Tuesday, November 30, 2010

how convincing.

now "Jonghyun" and "Onew" have Tumblrs. what they say are... pretty much convincing, but there's too much weird stuff on Jjong's. some stuff bout cucumbers and showers. weirdos. I bet the real Jonghyun wouldn't even reply those. But this conversation made me laugh. It's pretty much convincing.

Onew : Most people know by now that I cut my hair
Jonghyun : you look weird
Onew :Least I don’t look like a dinosaur
Jonghyun : better than a stupid rabbit
Onew : Rabbits are cute and fuzzy. Dinosaurs are scaly and ugly
Jonghyun : DINOSAURS ARE THE SHIT MAN! NO ONE FUCKS WITH A DINOSAUR (another thing, I bet Jjong wouldn't curse in public.)
Onew :  Sorry to break this to you but dinosaurs are extinct.
Jonghyun : Tell that to my grandpapa
Onew :You’re so stupid
Jonghyun :At least I can walk in a straight line without tripping

Not in a good mood. I think I shall go offline now. Sleep for a while. Rainy weathers are perfect for sleep. Hopefully I shall dream more about SHINee and can blog more interesting stuff. I know the previous post you guys don't get it. cuz you had to be there to get it. or at least get some visualization.

don't. think wrongly.


p.s, sorry for all the Italics. weird Blogger being weird. 

shake and twist.

silly, silly Abang.

today after dinner, Abang was assigned to feed Umar. so they had this new liquid-ish baby food thingy (poor Um. it looked disgusting.) and I was assigned to sweep the floor. so Abang asked me, "Na, die cakap kat sini shake before use. Macam mane nak shake?"

I was entirely confused by this question. Abang has always been like that. You can never tell when he's joking and when he's serious. he has the biggest pokerface in the family. But I decided to just go along with it. So I took the bottle and shook it.

"Oh, so Elyna shake camtu la?" Abang asked. I nodded. Still confused. I'm waiting for an explaination but Abang doesn't give one. Instead he was all smiley at Kak Ain. These lovebirds.

So Kak Ain came over and took the bottle. "Abang awak, bace the label "Shake before use, die shake camni." so she held up the bottle in front of her and shook her body.


So after calming myself, I found the broom and started sweeping. Then my brother reads some more. " 'Twist to open'. Wah ni lagi bahaya." and then me and Kak Ain was like laughing, imagining. Imagine some twisting (I mean the dance twist. you know what I mean.) then checks the bottle if it's opened. then it's not. then he twists himself again.

I was laughing so hard I fell on the floor.

Mum : Elyna, you're supposed to sweep the floor.
Me : ye mak... *gets up all shaky from the laughter*

My brother.


p.s, who else loves Firo from Baccano? :3 just asking. he's really cool. and cute. huhu.

pmr pmr pmr.

have you ever felt sadness just suddenly seeping inside of you?
you're not sure why, but it just happens.
maybe when you're alone, eating lunch.
you remember when you weren't alone.
when you had someone to talk to.

now you're a freak who laughs to something on the laptop.

I miss school.

but I'm scared about next year O.O

Monday, November 29, 2010

bored post of the night.

FUNNEYH. AND KEY IS SO AWESUM DANCIN ALL THOSE STUFF. HE IS COOL. I don't know why but Taemin's dance doesn't attract me. weird.

okay after watching this, I made research on that hot guy with the red pants. He's from FT Island.

Song Seong Hyun. 21st August 1992 (when I first saw this I was like FFFFFFFFFFFFF). blood type O. 180cm <3 GUITARIST AND VOCALIST, MIGHT RAP. this dude. give him a thumbs up.

and I thought Mir was familiar!!! he's the vocalist! kurururu x) thing is, I only like Flower Rock by them, and that's in Japanese. any recommendations? :) and don't tell me to listen to Love Love Love. to me it's annoying.

next up, GIF party :)

tumblr loves, as usual.

Hae in his drama <3

This is what we call "Onew Condition". forever relevant.

This is what we call "Lee Taemin doing his thing" <3 SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FOREVER LOVES



Sunday, November 28, 2010

peaceball/ft. - funkist.


so where have I disappeared to?

... I'm not telling.


Sorry, but they're so freaking slow. but I guess that's what Ballad stands for. vocals are great, as usual. out of the 5 songs from their debut mini album, I like only Don't Lie and Hot Times. Another Day pun boleh tahan laa. I was so excited when I heard the Hot Times teaser. turns out it's not much of my style T__T well.



P.S, why is everyone watching Rapunzel? :( the outing with my pals pun nanti watch Narnia, not this epic-ish remake of the epic-ish fairy tale. I didn't even get to watch Princess and the Pea. or the Avatar movie - both the blue people and Aang-Avatar. and also the 6th Harry Potter movie (I asked Bakmal what happened, since he read the book. "Dumbledore died." -___- yes I think we all know that.). how lame am I?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

just a dream.

last night, awesome dream.
actually it was a mix of every feeling I had ever known, so I have no idea where my head was then.

There was a part that was sort of Harry Potter-ish, where someone died (not someone I knew, thankfully) so yea a little magic there.

then a part where I had to go for tuition (I HATE STUDYING.)

then, the BEST part, I WENT TO TOKYO JAPAN :D (I mean the only country I've ever been to was Indonesia and Singapore. we're collecting money to go to Aussie next year after PMR, but I haven't actually went there yet.) But it was a short trip, like a detour back home from somewhere else =3= Means I went somewhere else before that that was awesomer! :D HAHA YAY

so here's a funny part. so at Japan, I dunno how they appeared, but SHINee was there. And somehow Yoogeun (from Hello Baby) was there too! so at the airport (before we went back home to Malaysia) I saw Jonghyun letting Yoogeun choose a scarf from this suitcase that had MILLIONS of AWESOME scarves. it was those type that looked like hankies, you know. with checks and stuff. only bigger. the size of a scarf. because it is. anyway.

so yet again, dreams can never make sense, so I had SHINee in my house now like -_________- IF THIS DREAM DOESN'T COME TRUE, I.... SERIOUSLY. I WILL BE PISSED. so anyways, I wanted to borrow one of Jjong's AWESOME scarves, a green one. I'm not sure why though haha. So I asked Key (who was watching TV upstairs) "Can you get me one of Jjong's scarves? A green one?"

"Naah, you're gonna have to ask him yourself for that." Looks back at TV.

:( "Do you know where he is?"

Key does not remove his sight from the TV. "Nope, sorry." Damn that TV. It's not like he understands anyway. But then again. How did I understand him? LOL. But then again Key's the only one who can speak English. ... Damn these dreams.

So I went to search for Jjong. And somehow Taemin was in my room, reading a comic book. Here goes the dreams-do-not-make-sense thing again. But if SHINee is in my house, then everything else is possible too. But to make this a bit more appropriate for under-aged people (haha I'M under-aged), lets twist it a bit. He was in Bakmal's room, reading a comic.

So I asked him, "Tae, have you seen Jjong?"

He looked up from the comic. I swear if it was real life, I would've died. "Oh, he's downstairs."

"Doing what?"

"Believe it or not, reading."

O___O <-- yea that was the face I made. only probably uglier  cuz Tae looked at me weirdly. how embarrassing. although it wasn't real life. And I don't see why it's hard to believe Jjong reading.

So I went downstairs. Minho was at the living room, listening to his MP3. *Ignores* haha. me and my non-biases. poor Min.

Then I went to the back door, and there was Jjong, lying on the cement floor, reading a comic. Cats do that, not you, Jonghyun. To take care of Jjong's rep, let's pretend he was on the swing, reading a comic.

"Jonghyun oppa~" I said, sitting next to him. hehe. I never do this to other people other than my dad, so you can imagine how close we were in this dream of mine.

"Whut?" smile, smile. lol.

"Can I borrow one of your AWESOME scarves? A green one?" whats up with me and green??


see, problem is, I didn't know why. "PLEEEASSSSEEEEEE" I did this once to my dad so that I can borrow his laptop. it didn't work.

"No." There's a difference between my bro's no and Jjong's no. Bakmal's "no" is harsh. no sympathy. like f--- off type of no.but Jjong's sounded childish. like he was joking. like he was ten.

So see I'm not exactly the begging type. I have pride. So I went away, with a sad face, walked slowly though, in case he changed his mind. I entered the house and he didn't say anything. he was just smiling there. jerk. I felt like squishing him.

So I took the grill keys. smile at Jjong. "haha, wait." locked the grill. "you're kidding." had a little problem removing the keys from the lock. sheez.


Then I rushed to the front with the front door keys and locked the grill there. I smirked to myself. mission accomplished.

then I wanted to run upstairs, but my mom stopped me. so I turned back, and saw Jjong inside.

"How did you get in?!?!"

"Hehe, I--"

Then I saw Minho was smirking. he was sitting near the windows. "YOU ASKED FOR THE KEYS THROUGH THE WINDOWS" then I started kicking and punching him, like any other pissed-off 14 year old girl would to the boy who pissed her off. "Just give me the scarf already!!!" and he was laughing. evil, evil Jjong.

"Elyna." I stopped. it was my mom. "Later I want to show you something, okay?" I nodded. then I started scribbling on this paper "Dream".

Then I woke up. Mom was knocking on my door.

I definitely have too much SHINee on my mind Haha that was a funny dream.


sungmin, you have lost your title as aegyo king.

I mean, I gotta save this somewhere, right?

Hanis, you can never beat my KPOP spam. I have Tumblr. You don't even open yours.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

these two.


JONGKEY: Slowly killing us


okay I didn't say that someone else on Tumblr did but I have to agree - THEY'RE SO ADORABLEEEE EEK >////<

But seriously though. I hope they don't actually fall for each other and get married or anything. I love them together as best friends. not as gay partners.
But my fav GIF was the first one and the third last one >//w//<


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


*Beware KPOP rant ahead.

I want this boy for my birthday <3
He's full name is Lee Taemin from South Korea? Yea I heard he's an awesome dancer. He's expensive though, I'm sure.
So start collecting your money!! You got another 6 months before I turn 15 ;)

Okay sorry spazzing moment there. I have no idea why I'm so in love with this boy right now. I mean, I THOUGHT MY BIAS WAS JONGHYUN?! This is exactly the same feeling I had when I changed from Kyuhyun to Donghae. F.

And notice how I always move from main vocalists to main dancers? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE.

I guess the biggest reason I love Taemin is because... I can relate to him. He IS the youngest. and youngest not like Kyu, who's 22, but youngest as in HE'S 17.

July 18th July 18th July 18th.
Trying to memorize his birthday.

Donghae's is... 14th October?

That's another thing. I feel like I'm betraying Super Junior. That maybe fine, but betraying my biases too... I haven't even tried to watch the drama Hae's in!!! Okay. I will. I will I promise. I will never betray Donghae. NEVAAA.

Grr. I never felt so much love pouring out of me. These boys... what have they done? If I had a singular version SHINee as my boyfriend, I'd be the happiest 14 year old in KPOP world.

But what would happen after this? Another KPOP band will debut and I'll forget all about SHINee and fangirl over them and forget about Taemin's birthdate and be trying to memorize their birthdates and hope that I'll get a singular version of that KPOP group as my boyfriend?

But if it's a singular version of SHINee then I would gladly accept. <3

Did I mention I love fullstops?


P.S, I already forgot Kyu's birthdate. somewhere in February. 2nd, is it? I can't remember.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

why is it that.

why is it that.
Yen Fern just got RM1000 from her grandpa. and not only her, her sister too. wow.

why is it that.
everyone has awesome cousins that are coming by during the hols? where are mine? WHY AREN'T MINE COMING OVER?!?!?! (well it's not like i'm that friendly to them anyway, I think I'd rather go to Pak Cik Job's house and play Sims3.)

why is it that.
Joy didn't reply to my SMS? :( Hurry, I wanna know bout the kitty!!!

why is it that.
Hanis is not online?

why is it that.
I'm allowing the radio to play my old songs on my pendrive which is apparently invisible and I have no idea how to make it visible, and yes, I did ask my brothers. Usually I'd stop it, then play again so that it starts from the beginning, and listen to KPOP but I'm allowing it to play. I'm freaking allow it.

why is it that.
I love this video?

Haha Charlie you're cool like ;)


i hate fights.

weekends were lamee. well, here comes yet boring days of the holidays. plans? well there's the outing plan with Laila, Lea, Xueh Wei and Anesha. we're going to watch Narnia :)

other than that, I plan to do nothing but chores (so that I can get extra cash) and practice piano. and sleep. and drown myself in music. if only the headphones work on the radio. sigh.

read Xueh Wei's blog. gasp. GASP. GASP. GASP.





Friday, November 19, 2010


where u at - taeyang.

I don't even know your name girl,
But I'mma get you somehow
Just got let me know where you at
Cuz your man's comin'

Cheotnune machi nareul aneun deutan
Neoui nachigeun misoe majuchyeosseul ttae
Nae balgeoreumdo meomchwosseo

Sunsikgane jinagan siganijiman
Geu sungan neukkimeul gieokhae
Waenji buranhae
Dasin bol su eobseulkkabwa

Neol dasi boryeo dasi dorabwado
Jeomjeom meoreojyeoganeun neo
Day n' night
High n' low

Oneuldo nan neoreul chaja
I jarie isseo

I just wanna know
If You feel the same
Where u at
Where u at
(Where u at)

Jigeum naege malhaejwo
Naui sarangi sijakhal su itge
Where u at girl

I just wanna know
If You feel the same
Where u at
Where u at
(Where u at)

Eonjega nal bureul ttae
Imi ne ape nan seo isseulge

Naui oeroumeul da aneun deutan
Geu pyojeongi neol mot itgehae
Neon nal ihaehae

OH then I wake up and
Out my zone
Blink twice and then you're gone

Hoksi neodo nacheoreom himi deulkka (himi deulkka)
Manyak I chagaun sesange
Budichyeo jichilttae
Nal mannal ttaekkajiman jebal chamajwo

Neol chajaboryeo amuri dallyeodo
Jeomjeom meoreojyeo ganeun neo
Day n' night
High n' low

Oneuldo nan
Haneul neomeo neol hyanghae sorichyeo

I just wanna know
If you feel the same
Where u at
Where u at
(Where u at)

Jigeum naege malhaejwo
Naui sarangi sijakhal su itge
Where u at girl

I just wanna know
If You feel the same
Where u at
Where u at
(Where u at)

Eonjenga nal bureul ttae
Imi ne ape nan seo isseulge

Let's go
Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!
Whoa! Whoa!
Let me break this down
Jigeum eodieseonga
I norael deutgo isseul neoege
Jigeum yaksokhalge

You were meant for me
So I'll be there for you

I just wanna know
If you feel the same
Where u at
Where u at
(Where u at)

Jigeum naege malhaejwo
Naui sarangi sijakhal su itge (sijakhal su itge)

I just wanna know
If You feel the same
Where u at
Where u at, girl
(Where u at)

Eonjenga nal bureul ttae
Imi ne ape nan seo isseulge (nan seo isseulge)

Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!
Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh! Eh!

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/t/tae_yang/#share


wow. I did not regret following this blog. Go and follow this blog. I had never expected it to be this big. I am now promoting for my dear friend who has put in a lot of effort into this blog. Please follow :)

hereherehere :D


omg why am I getting so much loves from DA? :'D first I got a new watcher, then I got a llama badge... things are great on DA, other than the fact that I can't upload any deviantations :'( not YET. this hols, I am going to work HARD. HARD, I TELL YOU. for my followers :') you will not be dissappointed, I promise.


today started off quite slowly. and quietly. didn't say much at the class that didn't say much to me. then things started to get a little better after recess. Laila called me lame and I was like "...you read my blog, didn't you?" haha sorry Laila, you tetau jelah I suke gurau camtu. and you pun cepat marah gak, bukan I jer ^^

On Fridays, we would usually have ICTL after recess. the strategy to get a good computer - results may vary - is to not eat and go to the lab as early as possible, so that you can be one of the first to come in when teacher opens the door. thing is, sometimes cik Shatirah can get late so even if you go early, by the time cik Shatirah comes then everyone will be there to berebut computer anyway. but most of the time, the seniors would be using it =_="

but today, I didn't feel like going for ICTL. I stayed in class with another 8 people. yes, we skipped class. but no worries. there were 3 prefects there. they were Kaii, Hafizah and Xueh Wei. and some others didn't go to ICTL, some went to buy books for next year. i didn't bring any money. i totally forgot about books for next year. i dunno what's wrong with my head this year. everything seems a bit off the "important list".

so we sat there, hanging out. soon the rest of the class came and things were as normal. suddenly there was a rush of excitement. everybody was getting out of their classes. the classes - they were out.

my first instict was to obviously follow the crowd- the place was kinda obvious, the Block AB stairs. but logically, everyone would be rushing to see their classes, and the place would be freaking crowded. so my idea was... go to toilet, then go and see the classes :) by then the crowd should be a bit smaller, despite the 200 other people in my form.

but when Lea and I walked out, people were going back to their classes. apparently Pn. Ranchani didn't allow them to see now. bummer. but we still went to toilet haha :D

so rumours were running around. everybody either had no idea, was supre sure or heard from a friend what class they got. i just heard. Laila told me E or F. it was the top 2 classes. thank God. this time, the class positions were like this :

1 - E & F
2 - G & H
3 - A & B
4 - C & D

a bit confusing, but if you understand the concept this year, you'll know they just mixed it up a bit.

so with suspense, we waited for the last bell of the year to ring. 12.40, me and Lea changed :) to outside clothes. we got permission from ms. Foo. 1 o clock, the bell rang. we tried to walk through the most hidden passages of the school, trying to avoid any questions, although we got a perfect answer to those questions. nervousness can come anytime.

so when everyone was crowding at the class list, Lea was like, "this is so awkward, we're so sesated" blabla bla. I drowned all those out. I pretended we were wearing school clothes. like, whatevs. they can think whatever they like. when I entered the crowd, I felt a bit sick. what if I didn't get top 2 classes? it is possible...

I only got a look from a far, but I was quite sure I got 3E. and Lea said she got 3A, for sure. our class had a lot of E, F, G and H, so I guess if Lea saw she got A, she knew it. it would be totally obvious.

before I left, I took a good look at a particular class who's list was a bit higher. I didn't give up though. I squinted my eyes, searching for her name. I thought it would be short. apparently it's a bit longer then expected. 3C. okay. then I left.

we walked out of school as if nothing happened. I saw some eyes looking at us, but I ignored it. although I felt like saying "watchu lukin at?" but ya know. Eva-chan walked past and asked bout the classes. she said she got 3D. she told us the most of the Human gang got separated, and it was all Datin Mary's fault =__=" and odd comment, since your class teacher is supposed to divide, but whatevs. Iman got into 3B, i think, Lavynia and Maria into 3C. and I read Yen Fern's blog saying she got into 3G, Jia Yi into 3H. wow, awesome :) top 4 from bottom 4. really awesome :) who else is in the Human gang? is that it? I can't remember. oh Sangeetha. didn't hear anything bout her class though.

I think Lea was really upset, mostly about her mom. but one thing I can't let go of is that she was worried guys wouldn't like her because "she's in a stupid class". oh come on la girl. firstly, a guy should like you for you, who is smart, not for what class you're in. and like Laila said, it's not a bad class. people there just have bad formative - which fits Lea perfectly.

so my mom came soon enough. she drove us to McD at section 14. but you know Masjid Bulat is around there? so we had to drive past a road that had cars parking by the sides so that was scary. but something scarier happened. a guy was running and tripped, then he didn't even bother, he just went back up and continued running, calling out "OII!!" I was freaked for a while, but I got pass it. that was freaky. I guess someone stole something from him.

mom got all freaked out and gave us a lot of advice. I couldn't even be annoyed, I understand why she's worried. mom dropped us off and we walked to McD. when we got there, we saw no one. then we saw Hafizah :) then we went upstairs and there they were!

so yea. it was a class party. it was really fun, too. eating and chatting and stuff. Xueh Wei gave all her closest friends little letters - secretly - and mine was really sweet :') love you too, Xwei ;) and GUESS WHAT. she got into 3E too! :D

so we took pics and stuff, but I can't find the memory card reader so no pics today :( and when the last person left... there was only me and Lea.

I told my mom we would finish at 4, but it was only 2.45! I didn't want Lea to wait at school for so long, and I wouldn't have anything to do at home anyway, so we bought two McFlurries - one Milo, one Oreo. Milo was really sweet, but Oreo was really crunchy. choose your pick :) - and went upstairs to the small playground and sat there. Lea said there was a hot dude but I think he was fugly. then she said "yea I just saw the side profile" so yea. he was fugly.

so we finished the ice creams at 3.15. we decided to discover section 14! :) Lea said she never explored this place, since she's not really a PJ person, so I was her tour guide, sort of. I was just okay with this place.

so first we went to a book store when SSPians used to buy all their cool stuff. if I asked "where'd you get that?" they'd answer the name of this shop. apparently, I can't remember what's the name of the shop. haha. SSPians were such section 14 people. Lea bought Seventeen mag then we went to Digital Mall.

we were just walking around, having fun, mainly. we looked at colours and designs. I saw a DS and I called it a PSP, until I saw the bekas was like "DS" and I was like HAHA IM SO LAME LIKE DAT. we browsed the laptop sleeves and bags and mouses and headphones and CD's. we were so sesated, but we had so much fun we didn't bother. then we went back downstairs. we were there for like, 20 minutes. lol.

by the time we went back to McD, it was 3.45, so I SMSed abang. he said he's coming. then we browsed through Lea's mag. then Abang came and we went to school to drop Lea off then went back home and slept.


7pm. BEAST Debut Story.

I was waiting for this!!! but I was a bit disappointed. mostly cuz at this time they were still not used to each other, therefore awkwardness was kinda obvious. I wish they'd be less awkward!! but this was like last year so. I bet now they're a lot better :)

and Tumblr is such an information resource. I found a kissing picture they put in Marie Claire. of a BEAST member. they were modelling for it, obviously, but STILL. I believe it's DooJoon, who isn't my bias, but is my bias' most popular ship. but whatevs. it's just a magazine spread, right? they're supposed to appear sexy and stuff.

but I still love this GIF.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

what a statement.

went to Sunway today :D urgh i fucking hate this computer. thanks a lot ayah. you really made my day (worse). your VIAO is terrific, and you had to leave me with no choice but Bakmal's freakin compaq. I shall say this again, I WILL NOT HAVE COMPAQ FOR MY LAPTOP.

lets continue what I have written when this computer was perfectly fine, until Bakmal told me to move then the computer shut down when I switched off the switch, cuz apparently the battery's not in, and I had to switch everything on again, and since I need my music, when I pop in my pendrive, this happens.

and let me tell you. this does not happen on my dad's laptop.

STILL trying to continue with how this day went by. so around 12 I arrived. tried to freakin call Laila (who was ice skating with Azra and her friend, Sharlin) but she couldn't hear me, and other people were giving me looks. finally I found out how to go downstairs (I don't go to Sunway often okayy) I finally got close enough. called Laila again, still didn't hear. called Azra, immediately saw me. so that was my mistake. complained on how pekak Laila is as a greeting. haha.

(btw tumblr gifs suck tonight. they do not move. they are not gifs. wait THEY FREAKING MOVED. no they stopped again. aish.)

then Azra told us she wanted to skate some more. having so much time to observe their skills (since Laila is so deaf) it seems that Laila wasn't so good anyway, so she left the rink for me :) aww sho shweet. we walked around, bored. Laila was searching for something to wear tomorrow (what? what's happening tomorrow? i dunno ;) ) but then she saw some bags in Forever 21 and she had a dilemma whether to buy a bag or a top. Laila and her dilemmas. in the end she didn't buy anything.

suddenly she suggested we buy this "Tutti Frutti" I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS. A DRINK? SMOOTHIE, MAYBE? I never found out, since we passed by the archery place.

during standard 6, Laila, Azra, Marina, Liyana and a couple of other people (these are the ones that I remember) accompanied by Marina's mom came to Sunway for a little party before leaving primary school. they did archery, bowling and all sorts of other stuff - mainly, they had fun. I, on the other hand, wasn't ready at that time. or so my mom says. so I did not follow. of course I was jealous. but who cares? I didn't, after a while.

so I was kinda happy I did this. although I sucked. no really I sucked. REALLY REALLY REALLY. YOU GOTTA BE THERE TO BELIEVE IT. and also even though I didn't have a lot of friends around, Laila was there :)

then we went downstairs again, back to the rink. they were not done, even after one and a half hours. thankfully, they came up 10 minutes after we hung around.

then we ate at Sushi King. sincerely, these people have brought me to shops I had never been to, including this, and also Forever 21. I am not exactly the type that go to branded boutiques, and my family is not the type that favours stuff like sushi. sushi is classy to them. mom was so kecoh when I told her. sigh. I gotta go out with friends some more.

so I ate salmon steak (practically the most expensive, but WHATEVS, if I was here with my family I would've still bought the same thing) Azra and Sharlin ate bentou and Laila took a kid's bentou. which, she did not finish. we had to finish off the sushis for her, how lame.

then we ran for the surau but halfway, we decided... not to go to surau. WE BAD ASS CHICS. lol. hmm. memang rase bersalah. but we're still humans.

so we finally arrived at the cinema. they were still showing the movie trailers, thank God, so me and Azra went to buy popcorn :) we bought a large popcorn and three regular drinks. then we went back, and the movie still haven't started. thank God for our fab timing, just as we sat, the movie started :) silent phones everyone!

and thank God I did that, cuz mom was calling during the movie. once was when they were talking bout The Tale of the 3 Brothers and I wanted to concentrate!!! mom has the worst timing.

when the movie finished, we didn't finish the popcorn, I had a bit more of my drink and Sharlin had a cup full more. I rate the movie 4/5 stars. no epic battle. we went to Jusco to go to their toilet (? don't ask me, I never come here. I didn't even know a Jusco exists here).

so I told them I'm going back home at 5.30. so we went downstairs. I thought they were just gonna drop me off, see me go and enjoy themselves. but apparently my bro was late. so Azra met up with her dad before I even went home, so her and Sharlin went back first. then I saw my car :) so Laila, you were the last to leave.

and that's how my outing ended. and no matter how much I wanted to go to Asian Avenue and take pics and go to that shop Adilah likes where they play nice KPOP songs (according to Dila), we didn't have the time. So taht's why this outing wasn't so awesome.

Laila, if we want to plan an outing for me, you, Lea, Xueh Wei and Anesha, lets start now. NAO. and lets include going to Asian Avenue.


p.s, I did use a massive amount of thank God's at a place. haha.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

seriously? seriously.

(you) oh beautiful
(you) so beautiful
(you) my beautiful
nothing better than you!


okay currently obssesed with Lights Go On Again by BEAST. I can't believe they didn't make a full song out of it! what a rip off D:< the nicest song in the album is 1 minute plus. blergh.

anyways, I am proud to announce that I finally can make ketupats! :D After years of trying, giving up and thinking "maybe it just wasn't fate", I have finally mastered it on the FIRST TRY of this year's Aidil Adha prep :D I told my mom maybe my brain wasn't matured enough, and she said maybe. she said she's so proud of me and this is something that we should pass down to our next generations. but I guess what I'm mostly proud of is that she told me she mastered it the age of 15 - I'm 14!!! :D lagi la bangga haha.

plus I'm the only one in the family other than mom XP Kak Ain though, got it on her first night which is not fair. I've tried it since I was eight, and she gets it just like that?  although she had to do hundreds of tries before actually getting it last night, which made me feel at least a bit better.

well that's it, I guess. Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha! x) hopefully you guys are having fun making ketupats like me too haha.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

kill me.


and that's not counting the amount of times you kill me with your smile.
and when you kill me with you dance moves.
and when you kill me by just being you.

when will a Lee Taemin exist in my life?


Thursday, November 11, 2010

my muscles are aching.



today, two things happened. eco carnival and open day.

mainly today was tiring and lame. in the morning we started our shifts but didn't really do anything. the booths were lame too. well some la. sorry to say.

anyway, there was this girl who came to us. she was from the group that wore black. her name was Aina, a form 3. they were from KELANTAN. her accent was so awesum! XD but apparently I lost her :/

later after our shift, we decided to stay at the classroom, cuz it was empty and stuff. we were supposed to go to the canteen at 11, so I guess we didn't have anything to do anyway. Iman and Yen Fern came over with UNO cards, so I played two games before I left for Japanese-song-singing session with Sammie :3 then I saw Zafirah had PSP and I was like KH BBS :DD

I was so freaking excited you know. you have to ask people there how excited I was to actually believe it. it was more exciting then getting ready to ride a roller coaster (i think). my heart was beating fast and I was dancing and singing "I'M GONNA PLAY BBS!! I'M GONNA PLAY BBS!!" suddenly a couple of guys from a different school passed by and I was like "oh shit" so I wrapped up the dance with my hand shooting up in the air with a "YEA!!!!"

to tell you the truth, I already watched the opening so that wasn't so exciting. but the GAME... ZOMG THE GAME. I WANNA TO FREAKING MARRY THE GAME AND HAVE BABIES WITH IT OKAYY.

then we started our shifts on lunch. lame lame lame lame.

shifts ends. going home at 3. nothing to do. lepak while playing BBS. wanted to continue, of course! but still, of course i can't! Lea asked me if I saw any cute guys. I said of course there's cute guys, but I'm not interested in them, of course. they're all so typical. so so typical. I don't like typical. I like special. I don't want a "fling". I don't like flings. I can't see what Lea sees in them. I still only want Sam? maybe. yes.

went back home. totally forgot bout the open day. mom told me Pn. Puteri was the one who was in charge of our class. I.... don't like the comments she gave me, although they were good. I don't like it when people over compliment me.

My mom said I can do better, although I think I'm quite good. I'm the 32nd in the whole form. I know, Xueh Wei's better like 8TH okayy like WTF. but I don't want to be higher than this. this is good. I don't want people expecting from me. what if I fail to fill in people's expectations? I don't want to be better, I just want to be good, so that people won't expect from me. I want people to expect the worse from me. that would be a whole lot better cuz then I can prove them wrong by doing GOOD.


just another typical story.

This is a concluded story from what I have heard. Takde kene mengena dengan yang masih hidup dan yang sudah mati.


You're 13 years old. you like a boy who's in form 3. you decided to jinak-jinak dengan the social life, befriend the right people, and you'll get the boy, right?

finally, you get to know the boy better. you really do like him - funny, charming. You asked him if he can be your "abang angkat" (this case is so typical in every teenage Malay. i went through a phase where I want an "abang angkat" myself but I matured before it got out of hand for me). not wanting to hurt your feelings, he said okay.

you feel so happy.

one day, you found out that there's gonna be a concert in your area. the boy and his friends were going. you decided to come along - I mean, you ARE the sister, you should have a right, yes? I mean, does it matter that they were all boys and 15? Of course not.

so that night, you guys were hanging around. your dad had a stall opened somewhere around. you didn't care. suddenly the boy's friends wanted to leave you guys together - give you guys a chance, maybe make him your boyfriend. the boy didn't get it, so he wanted to leave along with his friends.but you stopped him - nothing a little whining wouldn't work. so he stayed.

unexpectedly, your 19 year old brother came and dragged him to your dad. you tried to stop him, but he didn't. he wouldn't.

your brother threw him to the floor.

"Ayah, nak buat ape ngan budak ni?"

"Suke hati ko lah nak buat ape."

so your brother punch him in the face.

teeth flew out. blood dripped from his mouth.

all because of you.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

smile vs. eyes.

why does it seem like when I don't go online I miss so much, but when I'm online nothing ever happens?


One has a smile that can light the whole world. The other has eyes that spoke a million words. Both don't know I exist.

Is this a fair fight?


THANKS A LOT, ANESHA, for losing all my hopes of ever meeting SBG again. yes, that's what I call what the other day I mentioned as Sam, because my friends didn't read this book so they wouldn't know who that is anyway. and SBG stands for... Sungai Buloh Guy. YEA I KNOW LAME but haha I didn't want to use Sam. Sam's special for my blog ;P

And somehow, I remember that Xueh Wei doesn't live here in PJ, she lives somewhere that starts with an "S".

Me : Xueh Wei, where do you live again?
Xueh Wei : Sungai Buloh.
Me :  *looks at Lea* O.O
Lea : Hahaha (Y)

Then I asked if she goes to the R&R that has a Sate Kajang store and A&W and a KFC at the bridge and she was like "Yes" and I was like :DD

Me : so the next time you go there, go to the shop next to the Sate Kajang, buy some nuts or something and try to get him to talk.
Xueh Wei : Okay. Then I'll go like, "Hi. I don't really like nuts..."
Both : *LMAO*

okay, why TALK? because for all I know he could be an Indon and no offense to those Indon blog hoppers, but I do not want to date an Indon. Unless he's half Malay, half Indon or something then it'll be half acceptable.

so Xueh Wei, please be reminded to do so the next time you go to that R&R so that if he is an Indon dude, then I wouldn't hope to ever see him again and finally stop thinking bout him.
Still, thanks a lot Anesha. Thanks a LOT. seriously. -.-


p.s, here's the reactions I got or expect to get from people i have told or wanted to tell but reconsidered it when I concluded on how they would react.

Joy : so you fell in love with a 12 year old's eyes? (so he was short, doesn't mean he's twelve!)
Cynta : don't worry, if it was fate, then you guys would meet each other again :) (best reaction so far)
Hanis : she starts talking bout her crush.
Nurin : Wow O.O
Lea : ...
Prii : awww
Laila : ew -.- (expected, so didn't tell)
Anesha : don't worry, you'll never see him again. (THATS WHY.)

Saturday, November 6, 2010


is it just me, or the very emo GD looks SOO adorable in this?




Musimko haneureul bwa LIKE
Ne utneun moseubeul darma
Yunanhi nunbusingeol BABY

Nae harusok neorang na
Nal ulgo utge hajyo

Jamdeulji motaneunde
(Ne ireumeul bulleoboneunde)
Nan sujubeundeut gogaereul dolligo (NO MATTER WHAT)

Ireoke johahaneunde
Jomcheoreom georeummal ttelsuga eobseo



Musimko ttangeul bwa LIKE
Neoui ireum segeulja
Neomuna seolleneungeol BABY

Ne jageun sangcheo hana
Naega amulge haejulge
Naui sarang geudae

YO neon machi nabicheoreom
Kkot chaja naradanineun jeo aicheoreom
Sunsuhan nunmangureul meogeumgo (NO MATTER WHAT) YEAH
Haneulhaneul georineun momjit
Areunareunhan ni nunbit
Na eotteoke dwaennabwa


Naega yaksokhange
Eogeutnadeora soktage
Da ttokgatae
Mwo ireoke bokjaphae
Neon namjareul motmitneunde
Sarangdo yeongwonhal su inneunde
Milgo danggineungeon waehaneunde
Jom deo soljik hage gul sun eomneunde

Nae nuneul bwa
deullindamyeon daphaejwo
nae bore KISS & HIGH
nae chueok HEART
neowa nae seolleimman gadeuk hadamyeoneun




It’s all about you, my Butterfly
Every time I come close to you
(every time I’m feeling you)
Feel like I’m gonna dream every time
( I get butterly)

Unintentionally, I look the sky like
It looks similar to when you smile
Specifically your dazzling [smile] baby
My day consists of our romantic drama
Make me cry and smile no no no

I can’t sleep, I call your name
I turn my head shyly (no matter what)
I like it this much
I rarely stop walking

Every time I come close to you
(every time I’m kissing you)
Feel like I’m gonna dream every time
( I get butterfly)

Beautiful girl

Unintentionally, I look at the ground like
I flutter so much at your 3 lettered name baby
I’ll heal your one small wounds
My love is you

Like a butterfly
You look for a flower, flutter around like a child
Your innocent eyes have a smile
Your body moves like the sky, the sky
Your eyes glimmer, glimmer
I’ve become like this
(You’re the only one girl)

Every time I come close to you
(every time I’m holding you)
Feel like I’m gonna dream every time
( I get butterly)

I’ll promise the things I promise
We missed each other, and it makes me worry
Just to know the game it’s all the same
What, it’s this confusing
Though you can’t trust guys
Love can be forever
Why do you push and pull
Can’t act any more honest

Look at my eyes
You see my eyes
You see my lips
Listen to my heart
If you’re listening answer me
Kiss me on the cheek
My memories
Yes my heart
Yes that be all I say
If our lovingness continues a lot
Then we’ll never break up, trust me
I’ll make love to you

Every time I come close to you
(every time I’m feeling you)
Feel like I’m gonna dream every time
( I get butterly)

Ye you’re special to me
Your turn
La la la la la la la
Yeah my butterfly

oh my gosh.

I've been asking a bunch of people if they had ever been through "love at first sight", or even if they believe in it. One continued on to another topic, one made it through a heart-to-heart conversation and one made it into the "future" section of topics lists. another was just plain short.

things I learned about love is, I can't "love" at this age. haha. love at first sight? maybe CRUSH at first sight. or INTEREST at first sight.

but what if you went through something unbelievable? it doesn't have to be love, just the person.

what if the person reminds you of someone from a book? someone you thought had never existed, but at one glance at the person, you know.
that's the character from the book. he really does exist.

here, I am talking about Samir Pejic, a boy who was adopted from war. He lost his family terribly right in front of his eyes, and had died just recently because he was with his love, creating great memories. apparently, it turned into a tragedy. waves crashed over him and he drowned. they found his body months after.
and mind you, I am talking bout a character from a book.

who did I saw that reminded me of him?

well, Libby said that Sam was "interesting". not exactly good looking, just interesting.
the person I saw was the normal type anyone would fall for. he didn't have anything special about him. just boleh-tahan-not-exactly-brad-pitt-who-i-don't-exactly-like-anyway-but-maybe-donghae-but-definitely-not-jonghyun type. at first, I was typically zomg-so-cute-i-want-to-eat-him-up-ing but after a while, he looked at me.

and his eyes.
it spoke a million words.

is that.... love?

naah. haha. but he is definitely Sam. there's something bout him. Sam's smart, wise, thoughtful. those eyes are all that. Haha, I just "saw" Samir Pejic, believe it or not. I bet even the author, Amber Deckers wouldn't believe it if I told her "I saw Sam! Seriously!"

sigh. some people are just interesting like that. people get attracted to them just by a look of the eye. but people like me? just another human being walking on the face of the earth.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

this is impossible.

I'm trying to type in The Womb part 2 but everytime I'm using Bakmal's laptop it doesn't last an hour. I think I should try to be nice to him so that he would give in the laptop and sleep for a while tomorrow.

anyways, this is the epic Juvia (why do I keep spelling it Luvia??) vs. Gray fight!


happy day.

happy happy happy :D

firstly, I watched Fairy Tail (that I missed yesterday cuz Abang wanted to watch 2012 =3=) and I love how Luvia fell for Gray like :DD

secondly, I'M ADMIN FOR PAGES 1 <3 Kim Jonghyun AND I <3 Onew ON FACEBOOK!!! xDD so happy, gonna start pic spam now :D

thirdly, vids are loading WAYY better now :3


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

wasting time with blogging.

OMO. I'm so:-

- sad cuz I'm watching Hello Baby and Yoogeun just cried because Minho had to leave for a shooting. in the end, Minho stopped shooting to go to the kid. TRUE LOVE LMAO. but still. so sad.

- bored cuz the vid STILL haven't finished loading. so slow lately. I remember it used to finish loading in ten minutes time. now it takes HOURS. and there's just that little bit in the end I want to watch. and this is part 4 out of 5. by the end of the vid I would want to watch the next part GAARGH. it's so annoying.

- scared cuz Bakmal could come back anytime now. although yesterday I woke up at 4 and he's still not home. still. this is quite late also.

- annoyed cuz the vid had just loaded like, 5 seconds.

- dizzy cuz I can't think of anything else to blog.

AH. this afternoon I was using the laptop while Bakmal did his business. I used it in his room though. so he was commenting bout KPOP. bla bla bla bla. (ahah, almost finish loading already. so not worth it though, waited so long to watch a ten minute vid.) he said sometimes his classmates watch those dancing videos that make no sense at all. guiltily, I lied and said "Elyna bukan suke sangat pun tengok vid camtu. takde ape pun." sedangkan kengkale JAKUN tengok. lol. but nevermind. if he doesn't like KPOP, it's okay. everyone has their own taste. I mean, it's not like I ONLY listen to KPOP. I like it, but I loke any other type of genres too like pop rock and rock. (SIKIT LAGI HABIS LOAD) he played some of his songs and asked if I liked it. OF COURSE I LIKED IT IT'S PARAMORE. but after that he played some t=other bands and I'm like "-___-" what are you trying to do here?!" then later mom called him and I switched back to my music. phew. then he came back and played his song again like =.= FINEE. after lunch he locked his door. I almost LMAOed if it wasn't for my realization that I'm not gonna get the laptop again. so sad.




[Jonghyun] nuh nan neo muh yeh bbeo seo nam jah deul ee gah man ahn dweo
heun deul ree neun keu nyeo ue mam sah sheel ahl goh eet seo

[Onew] keu nyeo eeh geh sah rang eun han sun gan ue neu ggeem eel bbun
mwoh rah hae doh nah eeh gehn salm ue everything

[All] ah mah keu nyeo neun eoh reen nae gah buh dang seu reo uhn gah bwa
nahl pah rah boh neun nun bee chee mahl hae juh jahn ah
and I think I'm gonna hate it girl
kkeu teh dah gah oo neun geol
[Jonghyun] gah seum ee mahl hae jun dah nuh gah mwoh rae doh

[All] nuh nan neo muh yeh bbeo
( [Tae min] keu keu nyeo reul boh neun nah neun ) mee chyeo
( [Tae min] hah hah jee man ee jehn jee chyeo )
Replay Replay Replay
chuh eok ee nae mam eul hal kweo eoh
( [Tae min] ah ah pah seo ee jehn mam eul ) goh chyeo
( [Tae min] dah dah gah oohl ee byeol eeh nan )
Replay Replay Replay

[Onew] nuh nan nah ue M.V.P buh reo uhm eeh bbu deut haet jee
[Tae min] neul shee seon jeep jong keu nyeo wah ham ggeh eet neun nan So cool
[Jonghyun] jeh bahl ee son eul noh jee mahl jah deon nah ue dah jeem eun
[Onew] eoh neu sun gan buh teo geo jeet een geol ahl ah

[All] ah mah keu nyeo neun chak han nae gah byeol jae mee eob seot nah bwa
[Key] nahl dae hah neun moom jeet ee mahl hah goh eet jahn ah
and I think I'm gonna hate it girl
kkeu teh dah gah oo neun geol
[Jonghyun] gah seum ee soh ree chee dah ee byeol ah peh seo

Make up Shake up Break up
[All] nuh nan neo muh yeh bbeo
( [Tae min] keu keu nyeo reul boh neun nah neun ) mee chyeo
( [Tae min] hah hah jee man ee jehn jee chyeo )
Make up Shake up Break up
chuh eok ee nae mam eul hal kweo eoh
( [Tae min] ah ah pah seo ee jehn mam eul ) goh chyeo
( [Tae min] dah dah gah oohl ee byeol eeh nan )
Make up Shake up Break up

[All] ah ah ah reum dah eun keu nyang neun ah ah ah jeek ggah jee nuh guh wah
jeen sheel dwen sah rang ue mah seul bun jeok ee eob neun geh nun myeong hae
ah ah ah seup geh doh keu nyang neun ah ah ah jeek eoh reen nah eeh gehn
sheen sheel dwen sah ran ue mah eum eul bah deul suh eob neun jee

[All] nuh nan neo muh yeh bbeo
( [Tae min] keu keu nyeo reul boh neun nah neun ) mee chyeo
( [Tae min] hah hah jee man ee jehn jee chyeo )
Replay Replay Replay
chuh eok ee nae mam eul hahl kweo eoh
( [Tae min] ah ah pah seo ee jehn mam eul ) goh chyeo
( [Tae min] dah dah gah oohl ee byeol eeh nan)
Replay Replay Replay

[All] nuh nan neo muh yeh bbeo
( [Taemin] keu keu nyeo reul boh neun nah neun ) mee chyeo
( [Minho] uh keu nyeo wah nah ue love ) mee chyeo
( [Taemin] hah hah jee man ee jehn jee chyeo )
( [min ho] uh I just go crazy 'cuz )
Replay Replay Replay
( [Minho] I I I love you girl )
chuh eok ee nae mam eul hal kweo eoh
( [Taemin] ah ah pah seo ee jehn mam eul )
( [Minho] uh mah eum ee ah pah seo ) goh cyeo
( [Taemin] dah dah gah oohl ee byeol eeh nan )
( [Minho] Yo I wanna hold U girl )
Replay Replay Replay
( [Minho] I I I love you )

[All] nuh nan neo muh yeh bbeo ( I keep thinkin ' bout you )
nuh nan yeh bbeo ( I keep dreaming ' bout you )
[Minho/Key] jeen sheel dwen sah ran ue mah seul bon jeok ee
[All] nuh nan neo muh yeh bbeo ( I keep thinkin ' bout you )
nuh nan yeh bbeo (I keep dreaming ’bout you)
[Minho] jeen sheel dwen sah ran ue mah eum eul

credit: pinkfluffles@LJ