Saturday, October 2, 2010

the stupid act.

so today, the day's just nice, not too wet, not too dry. not too hot, not too cold. everything seems perfect since I'm having my a high time watching EHB. Although it would be better if I was at my own computer, being able to download those cute short vids of Donghae. Like the one where he was sleeping in a buss and the dudes splashed cold water on him! He was so cute! xD But the members were really mean =3= and it was kinda like the latest too, the fans got it off their twitter this May! :D

okayy, enough with that. 
so we were planning to go to the open house at the mosque (open mosque?). mom and Umar didn't come along cuz mom was sick. we went walking around, looking at what's available. it was just like last year. stations were set up. there was one for sate, ABC, sup, kambing, etc etc. so Kak Ain and I queued for the kambing. I saw a friend from camp, Hani there. she's like, ten. her friends talked like makciks! I guess that's what you get if you school at SKPJ. Yay for SSP.

Anyways. So after a long wait we finally  got our kambings! :) haha. then I decided to take a drink. stupidly, I brought my kambings with me. so when it was finally my turn, I realized I wasn't exactly in the position to take the drink, seeing the contraption used was.. well, a bit complicated.

but me being a smartass, I handily placed the cup at the tip of my plate, one hand handling the contraption, the other holding the plate in place. but when the cup got half full, I realized that... well, the plate wasn't gonna hold the cup any longer.

Trying to stop whatever that has happened, I stop handling the contraption. but contrary to my expectation, the pink liquid inside the cup poured over my kambing. blood drained out of my face. practically everyone around the drink station were guys. I was very embarrassed.

as if by queue, Abang suddenly appeared by my side. I gave him a sheepish smile and couldn't help but laugh. he glanced at my now-pink kambing and laughs. "Ape jadi ni? Dah pegi balik kat meja Abang ambik air."

I did as ordered, completely embarrassed. when Abang came back, he called my kambing "Kambing Bandung" (the drink served was sirap bandung). not very funny.

so we ate. I met up with Ika. Idah wasn't there. Ika told me she just woke up. lol.
then Abang told me to fill up their cups. there were three. two were stacked. I went cooly, reminding myself not to do something stupid again. but when I arrived at the similar drink station, I noticed I just did something stupid again.

How am I gonna bring three polystyrene cups filled with water back to our table which was like 50 meters away?

I quietly thought this out while I fill the empty cups. by the third cup, I had no choice. there was only one way to solve this.
I placed one cup in my hand, and another between my torso and my lower arm. then I hold the other one in my other hand as normal. and I started walking. very slowly.

and yet again I served myself a stupid act.


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