Friday, October 29, 2010

kpop craze.

tonight, I'm gonna post a couple of videos of my latest fav songs :) and mind you, it does not only consist of KPOP so bare with me.

but before that, I'm gonna rant about Minho from SHINee.

Man, that dude doesn't get a lot of lines. I mean I know he's lead rapper so the verses shouldn't be his highlight but still. The raps are only like 1/10 of the song. and if Key gets some of the lines, wouldn't he be like only 1/20 of the song?? Like kesiannyer. SMEnt, come on. give him a break! or at least, a couple more lines.

So here's a tribute of SHINee first. I know you'll say "if you're a real SHINee fan you should know more than 3 of their songs" well apparently I don't and I don't care. cuz I'm not SHINee's huge fan, I'm an ELF. So there you go, their 3 top hit songs.

P.S, I love my Bling Bling Jonghyun <3

SO LET'S START! I've been opening a LOT of tabs :)
Starting from randoms >3<

I only heard this like once and I already love it x3

Natsu's ending. Lucy's was a lil.. kindergarten-ish. can't wait to listen to Gray's ending! :D

And next set, 2NE1 songs!

Lemme tell you something though, I didn't like that much songs of theirs. The first time I heard of them was from BIGBANG's Lollipop. And I wasn't into KPOP so much then, just partly. But then people started talking bout them and MTV made them Asian Takeaway's Artist of the Month and I'm like, "Who are these girls and what's so special bout them anyway??" Well, I'm not one to tell, cuz I still haven't found out that much :P haha. But I know the leader's name is CL! but.. yea that's it.

But anyway, I still don't like their songs that much. until I heard I Don't Care and I'm like AHH :DD But I discovered this was last year's song. :/ well. still.

So here's their four songs that I managed to squeeze into my favourites! :D

Natasha : *makes a joke* FAIYAA (fire, as in the one by 2NE1) :DD
Me : oh that song? I heard it once. I don't like it.
Natasha : DD: WHY YOU NO LIKE??
Me : I dunno I just don't.
Natasha : TAPI BESTT
Me : OH but I like I don't care :D
Natasha : ?
Me : You don't know that song? Kay nevermind.

Last but not least... *drumrolls* the not-exactly-a-song-I-like-but-somehow-I-cried-watching-the-MV song, AS A MAN BY GUMMY :D

but apparently, the song wasn't attractive nor addictive enough to catch my ears.
gomen Gummy, but you fail. other than I'm Sorry. but that was practically because of T.O.P. anyway.


P.S, haha yes I just love being mean >:)

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