Tuesday, November 9, 2010

smile vs. eyes.

why does it seem like when I don't go online I miss so much, but when I'm online nothing ever happens?


One has a smile that can light the whole world. The other has eyes that spoke a million words. Both don't know I exist.

Is this a fair fight?


THANKS A LOT, ANESHA, for losing all my hopes of ever meeting SBG again. yes, that's what I call what the other day I mentioned as Sam, because my friends didn't read this book so they wouldn't know who that is anyway. and SBG stands for... Sungai Buloh Guy. YEA I KNOW LAME but haha I didn't want to use Sam. Sam's special for my blog ;P

And somehow, I remember that Xueh Wei doesn't live here in PJ, she lives somewhere that starts with an "S".

Me : Xueh Wei, where do you live again?
Xueh Wei : Sungai Buloh.
Me :  *looks at Lea* O.O
Lea : Hahaha (Y)

Then I asked if she goes to the R&R that has a Sate Kajang store and A&W and a KFC at the bridge and she was like "Yes" and I was like :DD

Me : so the next time you go there, go to the shop next to the Sate Kajang, buy some nuts or something and try to get him to talk.
Xueh Wei : Okay. Then I'll go like, "Hi. I don't really like nuts..."
Both : *LMAO*

okay, why TALK? because for all I know he could be an Indon and no offense to those Indon blog hoppers, but I do not want to date an Indon. Unless he's half Malay, half Indon or something then it'll be half acceptable.

so Xueh Wei, please be reminded to do so the next time you go to that R&R so that if he is an Indon dude, then I wouldn't hope to ever see him again and finally stop thinking bout him.
Still, thanks a lot Anesha. Thanks a LOT. seriously. -.-


p.s, here's the reactions I got or expect to get from people i have told or wanted to tell but reconsidered it when I concluded on how they would react.

Joy : so you fell in love with a 12 year old's eyes? (so he was short, doesn't mean he's twelve!)
Cynta : don't worry, if it was fate, then you guys would meet each other again :) (best reaction so far)
Hanis : she starts talking bout her crush.
Nurin : Wow O.O
Lea : ...
Prii : awww
Laila : ew -.- (expected, so didn't tell)
Anesha : don't worry, you'll never see him again. (THATS WHY.)

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