Thursday, November 11, 2010

just another typical story.

This is a concluded story from what I have heard. Takde kene mengena dengan yang masih hidup dan yang sudah mati.


You're 13 years old. you like a boy who's in form 3. you decided to jinak-jinak dengan the social life, befriend the right people, and you'll get the boy, right?

finally, you get to know the boy better. you really do like him - funny, charming. You asked him if he can be your "abang angkat" (this case is so typical in every teenage Malay. i went through a phase where I want an "abang angkat" myself but I matured before it got out of hand for me). not wanting to hurt your feelings, he said okay.

you feel so happy.

one day, you found out that there's gonna be a concert in your area. the boy and his friends were going. you decided to come along - I mean, you ARE the sister, you should have a right, yes? I mean, does it matter that they were all boys and 15? Of course not.

so that night, you guys were hanging around. your dad had a stall opened somewhere around. you didn't care. suddenly the boy's friends wanted to leave you guys together - give you guys a chance, maybe make him your boyfriend. the boy didn't get it, so he wanted to leave along with his friends.but you stopped him - nothing a little whining wouldn't work. so he stayed.

unexpectedly, your 19 year old brother came and dragged him to your dad. you tried to stop him, but he didn't. he wouldn't.

your brother threw him to the floor.

"Ayah, nak buat ape ngan budak ni?"

"Suke hati ko lah nak buat ape."

so your brother punch him in the face.

teeth flew out. blood dripped from his mouth.

all because of you.


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