Thursday, November 18, 2010

what a statement.

went to Sunway today :D urgh i fucking hate this computer. thanks a lot ayah. you really made my day (worse). your VIAO is terrific, and you had to leave me with no choice but Bakmal's freakin compaq. I shall say this again, I WILL NOT HAVE COMPAQ FOR MY LAPTOP.

lets continue what I have written when this computer was perfectly fine, until Bakmal told me to move then the computer shut down when I switched off the switch, cuz apparently the battery's not in, and I had to switch everything on again, and since I need my music, when I pop in my pendrive, this happens.

and let me tell you. this does not happen on my dad's laptop.

STILL trying to continue with how this day went by. so around 12 I arrived. tried to freakin call Laila (who was ice skating with Azra and her friend, Sharlin) but she couldn't hear me, and other people were giving me looks. finally I found out how to go downstairs (I don't go to Sunway often okayy) I finally got close enough. called Laila again, still didn't hear. called Azra, immediately saw me. so that was my mistake. complained on how pekak Laila is as a greeting. haha.

(btw tumblr gifs suck tonight. they do not move. they are not gifs. wait THEY FREAKING MOVED. no they stopped again. aish.)

then Azra told us she wanted to skate some more. having so much time to observe their skills (since Laila is so deaf) it seems that Laila wasn't so good anyway, so she left the rink for me :) aww sho shweet. we walked around, bored. Laila was searching for something to wear tomorrow (what? what's happening tomorrow? i dunno ;) ) but then she saw some bags in Forever 21 and she had a dilemma whether to buy a bag or a top. Laila and her dilemmas. in the end she didn't buy anything.

suddenly she suggested we buy this "Tutti Frutti" I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS. A DRINK? SMOOTHIE, MAYBE? I never found out, since we passed by the archery place.

during standard 6, Laila, Azra, Marina, Liyana and a couple of other people (these are the ones that I remember) accompanied by Marina's mom came to Sunway for a little party before leaving primary school. they did archery, bowling and all sorts of other stuff - mainly, they had fun. I, on the other hand, wasn't ready at that time. or so my mom says. so I did not follow. of course I was jealous. but who cares? I didn't, after a while.

so I was kinda happy I did this. although I sucked. no really I sucked. REALLY REALLY REALLY. YOU GOTTA BE THERE TO BELIEVE IT. and also even though I didn't have a lot of friends around, Laila was there :)

then we went downstairs again, back to the rink. they were not done, even after one and a half hours. thankfully, they came up 10 minutes after we hung around.

then we ate at Sushi King. sincerely, these people have brought me to shops I had never been to, including this, and also Forever 21. I am not exactly the type that go to branded boutiques, and my family is not the type that favours stuff like sushi. sushi is classy to them. mom was so kecoh when I told her. sigh. I gotta go out with friends some more.

so I ate salmon steak (practically the most expensive, but WHATEVS, if I was here with my family I would've still bought the same thing) Azra and Sharlin ate bentou and Laila took a kid's bentou. which, she did not finish. we had to finish off the sushis for her, how lame.

then we ran for the surau but halfway, we decided... not to go to surau. WE BAD ASS CHICS. lol. hmm. memang rase bersalah. but we're still humans.

so we finally arrived at the cinema. they were still showing the movie trailers, thank God, so me and Azra went to buy popcorn :) we bought a large popcorn and three regular drinks. then we went back, and the movie still haven't started. thank God for our fab timing, just as we sat, the movie started :) silent phones everyone!

and thank God I did that, cuz mom was calling during the movie. once was when they were talking bout The Tale of the 3 Brothers and I wanted to concentrate!!! mom has the worst timing.

when the movie finished, we didn't finish the popcorn, I had a bit more of my drink and Sharlin had a cup full more. I rate the movie 4/5 stars. no epic battle. we went to Jusco to go to their toilet (? don't ask me, I never come here. I didn't even know a Jusco exists here).

so I told them I'm going back home at 5.30. so we went downstairs. I thought they were just gonna drop me off, see me go and enjoy themselves. but apparently my bro was late. so Azra met up with her dad before I even went home, so her and Sharlin went back first. then I saw my car :) so Laila, you were the last to leave.

and that's how my outing ended. and no matter how much I wanted to go to Asian Avenue and take pics and go to that shop Adilah likes where they play nice KPOP songs (according to Dila), we didn't have the time. So taht's why this outing wasn't so awesome.

Laila, if we want to plan an outing for me, you, Lea, Xueh Wei and Anesha, lets start now. NAO. and lets include going to Asian Avenue.


p.s, I did use a massive amount of thank God's at a place. haha.

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