Saturday, November 6, 2010

oh my gosh.

I've been asking a bunch of people if they had ever been through "love at first sight", or even if they believe in it. One continued on to another topic, one made it through a heart-to-heart conversation and one made it into the "future" section of topics lists. another was just plain short.

things I learned about love is, I can't "love" at this age. haha. love at first sight? maybe CRUSH at first sight. or INTEREST at first sight.

but what if you went through something unbelievable? it doesn't have to be love, just the person.

what if the person reminds you of someone from a book? someone you thought had never existed, but at one glance at the person, you know.
that's the character from the book. he really does exist.

here, I am talking about Samir Pejic, a boy who was adopted from war. He lost his family terribly right in front of his eyes, and had died just recently because he was with his love, creating great memories. apparently, it turned into a tragedy. waves crashed over him and he drowned. they found his body months after.
and mind you, I am talking bout a character from a book.

who did I saw that reminded me of him?

well, Libby said that Sam was "interesting". not exactly good looking, just interesting.
the person I saw was the normal type anyone would fall for. he didn't have anything special about him. just boleh-tahan-not-exactly-brad-pitt-who-i-don't-exactly-like-anyway-but-maybe-donghae-but-definitely-not-jonghyun type. at first, I was typically zomg-so-cute-i-want-to-eat-him-up-ing but after a while, he looked at me.

and his eyes.
it spoke a million words.

is that.... love?

naah. haha. but he is definitely Sam. there's something bout him. Sam's smart, wise, thoughtful. those eyes are all that. Haha, I just "saw" Samir Pejic, believe it or not. I bet even the author, Amber Deckers wouldn't believe it if I told her "I saw Sam! Seriously!"

sigh. some people are just interesting like that. people get attracted to them just by a look of the eye. but people like me? just another human being walking on the face of the earth.


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