people's laptops.

so the only time I can do this is if I have my own laptop and a tablet and find something simple enough and improve my drawing skills so that I can draw all those.which will only happen if I get 8A's for PMR and can collect enough money up to 500 bucks and a miracle happens. so lets all pray for a miracle.

anyway, I was so bored that I decided to look at my Tumblr archive (which sincerely looks more awesome than Blogger archives haha) and I've made a research.

January 2010
Just started Tumblr. not that many posts, mostly from blog. first post on January 11th. all in all, 12 posts (minus blog posts)

February 2010
still on Tumblr every once in a while. 23 posts.

March 2010
1 post.

April 2010
0 posts.

May 2010
0 posts. am totally oblivious I even have Tumblr.

June 2010
0 posts.

July 2010
1 post. Looks like I have awaken from my blurness.

August 2010
4 posts. HAH. miracle.

September 2010
20 posts. that was a rapid raise, yes? no.

October 2010.
545 posts.
eff yea. consists of KPOP fandom and typography. with the amount of 23 followers. how pitiful.


p.s, I hate peeling onions that won't cooperate.

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