Wednesday, October 6, 2010

my talking thoughts,

have any one of you read "Liberty Belle" series by Amber Deckers? I've only read the first one, "I Love You, Goodbye" and the only reason I did was because the cover was pretty and Decker's "Ella Mental" series was one of my favourites when I was younger. but I've grown up to find better series than that. still, I was intrigued to know what type of book Decker had written this time.

yet not another one for the impatient. the starting was kinda boring, and I think I was pissing Thivyaa off cuz I read the book too slow. and I finished it on Saturday. =__= Leave it to me to finish a book at the beginning of holidays.

anyways, the book's about this girl who started getting "Thinking Thoughts" after her parent's divorce and her loneliness began. so the first time I read that, I was like, whoa, I can totally relate, I have Mind Blogging. but recently I've developed my own Talking Thoughts. or they've been there all the time, I dunno. I guess I've always called them conscious but maybe conscious isn't supposed to actually talk?

like lunch the other day, I just woke up from a nice nap. you know how people are after naps. and when mom finished and I haven't, she started giving me instructions.

mom: Na, lepas ni basuh pinggan tau?
my talking thoughts (MTT) : I would've done so without you asking me to.
mom : ni nasi ngan mi smalam pun buang gak...
mom : lepas tu angkat baju.
mom : Na??
me : ye mak...

it's like, I'll never actually say such things to my mom, but cuz I was in such mood, and was eating (at least trying to), and I hate getting instructions from mom, my mind just erupts.

and lately my Talking Thoughts have been having a very English slang. maybe cuz I've watch too much Britain's Next Top Model.

me (doing maths homework) : hmm.. area of a circle equals to..
MTT : pai sqwearr ar tew..
me : O.O ??? what am I hearing? am I turning Brit?

and mind you, while typing all this my mind is saying it all out loud in a very Brit slang.

Dear MTT,
Stop with the Brit slang. And be nicer to mom. Thanks.
Loves, Elyna.


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