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wow. I did not regret following this blog. Go and follow this blog. I had never expected it to be this big. I am now promoting for my dear friend who has put in a lot of effort into this blog. Please follow :)

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omg why am I getting so much loves from DA? :'D first I got a new watcher, then I got a llama badge... things are great on DA, other than the fact that I can't upload any deviantations :'( not YET. this hols, I am going to work HARD. HARD, I TELL YOU. for my followers :') you will not be dissappointed, I promise.


today started off quite slowly. and quietly. didn't say much at the class that didn't say much to me. then things started to get a little better after recess. Laila called me lame and I was like " read my blog, didn't you?" haha sorry Laila, you tetau jelah I suke gurau camtu. and you pun cepat marah gak, bukan I jer ^^

On Fridays, we would usually have ICTL after recess. the strategy to get a good computer - results may vary - is to not eat and go to the lab as early as possible, so that you can be one of the first to come in when teacher opens the door. thing is, sometimes cik Shatirah can get late so even if you go early, by the time cik Shatirah comes then everyone will be there to berebut computer anyway. but most of the time, the seniors would be using it =_="

but today, I didn't feel like going for ICTL. I stayed in class with another 8 people. yes, we skipped class. but no worries. there were 3 prefects there. they were Kaii, Hafizah and Xueh Wei. and some others didn't go to ICTL, some went to buy books for next year. i didn't bring any money. i totally forgot about books for next year. i dunno what's wrong with my head this year. everything seems a bit off the "important list".

so we sat there, hanging out. soon the rest of the class came and things were as normal. suddenly there was a rush of excitement. everybody was getting out of their classes. the classes - they were out.

my first instict was to obviously follow the crowd- the place was kinda obvious, the Block AB stairs. but logically, everyone would be rushing to see their classes, and the place would be freaking crowded. so my idea was... go to toilet, then go and see the classes :) by then the crowd should be a bit smaller, despite the 200 other people in my form.

but when Lea and I walked out, people were going back to their classes. apparently Pn. Ranchani didn't allow them to see now. bummer. but we still went to toilet haha :D

so rumours were running around. everybody either had no idea, was supre sure or heard from a friend what class they got. i just heard. Laila told me E or F. it was the top 2 classes. thank God. this time, the class positions were like this :

1 - E & F
2 - G & H
3 - A & B
4 - C & D

a bit confusing, but if you understand the concept this year, you'll know they just mixed it up a bit.

so with suspense, we waited for the last bell of the year to ring. 12.40, me and Lea changed :) to outside clothes. we got permission from ms. Foo. 1 o clock, the bell rang. we tried to walk through the most hidden passages of the school, trying to avoid any questions, although we got a perfect answer to those questions. nervousness can come anytime.

so when everyone was crowding at the class list, Lea was like, "this is so awkward, we're so sesated" blabla bla. I drowned all those out. I pretended we were wearing school clothes. like, whatevs. they can think whatever they like. when I entered the crowd, I felt a bit sick. what if I didn't get top 2 classes? it is possible...

I only got a look from a far, but I was quite sure I got 3E. and Lea said she got 3A, for sure. our class had a lot of E, F, G and H, so I guess if Lea saw she got A, she knew it. it would be totally obvious.

before I left, I took a good look at a particular class who's list was a bit higher. I didn't give up though. I squinted my eyes, searching for her name. I thought it would be short. apparently it's a bit longer then expected. 3C. okay. then I left.

we walked out of school as if nothing happened. I saw some eyes looking at us, but I ignored it. although I felt like saying "watchu lukin at?" but ya know. Eva-chan walked past and asked bout the classes. she said she got 3D. she told us the most of the Human gang got separated, and it was all Datin Mary's fault =__=" and odd comment, since your class teacher is supposed to divide, but whatevs. Iman got into 3B, i think, Lavynia and Maria into 3C. and I read Yen Fern's blog saying she got into 3G, Jia Yi into 3H. wow, awesome :) top 4 from bottom 4. really awesome :) who else is in the Human gang? is that it? I can't remember. oh Sangeetha. didn't hear anything bout her class though.

I think Lea was really upset, mostly about her mom. but one thing I can't let go of is that she was worried guys wouldn't like her because "she's in a stupid class". oh come on la girl. firstly, a guy should like you for you, who is smart, not for what class you're in. and like Laila said, it's not a bad class. people there just have bad formative - which fits Lea perfectly.

so my mom came soon enough. she drove us to McD at section 14. but you know Masjid Bulat is around there? so we had to drive past a road that had cars parking by the sides so that was scary. but something scarier happened. a guy was running and tripped, then he didn't even bother, he just went back up and continued running, calling out "OII!!" I was freaked for a while, but I got pass it. that was freaky. I guess someone stole something from him.

mom got all freaked out and gave us a lot of advice. I couldn't even be annoyed, I understand why she's worried. mom dropped us off and we walked to McD. when we got there, we saw no one. then we saw Hafizah :) then we went upstairs and there they were!

so yea. it was a class party. it was really fun, too. eating and chatting and stuff. Xueh Wei gave all her closest friends little letters - secretly - and mine was really sweet :') love you too, Xwei ;) and GUESS WHAT. she got into 3E too! :D

so we took pics and stuff, but I can't find the memory card reader so no pics today :( and when the last person left... there was only me and Lea.

I told my mom we would finish at 4, but it was only 2.45! I didn't want Lea to wait at school for so long, and I wouldn't have anything to do at home anyway, so we bought two McFlurries - one Milo, one Oreo. Milo was really sweet, but Oreo was really crunchy. choose your pick :) - and went upstairs to the small playground and sat there. Lea said there was a hot dude but I think he was fugly. then she said "yea I just saw the side profile" so yea. he was fugly.

so we finished the ice creams at 3.15. we decided to discover section 14! :) Lea said she never explored this place, since she's not really a PJ person, so I was her tour guide, sort of. I was just okay with this place.

so first we went to a book store when SSPians used to buy all their cool stuff. if I asked "where'd you get that?" they'd answer the name of this shop. apparently, I can't remember what's the name of the shop. haha. SSPians were such section 14 people. Lea bought Seventeen mag then we went to Digital Mall.

we were just walking around, having fun, mainly. we looked at colours and designs. I saw a DS and I called it a PSP, until I saw the bekas was like "DS" and I was like HAHA IM SO LAME LIKE DAT. we browsed the laptop sleeves and bags and mouses and headphones and CD's. we were so sesated, but we had so much fun we didn't bother. then we went back downstairs. we were there for like, 20 minutes. lol.

by the time we went back to McD, it was 3.45, so I SMSed abang. he said he's coming. then we browsed through Lea's mag. then Abang came and we went to school to drop Lea off then went back home and slept.


7pm. BEAST Debut Story.

I was waiting for this!!! but I was a bit disappointed. mostly cuz at this time they were still not used to each other, therefore awkwardness was kinda obvious. I wish they'd be less awkward!! but this was like last year so. I bet now they're a lot better :)

and Tumblr is such an information resource. I found a kissing picture they put in Marie Claire. of a BEAST member. they were modelling for it, obviously, but STILL. I believe it's DooJoon, who isn't my bias, but is my bias' most popular ship. but whatevs. it's just a magazine spread, right? they're supposed to appear sexy and stuff.

but I still love this GIF.


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