Thursday, November 25, 2010

just a dream.

last night, awesome dream.
actually it was a mix of every feeling I had ever known, so I have no idea where my head was then.

There was a part that was sort of Harry Potter-ish, where someone died (not someone I knew, thankfully) so yea a little magic there.

then a part where I had to go for tuition (I HATE STUDYING.)

then, the BEST part, I WENT TO TOKYO JAPAN :D (I mean the only country I've ever been to was Indonesia and Singapore. we're collecting money to go to Aussie next year after PMR, but I haven't actually went there yet.) But it was a short trip, like a detour back home from somewhere else =3= Means I went somewhere else before that that was awesomer! :D HAHA YAY

so here's a funny part. so at Japan, I dunno how they appeared, but SHINee was there. And somehow Yoogeun (from Hello Baby) was there too! so at the airport (before we went back home to Malaysia) I saw Jonghyun letting Yoogeun choose a scarf from this suitcase that had MILLIONS of AWESOME scarves. it was those type that looked like hankies, you know. with checks and stuff. only bigger. the size of a scarf. because it is. anyway.

so yet again, dreams can never make sense, so I had SHINee in my house now like -_________- IF THIS DREAM DOESN'T COME TRUE, I.... SERIOUSLY. I WILL BE PISSED. so anyways, I wanted to borrow one of Jjong's AWESOME scarves, a green one. I'm not sure why though haha. So I asked Key (who was watching TV upstairs) "Can you get me one of Jjong's scarves? A green one?"

"Naah, you're gonna have to ask him yourself for that." Looks back at TV.

:( "Do you know where he is?"

Key does not remove his sight from the TV. "Nope, sorry." Damn that TV. It's not like he understands anyway. But then again. How did I understand him? LOL. But then again Key's the only one who can speak English. ... Damn these dreams.

So I went to search for Jjong. And somehow Taemin was in my room, reading a comic book. Here goes the dreams-do-not-make-sense thing again. But if SHINee is in my house, then everything else is possible too. But to make this a bit more appropriate for under-aged people (haha I'M under-aged), lets twist it a bit. He was in Bakmal's room, reading a comic.

So I asked him, "Tae, have you seen Jjong?"

He looked up from the comic. I swear if it was real life, I would've died. "Oh, he's downstairs."

"Doing what?"

"Believe it or not, reading."

O___O <-- yea that was the face I made. only probably uglier  cuz Tae looked at me weirdly. how embarrassing. although it wasn't real life. And I don't see why it's hard to believe Jjong reading.

So I went downstairs. Minho was at the living room, listening to his MP3. *Ignores* haha. me and my non-biases. poor Min.

Then I went to the back door, and there was Jjong, lying on the cement floor, reading a comic. Cats do that, not you, Jonghyun. To take care of Jjong's rep, let's pretend he was on the swing, reading a comic.

"Jonghyun oppa~" I said, sitting next to him. hehe. I never do this to other people other than my dad, so you can imagine how close we were in this dream of mine.

"Whut?" smile, smile. lol.

"Can I borrow one of your AWESOME scarves? A green one?" whats up with me and green??


see, problem is, I didn't know why. "PLEEEASSSSEEEEEE" I did this once to my dad so that I can borrow his laptop. it didn't work.

"No." There's a difference between my bro's no and Jjong's no. Bakmal's "no" is harsh. no sympathy. like f--- off type of no.but Jjong's sounded childish. like he was joking. like he was ten.

So see I'm not exactly the begging type. I have pride. So I went away, with a sad face, walked slowly though, in case he changed his mind. I entered the house and he didn't say anything. he was just smiling there. jerk. I felt like squishing him.

So I took the grill keys. smile at Jjong. "haha, wait." locked the grill. "you're kidding." had a little problem removing the keys from the lock. sheez.


Then I rushed to the front with the front door keys and locked the grill there. I smirked to myself. mission accomplished.

then I wanted to run upstairs, but my mom stopped me. so I turned back, and saw Jjong inside.

"How did you get in?!?!"

"Hehe, I--"

Then I saw Minho was smirking. he was sitting near the windows. "YOU ASKED FOR THE KEYS THROUGH THE WINDOWS" then I started kicking and punching him, like any other pissed-off 14 year old girl would to the boy who pissed her off. "Just give me the scarf already!!!" and he was laughing. evil, evil Jjong.

"Elyna." I stopped. it was my mom. "Later I want to show you something, okay?" I nodded. then I started scribbling on this paper "Dream".

Then I woke up. Mom was knocking on my door.

I definitely have too much SHINee on my mind Haha that was a funny dream.


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