Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i do that. haha.

i was expecting you. and you didn't come. you hurt me.


HAHA i finally got a question on Formspring??? and its totally irrelevant, but nevermind. I GOT A FREAKIN QUESTION.

so what have I been up to lately? hmm. I'm supposed to study, dry flowers and do my Maths PATS but apparently I have done none. so sad.

I really hate myself today! I wasted so much time D: I really wanna do something useful but I'm so damn lazy! plus now I'm addicted to this anime Baccano! on Animax.

oh yea. this morning my mum asked me bout the "Bad Animes" they talked bout in the news. haha. I believed I've watched one of those animes, which is Ranma 1/2. It's totally crap if I think about it now, but I really liked it then. but I didn't tell mom bout THAT. haha. I just said they're only talking bout some animes, you know, the ones that show a little bit too much skin. people now a days *sigh*

and Baccano! is definitely none of those bad animes. it's totally serious and full of serious gun fights and police and actual use of last names. and Fairy Tail, well, I know they don't actually use their last names and their clothes are ridiculous, but what makes it a good anime is it's awesome fights and good storyline. Baccano! definitely has a good storyline, and it makes sense. although it's kinda hard to catch, since they talk like *chompchompchomp* but at least they say sensible stuff :) but one thing for sure, it's not for everyone. Eva would never like Baccano! HAHA.

oh yea. watched a lil Fullmetal Alchemist too. I think I prefer following the storyline rather than episode hop. So I'll just wait for Sammie's volume 2 of the manga :) and and this anime is kinda on the serious side too, so I guess it's better than Baccano! ? maybe.

gomen for the anime speech. oh yea. I watched an MV other than SuJu's HAHA :) FT Island. I believe this isn't a boy band? but the boys are definitely HOT :) kukuku. and After Love was kinda good. I LYKE them :D


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