Wednesday, November 3, 2010

wasting time with blogging.

OMO. I'm so:-

- sad cuz I'm watching Hello Baby and Yoogeun just cried because Minho had to leave for a shooting. in the end, Minho stopped shooting to go to the kid. TRUE LOVE LMAO. but still. so sad.

- bored cuz the vid STILL haven't finished loading. so slow lately. I remember it used to finish loading in ten minutes time. now it takes HOURS. and there's just that little bit in the end I want to watch. and this is part 4 out of 5. by the end of the vid I would want to watch the next part GAARGH. it's so annoying.

- scared cuz Bakmal could come back anytime now. although yesterday I woke up at 4 and he's still not home. still. this is quite late also.

- annoyed cuz the vid had just loaded like, 5 seconds.

- dizzy cuz I can't think of anything else to blog.

AH. this afternoon I was using the laptop while Bakmal did his business. I used it in his room though. so he was commenting bout KPOP. bla bla bla bla. (ahah, almost finish loading already. so not worth it though, waited so long to watch a ten minute vid.) he said sometimes his classmates watch those dancing videos that make no sense at all. guiltily, I lied and said "Elyna bukan suke sangat pun tengok vid camtu. takde ape pun." sedangkan kengkale JAKUN tengok. lol. but nevermind. if he doesn't like KPOP, it's okay. everyone has their own taste. I mean, it's not like I ONLY listen to KPOP. I like it, but I loke any other type of genres too like pop rock and rock. (SIKIT LAGI HABIS LOAD) he played some of his songs and asked if I liked it. OF COURSE I LIKED IT IT'S PARAMORE. but after that he played some t=other bands and I'm like "-___-" what are you trying to do here?!" then later mom called him and I switched back to my music. phew. then he came back and played his song again like =.= FINEE. after lunch he locked his door. I almost LMAOed if it wasn't for my realization that I'm not gonna get the laptop again. so sad.



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