Friday, October 29, 2010


Nurin was wondering what that hole thingy in your bag was for and Yen Fern explained it to her. Mind you, even I didn't know this.
YenF: Your earplugs go through here..
*keecoh-kecoh, laugh-laugh, haha-haha*
YenF: *starts explaining again* you eyeplugs.. EARplugs..
*laugh-laugh, high-fives*
:Iman : do you even know what earplugs are? it's earphones!

Moral : make sure you know what you're talking about. especially when you're talking about body parts and you have a friend with ears like mine.
Senangnya dalam hati
Kalau beristeri dua
Terasa dunia ini
Ana yang punya

Kepada isteri tua
Ana sayang padanya
Kepada isteri muda
I say i love you

Isteri tua merajuk
Balik kerumah isteri muda
Kalau dua-dua merajuk
Ana kahwin tiga

Mesti pandai pembohong
Mesti pandai temberang
Tetapi jangan sampai
Hai pecah tembelang

P. Ramlee's Madu Tiga song.
Sigh. Men.

Moral : Jangan rajin-rajin merajuk, nanti cepat je cari lain.


Anyway, at first I didn't know this was P. Ramlee's song. I heard it on the radio sang by an Indo singer. and instead of "ana" he used "kanda" which I think I prefer but stick to the original lyrics better la.

So I asked my brother, "Bang, ape name lagu yang ade lirik *sings part of the first verse*" and he was like "..." and I was like "alaa, lagu yang Indon nyanyi tu.." and I sang a bit more and he was like "Tu lagu P. Ramlee laa" and I was like "O.O Oh. LOL. baru tau." 

Then ayah was like "Apeela tak tau tu lagu P. Ramlee. Siape tak tau tu lagu P. Ramlee?" and Abang agreed. somehow mom and Kak Ain wasn't there to back me up and I wasn't ready for a good comeback, so I kept quiet. Thanks a lot for making me feel bad, dad.

Men. Sigh.

Moral : Don't ask your brother or dad about songs you're not sure about, or else you might get teased.


P.S, OOH, did I tell you the last day of exam was GREAT?! Before recess no exam, Seni was like "Pttch I don't give a f***" then KH was like "Pttch this is too easy" then Japanese was like "OMG I don't know this. there's no point of giving yourself a headache if you didn't study it anyway so I'll just tembak." then hung out for like almost an hour because I told my mom I'm going home at 3.30. haha. andd I watched Sorority Row!! :) for the first time I watched a murder movie myself. it wasn't that awesome though. no loves for the Theta Pi's. haha.

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