Sunday, October 24, 2010

when you're on tumblr.

  • you can't stop reblogging cool stuff until your post almost 100 posts a day. 
  • you get lost in all the stuff people you followed posted that there will be a moment you'll get confused.
  • you can go "back" for more than 50 or 70 pages.
  • you hope to see someone reblogged something you posted in the sea of posts.
  • you didn't notice that you have been reblogging stuff for almost an hour.
  • you hope that after reblogging so many stuff you think is cool, you'll get a couple of followers.
  • you forget that tomorrow is your finals and the hardest subject is on the first day and you just finished off READING THROUGH all the chapters and have not exactly mastered anything and so therefore should not have let yourself celebrate by stealing your dad's laptop and going on tumblr thinking "I'm just checking for a while".


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