Tuesday, November 30, 2010

shake and twist.

silly, silly Abang.

today after dinner, Abang was assigned to feed Umar. so they had this new liquid-ish baby food thingy (poor Um. it looked disgusting.) and I was assigned to sweep the floor. so Abang asked me, "Na, die cakap kat sini shake before use. Macam mane nak shake?"

I was entirely confused by this question. Abang has always been like that. You can never tell when he's joking and when he's serious. he has the biggest pokerface in the family. But I decided to just go along with it. So I took the bottle and shook it.

"Oh, so Elyna shake camtu la?" Abang asked. I nodded. Still confused. I'm waiting for an explaination but Abang doesn't give one. Instead he was all smiley at Kak Ain. These lovebirds.

So Kak Ain came over and took the bottle. "Abang awak, bace the label "Shake before use, die shake camni." so she held up the bottle in front of her and shook her body.


So after calming myself, I found the broom and started sweeping. Then my brother reads some more. " 'Twist to open'. Wah ni lagi bahaya." and then me and Kak Ain was like laughing, imagining. Imagine some twisting (I mean the dance twist. you know what I mean.) then checks the bottle if it's opened. then it's not. then he twists himself again.

I was laughing so hard I fell on the floor.

Mum : Elyna, you're supposed to sweep the floor.
Me : ye mak... *gets up all shaky from the laughter*

My brother.


p.s, who else loves Firo from Baccano? :3 just asking. he's really cool. and cute. huhu.

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