Tuesday, November 30, 2010

how convincing.

now "Jonghyun" and "Onew" have Tumblrs. what they say are... pretty much convincing, but there's too much weird stuff on Jjong's. some stuff bout cucumbers and showers. weirdos. I bet the real Jonghyun wouldn't even reply those. But this conversation made me laugh. It's pretty much convincing.

Onew : Most people know by now that I cut my hair
Jonghyun : you look weird
Onew :Least I don’t look like a dinosaur
Jonghyun : better than a stupid rabbit
Onew : Rabbits are cute and fuzzy. Dinosaurs are scaly and ugly
Jonghyun : DINOSAURS ARE THE SHIT MAN! NO ONE FUCKS WITH A DINOSAUR (another thing, I bet Jjong wouldn't curse in public.)
Onew :  Sorry to break this to you but dinosaurs are extinct.
Jonghyun : Tell that to my grandpapa
Onew :You’re so stupid
Jonghyun :At least I can walk in a straight line without tripping

Not in a good mood. I think I shall go offline now. Sleep for a while. Rainy weathers are perfect for sleep. Hopefully I shall dream more about SHINee and can blog more interesting stuff. I know the previous post you guys don't get it. cuz you had to be there to get it. or at least get some visualization.

don't. think wrongly.


p.s, sorry for all the Italics. weird Blogger being weird. 

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