Friday, December 31, 2010

so this is basically what New Years isl like.

It's 11:59 pm on December 31, 2010.


It's 12 am January 1.


Ten minutes later, realize nothing has changed.


me : does the hand thing Taemin does in the second GIF.

okay serious GIF craze here. can we just change Tumblr to Gif ?

then the fails.

SHINee cries to it.

Taemin : it's okay hyung, we won't be seeing no more fails in 2011.

Junhyung smirks.

Donghae disapproves.

"I don't know them."


kisah budak yang pendek umurnya.

okay takde kisah pun sebenarnya.
tapi Bakmal's friends, who was 21, died in a motorcycle accident.

people are dying everywhere now a days. let's all be careful and take precious care of our lives, shall we?


bye 2010, welcome 2011.

Okay I made a list of my new year resolutions, I've got a total of 10, let's see if I can make it interesting on how I'm gonna tell it. ^^ (this is not by priority. more like the other way around.)

Okay, we all know how I love to write, bla bla bla, over imaginative, blah. So I remember during standard 6 me, Hanis and Najiya decided to open a "company" that we might make alive one day ^^ it all started in a test pad. the cover was yellow with bees and the words "Sweet Honey Lemon" written in Comic Sans font. we didn't write stories in the book, instead we wrote sypnosis's, of stories we have in mind, but never even gave actually writing the story a second thought. we even finished up the book and got a new one by the end of the year =_=" we barely used 1/8 of the book.
well, whatever it is, at that moment SHL was very important, it was priority after UPSR and crushes and family. seriously, even friends weren't as important. we didn't let anyone out of SHL read it. so lately we've been so busy with our own stuff, since we went to different schools (all are good schools though, I came to SA which now turns out to be a SBT school ^^ Hanis went to a private school and Najiya went to a boarding school. All TOTALLY different pathways ==") we all have left SHL in a corner of our lives. it dropped low, LOW in our priority list. and I feel bad. even if the others don't feel anything, I want to make that year 2008 and all the designing for SHL's blog to be worth it.
so my first new year resolution is to write more stories for SHL ^^ I want to make that testpad PROUD. haha I know I'm crazy. but still. writing is still important in my life, and that's how SHL existed, so yea ^^


sometimes I can never be really sure if my prayers were counted. sometimes I want to be quick, and forget the importance of praying. I don't know if my pronounciation was right, and if my rakaats were sufficient (sometimes I forgot if I'm at the 3rd rakaat already, or am I still at the 2nd? =_=" it gets annoying kay.) my thoughts wander all the time. so this year, I wanna perfect my prayers. and maybe even read the Quran more. ask for blessings for PMR HAHA =_=" gonna be hard, but I gotta do something, right? Can't listen to KPOP all the time =3=


okay so since dad put in the wireless in November 2009, I was seriously ADDICTED to the internet, and when I got into KPOP, it got worst. I would sleep at 2,3am on a school night. Mom would get really pissed, and she'd take away the wireless, and I would worry it would ruin. so THIS YEAR, since I'm gonna have to concentrate on a big exam anyway (yeah big, huge is for SPM) I am going to lessen my hours on the computer. maybe one on school days, or even never (it's better not at all really, it hurts to use the computer for an hour) and use it for 3 hours max on weekdays (on one use). so yea, I created that limit myself  ^^ <---bangga.


as usual, improving my drawing is very important as well ^^ if I do not improve my drawing, I can't make the covers of my own novels (as I had dreamt of doing ever since I was like, I dunno, was BORN?! no lah since I started TRYING to write books ^^ now it's just short stories but still. illustration is necessary.) and that won't work for me. okay fine I admit I've always thought of a job at GempakStarz but ever since Core said he wanted to work there I dropped it ==


I have failed on improving my piano skills during this holidays T T AGAIN. BECAUSE OF THE INTERNET. I sort of have this love-hate relationship with the internet right now. anyways. so I took my 5th grade exam this year. but when I try to play 6th grade songs, I feel like I don't belong at this position. at 7th grade, Prii arranges One Republic songs by herself. at 8th grade, Eva composes her own songs. and I'm here, still as slow as ever, at everything don't even ask what notes keys expression timing EVERYTHING. so the next resolution is to practice the piano more, and I mean PRACTICE, and NOT do my homework last minute, it must be together with my school homework ^^ homework is homework, no?


I so have to study more. what I have achieved, I know is not my full potential. I know because I don't study a month before the exam, I study one or two weeks before the exam, and I still maintain a CGPA of 3.3. so Imagine if I studied a month before. I'm not here to boast, but I know I can do it. I know I can score straight A's for PMR. all I have to do - stop procrastinating, and start studying.


Okayy So I bet you're wondering "where's my little slits of KPOP?" well it's here XD so I really wanna collect loads of money :3 what for? well, I hear SHINee is making a world concert soon ;) it's coming, I know it is. please please please come to Malaysia, AFTER PMR ^^ I think they went to Japan a few days before this, or are officially coming soon ^^ WOOHOO! so next resolution, collect LOADS of money. IDGAF if I don't eat at school, I'll eat at home ^^ it's healthier at school anyway :P buying food at the school canteen is like buying a disease == so no expensive stuff for lunch, no sweet drinks, just plain water. just rice and chicken, LIQUIDS IS WHAT WATER IS FOR, not kuah kari. or maybe I should just buy toast. if like that I only spend like 3 bucks a day from my 5 bucks so 10 bucks per week!!! ^^ superb. if only I can last that long.
I mean I obviously have to buy topup. chatting with friends is important when you've gotta spend your nights with books.
and what if the concert is before PMR? Even worse, what if they come BETUL BETUL before PMR, like a week before? A MONTH BEFORE PUN DAH TERUK.
...then I buy myself and MP3 player, maybe an iPod ^^


so I know my parents were seriously pissed with me whenever I overuse the computer, then the wireless gets struck by lightning, thrice. then the PC broke. then I use their laptops without permission. then I don't listen to them and piss them off. then I don't do my chores and say things that I shouldn't that would break their heart. so this year, I shall be a good girl (hopefully). I shall do my chores, and listen to what they say, and answer when they call me, the first time they call me, and get good results, and try to make their day better ^^


okay now that we're here I noticed we only have nine. it's okay. nine is good. ^^ so my last resolution is kinda obvious.... TO DIE. LIKE SERIOUSLY LIFE MEANS NOTHING NO ONE NEEDS ME IN THIS WORLD. so I was thinking, after I get the results, I'll cut my wrist. so if I get good results, I'll leave people a wonder, WHY THE HELL DID THIS KID KILL HERSELF? but if I have bad results, then at least I have a reason.
LOL JK. I wonder if anyone fell for that. I'm SO not the type who kills herself =_=" it's just that, this resolution is so self explanatory, I need something type. so since I'm in the third year of secondary school, I would really love it if I got 8A's for PMR ^^ not only will I guarantee myself to any stream I like (which right now is science, but art doesn't seem like a bad idea) but I will also get a laptop! my parents said insyaAllah, but it's mostly because of money. like seriously, what's more important, paying the bills or increasing the bills by having another laptop in the house? so maybe I'd contribute my raya money for it ^^ if that's the problem that is, if the reason is because they can't trust me, then I can't do anything anymore.

THEEEEN COMES MY 16TH BIRTHDAY ON 2012. And what will I ask for? A TABLET OF COURSE. a form 4 senior told me that in form 4, you just have to concentrate in class, do your homework. it really is a honeymoon year ^^ so that means, MORE TIME ON DA FOR ME! ^^ that also means, MORE WATCHERS! which means, MORE COMMISSIONS! AND THEN, I CAN BUY ANYTHING I LIKE WITH MY POINTS! WOOHOO!
man I look too much into the future. who knows, maybe my drawings suck even more digitally? ==


p.s, I just noticed my first resolution was explained through memory a lot. sorry for that. when it comes to memories, I can rant all night long.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

tumblr + deviantart made my day.

warning : quite a long post ^^

Tumblr first, of course.
but whaddup with the colourful outfits ==

I think we all know who has the most fans in the world.
but seriously this macro is like whuut XD

If you don't get it, go get a life.
or just go and watch Lucifer again, your pick ^^

I think you can tell where I got these from ^^
Did you know Hyunseung (the one in the white tee) was supposed to be in Big Bang?
Yea there was a debut show for Big Bang, but there were complications so Hyunseung quit.
then he got into BEAST ^^
and then MTV made a BEAST debut show. lol.
but I guess GD and Hyunseung were close ^^ 
so adorbs :')
but I have to agree GD seems a bit gay for Hyunseung
lol maybe it's just cuz he's excited. they're in diff companies, it must be like a reunion for them ^^
but whatever it is, I have to say it again, SO CUTE LA THEM! >w<
and no matter how many times I say it it's not gonna be enough.


and then YouTube made found THIS! ^^

Yoseob and Jjong on the same stage!? @_@ superb.

DinkfaceLove : "With or without Amber, f(x) is very talented.

It pains me to see anyone missing from f(x), but if she never returns, they'll manage. And if you're a fan for the right fucking reasons, so will you.
I'm just so tired of these Amber fans talking about how f(x) is nothing without her. If you want to get moist over some androgynous women, there's a fandom for you elsewhere.
Maybe we should stop freaking out until they comeback. If it's without Amber, then we should worry and ask questions."

break from videos.

"A fan of an SM artist spotted a guy giving all his money to a homeless guy in the subway. She noticed him later on as Shinee's Jonghyun. "

My heart missed a beat.

From Hello Baby.
can you figure out what's going on? ;)


the reaction when the blocks fell = cute+epic = win.

HAHAHAH this is serious sheez XD
not Korean, but still XD

actually I don't get it, but the way they did it again together in the last frame made me laugh XD
JaejoongXJunho is such loves XD

Looks like I have to stop here. My bro's home.

Last and BEST pic of the day:



not here yet.

it's such a moody weather today. it's all cloudy and sad. it was 9.30 am and I thought it was 7 >.< it's not really a good weather to celebrate New Years with, huh? actually I don't mind the weather (since I prefer feeling cold rather than sweating even when I got the fan on at 5. which is why my favourite season is fall.) but what I do mind it that I'm not going anywhere to celebrate. Kak Ain and Abang are going back to Bentong since there's a kenduri on the first and Bakmal's going to the Curve with his friends (it's the hottest hangout for PJ kids now, or so he says. but i have to agree it's a cool place).

so where do I fit? with my parents, of course. no planning to go out with friends now, since tomorrow night is the celebration. I doubt any parent of a 14 year old girl would allow them to go out by themselves until the middle of the night anyway. although it'd be nice to see fireworks with friends :3 maybe when I'm a little older.

so enough talk about New Years, I'd probably would just be waiting in front of the computer with loads of tabs on and one Facebook tab, just to get ready to put my status as "Happy New Year, everyone :D helloo, 2011!" ... I sincerely have no idea what to blog about.

OH maybe I should post MORE videos from YT? :D not that I post that much, but posting vids are fun, since they don't involve a lot of typing :3 it does involve a lot of copy-paste though.

So here goes.

the attack of the maknaes HAHA! XD what do you imagine Britney saying if she sees this? would she be proud that her song was presented so awesomely? or would she be ashamed that her song was presented by people who's English pronounciation isn't exactly awesome? either way, I think this could've been better, but I still like it a lot :3
and now I know Mir isn't from FT Island, he's from MBLAQ. HAHA I'm such a loser T T

my favourite dance ever @_@

HAHAHAHA XD "I wouldn't be caught dead in --- sorry buddy :(" BARNEY XD But my fav is still Ted :P hopeless romantic kekeke :')

Yup. that's their new image. sigh. and I just fell in love with Mirotic >.< looks like I'm too late.
well they still look very hot :3 you know what I wish? that one day they'd make a comeback together again :3 *que "AWWW"*
and there was a comment saying "no DBSK song is complete without a Changmin's scream" HAHA X'D I watched a Hello Baby episode where Minho imitated Changmin's scream :') it was so epic.


My phone is so awesome. It had fell a million times but have not weakened. this week itself it fell like three times. I've had such butter hands lately (not literally). this morning a saucer slipped off my hands and it broke. I dropped a comb and a remote. what else can happened today? I drop a pot full of boiling water and I burn myself and skip the first day of school? well actually that would be great considering my situation right now.

apparently I have to play Negaraku, Duli Yang Maha Mulia and the school song on Monday. And I don't even know how to play them.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

this is not a happy story.

I think I have a fever.


I got into 3C. What the heck is the school trying to do??? DX


an I do this tomorrow? @_@ urgh no I have to get this done do you guys have any idea why I haven't been online for the last 2 days? well one thing is because yesterday I didn't get a chance to go online. but I could've done so at night, but why didn't I? well, here it goes.

So I was watching Oh! My School on KBSW. They were supposed to parody a Grease musical advertisement, but I think it sucked :P still the ending HAHAHA. and the biggest reason I watched this is because... well, Minho's in it :P hehehehehehe

so the show was just ending and I was just going to take a shower when mom came down and said "cepat cepat siap Pak Itam pengsan." who's Pak Itam? well she's my mom's brother a.k.a. my uncle. he's really great and funny, and he lives with his wife at Kampung Lonek, a homestay. I was really worried and knew how serious this is, so I quietly went upstairs to change. I thought we were going to the hospital, so I changed to tshirt and jeans, but mom told me to change into baju kurung. when I went downstairs, Kak Ain looked at me curiously. "dah meninggal dah ke?" she asked. i told her mom told me to wear this.

so after a while mom came back downstairs to tell us that since Umar's still a baby, maybe Kak Ain, Umar and I should stay at home. so I took off my tudung. well.

but then while I was just sitting around (since I didn't have to go anyway :P) mom's phone rung. in the midst of busy-ness, Ayah wasn't around and the others were in the kitchen and mom was upstairs, I picked it up.

Kak Dayah (Pak Itam's daughter) : *in a sobbing voice* Aunty Zai?
Me : *runs upstairs* err,, ni Elyna...
Kak Dayah : *sigh of frustration* cakap dengan mak jap...
Me : *hands phone over to mom* Kak Dayah.
Mom: hello, Dayah? *listens* *beristighfar a couple of times* ok, nanti Aunty Zai britau yang lain... *hangs up* *beristighfar and holds her tears* Na, pergi britau yang lain suruh siap la... Pak Itam dah takde dah...

at that moment my heart was throbbing hard. like, how is it possible? that fast? no way. it can't be. I went to tell the others what mom just told me, and they were shocked too. "cepatnye, cepatnye." we all thought it was totally sudden.

so as soon as everybody was ready we went off to Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. we arrived when it was almost ten, and mom took a glance of Pak Itam and broke down. she was the first sibling to arrive, and Aunty Badar (his wife) was at Terengganu. she got on her way as soon as she heard. but after a while she relaxed a bit and read the Yassin. I wanted to do the same, but Kak Ain told me to teman her. if Kak Ain wasn't having her period we'd be in front reading the Yassin by now. everytime I laughed about something Umar did, I felt bad. I should be in front, reading the Yassin for arwah.

we slept over that night, and mom said I slept soundly. yes, the snores and all. I didn't even know why. we slept at an extra house behind the main house, you know, cuz it's a homestay so just in case there were more people then the house could hold. the next morning I found three fat men sleeping on the floor in the living room. they were my cousins. they arrived at 3am.

so around 8 am I finally found myself actually leaving the bedroom (to avoid falling asleep again) and had breakfast. I didn't finish the nasi lemak though. Wasn't in the mood. so I didn't really do anything today. I just sat around and went to the main house whenever mom told me to. I went once to see what was happening and who was around. they were getting ready to wash the body. then I got bored and went back to the extra house. then mom called me to salam all my relatives (cousins and aunties). at that moment diorang tengah kapankan arwah. poor mom. Pak Itam was the last brother left. now there's only her, Aunty Maz and Aunty Ha. then while I was sitting there with my relatives, they said we could see the arwah now.

people gathered, and after a while people started to breakdown and cry. I saw my mom and came by to hug her, but Aunty Ha pushed me away :( like I wasn't any help. I know I'm not good at pujuk-ing people but I'm her daughter you know.

so I went to the extra house (rejected) to tell Kak Ain she can go and see now. Although I didn't get the chance, but it's okay. Kak Ain gave me Umar and went. when she came back her face was wet. apparently people who just saw a dead body wasn't supposed to be near babies. they needed to take a bath first. but Kak Ain thought washing her face was fine, since she only caught a glance. I didn't see anything, so never mind~ we weren't even supposed to cry when we see the body (when it's been kapan-ed) but mom and some others did :(

then we went back front and met Kak Su and Aunty Ha. Aunty Ha told us to go and have lunch before the rest came back (they went to solat jenazah) so we did. then blablabla. Umar did his business so emergency!!! we went to the extra house as fast as possible. Kak Su and Umaira followed us, and later I just decided to have a nap. will tell you bout the dream later ;3 when I woke up mom told me to get ready to go.

on the way back home, on our way from Seremban to KL, mom told she missed her brother. :( I really had no idea what to say other than "oh" so I held her hand. I really felt bad because I STILL haven't read arwah the Yassin :(

so here I am now, wondering what would've happened if Pak Itam woke up. wondering, he's not here anymore, not with us anymore. he's in Allah's hands now, and we can't do anything bout it. it was from just a small back pain, he's not even really sick. but once he fainted, and woke up in the hospital, the doctor told that he was a walking time bomb. means he was ready to go anytime. he was a strong smoker :( I'm guessing that's what did it. oh gosh. it's really sad, thinking a man who used to be the funniest guy on Earth, the friendliest, the one with the biggest hand to shake, the man who always pretended he could speak Thai, is now gone.

and remember the relative that came last Tuesday? it was Pak Itam. and I didn't even salam him when he left. I totally regret it.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Umar's blog :D

So have I ever told you about Umar's blog? :3 yeah, he has a really cute blog that I just edited the design :D so now it looks reall awesome (in my opinion) but it looks a bit like mine... never mind it still looks cool ^^

so the link is here. enjoy reading the latest post! :3 it was by me. I love all my posts on Umar's blog, it always seems to make sense rather than my rantings here on my own blog = =" but I've only posted twice anyway :P

so hopefully when school starts I'll get more interesting stories to post, yes? :D and maybe I'll be kinda busy and my parents will try their hardest to get me to not use the computer = =
well new year is coming soon :3 I feel like not posting anything until this Friday! XD well here's my prep for Form 3 that I've done...

  • went to buy books today :3 met up with Chloe! :D she looks nice with short hair ;)
  • wanted to go cut my hair but the shop we wanted to go to was closed :(
  • bought school clothes and shoes :D big problem though... I don't have a tudung :( they ran out of S's and M's at Jusco. so we're going somewhere this weekends, hopefully they still have my size.. and is comfortable >( I LIKED THE ONES THEY SELL AT JUSCO THOUGH.
  • so that means there ain't much to iron. so they're there sitting on my bed, my school clothes, unironed. 
  • I even got new underwear for the New Year! :D picked my best under wears for the first week haha this is embarrassing to admit >///<
there's also some stuff I hadn't done like:

  • wrap my text books with plastic covers.
  • buy pencil box stuff.
  • buy tudung
  • iron and sow name tags and badges
  • iron my clothes
  • wash my old shoes.
so go figure.


P.S, maybe I should have a better background for the new year? something not Korean? :O

Sunday, December 26, 2010

k-on! daisuki desu! :3






I have these shimeji's a.k.a. desktop buddies running around XD have you ever tried them? they're really cute :3 you can get KPOP ones here. they're really cool, and I can recommend the Onew one and the f(x) crew one is REALLY AWHSUM :3

But I also got these different type of desktop buddies... I think they're not shimeji's, but a desktop buddy application :3 and it's K-ON! VERSION! XD kawaii ne~ they even have voices, and I LOVE it when Azusa-chan says "K-KON! D-DAISUKI! .. desu..." HAHA XD not only that, they also have calanders and clocks. it's really awesome :3 can't wait till the PC is fixed! then I can put them all on my desktop and I'll be like a K-on! die hard fan! XD


MTV's 2010 Top Korean Idols Countdown

So I know it's kinda late, I should've done it yesterday cuz MY GUESS WAS RIGHT! ^_^ so here's the results...











Okay my biggest WHOOPIES! were Lucifer, Bonamana, and Run Devil Run.
 My "Oh awesome they're on the list"s are Love Love Love, Love Ya and Tell Me Goodbye.
My BOO!!! 's went to Without You and Love Song. mainly cuz I have something against groups that have time as their group name (2PM, 2AM, 4 Minute) and against Korean singers who work solo.

I mean, even I don't know why I don't like them, I just... don't. Sorry :( but some of their songs ARE awesome, like 4 Minute's 'Hot Issue' and Gummy's 'I'm Sorry' but others are like 'blergh'. to me. don't mind me, I'm just a dumbass. if you like them than that's fine.

I don't though. so don't make me like them.

also, I'm sort of happy Because of You is on the list, cuz if you remember once I showed you a video of Key dancing in IMR? one of the songs was this, and I wanted to know the title but never found out T T so yea. YAY! :)

well, enjoy ^^ if you wanted to watch it but never got to, you're welcome ^^ but there are some stuff like facts bout the groups that I didn't get to write down so yeah. you missed that. sorry :(


Saturday, December 25, 2010

the dream.

My wedding:
Best Man:Eunhyuk
Wedding Planner/Hairstylist:Heechul
Entertainment:Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung :3 and maybe Sungmin :D
In Charge Of Food:Shindong (OBVIOUSLY)

perfect Super Junior marriage? XD Nuwaii, a junior of mine, did a SHINee vers. Groom was Minho, best man was Taemin, Wedding planner/hairstylist was Key, entertainment was Jjong and Food was Onew XD so yeah since my bias is Jjong so I told her I'd make a SuJu one.


So I forgot I actually wanted to post a dream I had last night.. dah nak ade dream baru baru nak post haha ^^" so the dream went like this... (some parts may have been manipulated so that readers would understand better or at least I wouldn't have to explain too much)

I was this girl who looked a bit like me - thick black layered hair, lips and eyes like mine. But I didn't wear glasses and my nose was a bit smaller. I was at my house, entering my mom's room. She told me that we're moving. I went all emo, but said nothing. I just packed my stuff. In a few days, we were off.

Weird thing about our ride was that me, Bakmal and our niece, Umaira (she went along, somehow) went on the same car... but we weren't driving the car. there were no adults. the car was on auto pilot. I was a bit scared during the ride, but I didn't do anything. Oh yeah, Bakmal looked the same, except he had shorter hair (which I think wouldn't look very good on him :P) and he was a bit fairer. darker than me, but not as dark as he is now.

Oh God my Jjong desktop buddy is so CUTE!!! >w< omo.. off topic... where was I? right. so we arrived to the new place we were supposed to move to. and since it was the school holidays us underaged people (including Bakmal, apparently he wasn't 18 in the dream. maybe 15 or 16. he still looked like he does now though =.=) it wasn't exactly a school, more like a nursery for teens :D if only such place existed. we wouldn't be wasting time going out and being exposed to 'those things', but we wouldn't exactly be studying neither ^^ AWESOME.

anyways, so at that place I basically relied on video games like Gameboys and PSPs. I don't know why I didn't make friends. even my brother had made a friend. I don't know where my niece went haha ^^" so one day I was playing the PSP and a dude came to me and asked if he can play the PSP, and gave me the Gameboy. I just took it. He looked a bit like Jiho from My Pitiful Sister, except he wears glasses. Ngeh, I can't find latest pics from the drama, so see for yourself - weekdays, channel 391 (KBSW) 9:30 am and re-runs at 2:30 pm. he's really cute, and whenever I see him I react like when I see Lee Donghae <3

anyways. so a few days after that he was goofing off at the living room. this dude apparently has a best friend who's a girl ^^ she's quite pretty, like the girl from It's Okay, Daddy's Girl, Chae Ryung. only with straight hair and a fringe.

so she was handling the radio which played some song, and the dude started dancing. and he wasn't really good. but the kids all gave him space  to dance some more. although it was really bad, the kids kept laughing and cheering him on. they were all just playing round. I was laughing too. then suddenly his eyes caught mine and he started dancing towards me. he held out his hand, offering that I danced with him. I just laughed and didn't say anything, so after a while he took back his hand and winked at me. I was about to wink back (stupid, stupid me = =") but then he turned around quick (phew!).

after a few days we became friends ^^ I wasn't very close to his best friend, but we still talked. I sort of have this jealousy thing, of course. then one day he wanted to show me his favourite place in the 'nursery'. (very HSM, no?) so the place was actually a beach at the back of the nursery, and many people hung out there really. in fact, some of the girls dress up as mermaids. even the dude's best friend. so I had this idea of making a play here. you know. cuz we don't actually do anything here anyway.

then my dream went to Bakmal's story. he was stealing something from a grocery store. haha. then when it came back to me, my bro woke me up T T how sad is that.

thing is, I think this could be like, a story or something. wouldn't it be awesome - getting inspiration for a story from a dream? :D thing is, I would write all these, but then I wouldn't be able to figure out an ending. it's always like that  T_T

so I was wondering, what do YOU think the ending should be? :3 thanks for the opinions~ kekeke :D


P.S, watched 2010 Best Korean Idols Countdown... but missed first place because we were going out T_T but I have an idea of who won ;) anyway, will tell tomorrow~ at 5 pm ;D kekeke.

P.P.S, don't ask me why they were dressed up as mermaids. they just DID.

Friday, December 24, 2010

nak kene sepak?

Dear Sammie,

You have no idea how much I feel like kicking you in the ass right now.

I told you in your last post that I knew the song, and then in the next post you said YOU FOUND IT.
I know, you probably never check your comments and went ahead and searched like hell to find that song, when I knew it. BUT. You SHOULD'VE check your comments. Not just check your comments too, you should even put a chatbox in your blog. Not just cuz, it's because you ASK PEOPLE QUESTIONS but you NEVER CHECK FOR FEEDBACK.  So not only do you not check for comments, you also don't have a chatbox. Baik takyah tanye soalan.

So that's it. I'm never gonna interact with your blog again. Sorry Sammie.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i just can't freaking wait.

Translation credited to : Jackelyn1212

n the beginning when kiki says...wasn't today fun? ( and in korean it says: why am i with this dude right now?)
seunggie repliies by saying Of course...its good to have a drink when ur stressed (in korean it says : i dont know if i'll release the stress drinking with u tho ) 
and then kiki thinks ( i should have gone home early and slept !! h
and seunggie thinks i shouldnt have come with this dude at all!!
the girl comes in and kiki thinks BINGO!!

seunggie sees the girl and thinks ...oh she's not bad (as in she looks good! ) 
they both think: If it wasn't for this guy i would have made a move by now!
then seunggie thinks (I guess kiki and i like the same type of girls) and he craftily asks kiki "didnt u say u needed to do something today?"
and kiki thinks (oh is he trying to send me away right now???) and replies by saying "no i dont, do u??"" 

seunggi: "No" and he thinks ( I need to start something with that girl there) and says "I dont have anything to do either...when do i have stuff to do anyways??"
kiki thinks (sorry but today is my turn)
seunggi (flipping the phone thinks (i guess its turned annoying))
kiki: "do u have any worries that u wanna talk about?" and thinks ( I know u r thinking really hard on what to do)

seunggie: "worries? what worries?" and he thinks (how to let u off the scent is my worry lol) (as in how to get u to drop the girl )
kiki: (thinks (so u too want to go at it, is that it??))*evil smile and taps fingers
kiki: (thinks ( i guess in the end its all down to the timing)) taps fingers and seunggie's watching
seunggiee: thinks (now that he's tapping his fingers, soon he's gonna??)
kiki: thinks (i can't do anything apart from making a move first)

seunggie: thinks (this guy is looking at the time!)
kiki: (thinks ( then should i slowly start??)
countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 the subs say (it's dangerous the countdown has begun)
the girl leaves and they both think WHAT THE????
both speak at the same time :
seunggie: kiki today...
kiki: yeah today was really fun time ..(confused talking) they overlap and talk about getting coffee together again
seunggie: tomorrow

kiki: day after
seunggie: ok let's meet the day after!
awkward moment
seunggie: im leaving
kiki:you're leaving? uh...let's go together!
seunggie: go together?? pause...ok then...yeah..let's leave together!
They both rush out.

So it was Doojoon and Dongwoon, but theirs weren't that great.
Then there was Yoseob and Junhyung, and I posted that one ^^
And then this one - Gikwang and Hyunseung.

Which one is the best? ;)

it's tough but...
I think I have to choose Yoseob and Junhyung's!

HEY this isn't biased okay I like Gikwang too (and his very muscley abs lol) but the trouble with this one is that it had dialog so if Jackelyn1212 never existed none of us would ever know what they're saying!!! So yeah :)



have you ever.

Have you ever stalked someone? Online, I mean. I think it's really fun. You see what they do in their lives and they don't even know that you know what they're doing in their lives. Or do they...? O.O

So I was sitting around, being bored, stalking peeps. Then I suddenly came across a group of which the person I was stalking was in. Apparently I knew everyone who was in that group. Oh in case you're kinda blur this was in FB (obviously). So since I was bored I kept on stalking. Wow these guys are funny. Then I saw a wall post saying something that were along these lines :

"News : we got a stalker."

I was so shocked. I immediately closed that tab. But when I thought about it, maybe it wasn't me. I mean I just found that group today like, how is it possible they found out immediately? Plus there are many freaky juniors these days that stalk like hell. Crazier than me.

Okay when I say this maybe you'll find out who I'm stalking. But once I was stalking that person I stalk, and I found pictures of them being taken as they run up and down the stairs of the PIBG building. By the juniors. Like WTH you don't even keep it a secret you're practically gay for that person. Juniors now a days know no shame *shakes head*

But sometimes stalking can go out of hand, even if it's online and you're at a safe spot and no one will ever know. I remember around this time last year I had an online crush on this dude who was a senior of mine in SSP and now goes to BB, but I've never noticed him before. He was a formspring addict, so it was actually kinda easy to stalk him. Hanis convinced me to chat with him, but that ended in epic misery.

So one fine day I was looking through his wall. Did you know that I even discovered he wore boxers not briefs? yeah that's how much of a stalker I am. Then I suddenly saw a post of his top stalkers, you the ones where they calculate people who look at your wall most and stuff. ... and I was number three.

Ever since then I never dared to look at Z*yd Kh**r*l's profile ever again.

Anyway I'm just posting this cuz I'm bored and I was stalking after a long time not stalking someone. I mean seriously Sorority Life gets you addicted O.O

TCH YEA I actually really hate this MV but I love this song ^^ I can cry whenever I hear it :'(

So now since I'm still bored, I'm gonna tribute to Amber from f(x) cuz SM said that she's not out of f(x) but she's not appearing in any videos that were uploaded recently so. SM, HURRY UP ABOUT IT WE WANT OUR AMBER BACK.

So let's see and hear how AWESOME f(x) is WITH Amber ^^
(And yea Nu Abo isn't available cuz I don't like it =3= if you want it go search it yourself.)

On this video, many posted "Amber looks handsome". see, if Amber wasn't in this video the comments would be typical SNSD comments - "Ooh, they're so pretty" "OMG I wish I had their legs" "They're a bunch of whores". And we do not need another batch of SNSD's. 9 pretty girls with awesome legs is enough to envy. we don't need another one. we need one that has a difference. f(x). And Amber makes most of the difference.

In this one they say that it copies a lot of SNSD's style.

a) they need a girly number or controversies will appear.
b) I think zitis not SNSD at all! does any of the SNSD songs have raps? I BET NOT. Even if there is I bet it was a guy who did it. and in f(x) a girl does it.

And apparently, that girl is Amber. So SM Ent, please open your freaking eyes.

Okay actually I can't argue that this song mostly concentrate on the vocals, which actually the reason I love this song heheh ^^" But like any other rappers, Amber shall need a rest, no? I mean, Minho gets a break in Quasimodo and doesn't rap. to me Sorry Dear Daddy = Quasimodo. in one way or another.

I'm so worried these days cuz so many people get so sensitive when people give different opinions... they misunderstand and they start hatin'... which I really don't feel comfortable with. when I see a fight going on in the comments section I avoid commenting or they'll start fighting with me and I don't want any online drama going on ==" (other than those Korean dramas ofc :P)

And this is them WITHOUT Amber :

A majority of the comments ask : "Where is Amber?"
See how much us fans love Amber?
It's the same with everyone. At first maybe Amber wasn't your fav. But you see her loss in appearance in the group, you start missing her and asking for her. Like maybe perhaps Kangin wasn't your favourite in SuJu. then he went for war. and you keep asking for him to come back. you miss him and all those jeez. Isn't it the same?

SM, you put us fans to misery.

AND NOW!!! Since I am, yet, still bored, here's a list of awesome pics I found on DA! ^^

...well apparently it's really hard to find awesome pics these days.



p.p.s, actually us fans love this misery. we're actually feeding on it, feeding onto the drama that has come upon us, and we're actually asking for more, "Please, give us more reason to question SM some more and never blame the stars because the stars are never wrong, it's always the company that sucks, the company is always evil, not the stars" etc etc. so please. give us more drama to feed on.

p.p.p.s, I know I said I don't want online drama but haha, there's a difference you see.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

cute vs. dirty vs. gayness?

OMO!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!

EXACTLY why I love Yoseob. Zalikha, take that!!!!
(Zalikha said he looks like a girl =3=)


the day I wish I was playing sports rather than staying at home.

Okay seriously, I think I over reacted, but this is how I felt then.

I was just finishing up folding the laundry when mom called and told me Pak Itam was coming. I was furious after I hung up. I just received a line of new chores after I've been planning to relax, go online, listen to music, maybe sleep some more. now I gotta fill up that time with sweeping. and I think what pissed me off most was that I had to do all these chores and that skinny kid who lets me use his computer sits around, making a mess for me to clean up, then goes out, then comes back home, to sleep.

yez I wuz very pizzed at ze moment.
PMS? no, my period just finished.
look, even I don't understand myself, okay, so don't question my actions of ranting to myself and throwing things around in excuse of being pissed.

OH BIG NEWS. If YOU, my dear reader, watches MTV, on Astro channel 713, you should know that on 25th December 2010 at 6 pm there will be a KPOP Countdown of AWESOMENESS and EPICNESS PLUS (I think) there will be TRIVIA'S all around the show :) and if you DIDN'T know, well, you're welcome.

not available on that time? there will be a repeat on the very next day at 4 pm :) and yet again, you're welcome.

I don't mind promoting what I love and care about :) but ya know, sometimes I get selfish too. when I see things on Tumblr sometimes, I think about reblogging it or not. cuz some epicness I don't wanna share.

there are just some things that I don't want people to see.
cuz it's precious to me. and I want it all for myself.

so I right click and save in my pendrive.


Kem Tahan Lasak Sukan 2010

I am so lazy to think bout what to write here. Let's just say that I had a great time, although it'll be an unforgettable experience I seriously missed home. BUT.

The facilitators. GAAH. I'll miss them so much. They are so awesome. Kak Husna, Kak Ain, Kak Lin, Kak Zu, Kak Fatin, Abang Remi, Abang Mail and Abang Fikri. My favourites are :

Kak Ain

She played netball for the Malaysia team, so I'm proud to say that she was our group fasci ^^ She's really nice, and I got to know her better on the first day. Although I can tell that overall I had a bad rep kekeke. Cuz of my un-athleticness. lol. so embarrassed. She took a lot of pictures and helped a lot with injuries, has a boyfriend (Abang Remi :P I can only now official-late [not even a word] it since mom told me that when we were watching a video during a talk, Kak Ain put her head on his shoulders :3 AWW.) and I can say is one of the sporting fasci's ^^

Abang Fikri

If I tell anyone on the camp that he's my favourite they'll think I'm weird. So let me state out his bad qualities first - he talks like a mak nyah. or you can say he talks like a girl too. but he looks like any normal nerd, really. no actual girly looks. but of course, he acts as he talks. there was even a session where we were open to ask questions and Kak Lin said "Tak nak tanye ke, Abang Fikri gay ke.." he responded with "HEY! Ambik yang jernih je ye adik-adik.." so yeah now we'll never know since we didn't ask :]

now lets get to the points of why I liked him best. it's cuz he's different. he's not in his senior year, for one thing. then he's the Presiden of Kolej Kelima (where we stayed in UM). then there's the fact that he's not from the Sports Centre. He's from the Faculty of Computer Science. what else? he's funny. yeap. that's pretty much it.


And the saddest part is, he went back home on the 4th day because his mom was sick :'( kesian nye. I felt like pulling him saying "NO don't leave just yet" BUT IT'S HIS MOM. I can imagine how worried he is inside :( but to me, it felt like the last day of camp came earlier. I'm already separating with someone who effected my life, one day earlier than expected.

Abang Mail

Ptch everyone likes him. He makes pretty much most of the jokes through out the camp. He plays rugby and leads us. (Although Kak Husna is the Ketua Fasci, but ya know, there must be one guys leader) And I have a feeling he's from Johor. "Beso"?? You sound like my bro haha XD what else? he reads all our prayers :)

haha a funny story. a senior, Izzy was asked who her fav fasci was and she said Abang Mail. "comel". At that time Abang Mail wasn't there. So later Kak Ain said to him "Lain kali pakai seluar pendek lagi." cuz his shorts was kinda... short. haha, i guess that's the point XD but still. then the next day we did some exercises then Abang Mail was wiping his face with his shirt. I heard some seniors behind me saying "weyh sexy dowh" HAHA. girls. he was actually quite muffin crusted. :P

3am! wow what am I doing here

next, fav activities ;) well it was my first time going kayaking. Its really hurts the arms, seriously. but it was fun ^^ other than that I was actually quite happy with Merentas Desa. IDK why. maybe cuz I got like somewhere in the middle rather than somewhere in the back. I also liked the blip test, even if it's seriously tiring. it can make you feel like you were put on full speed on a spinning machine in less than half an hour, seriously. then I also liked the friendly matches ^^ our group won 5th out of 7 for futsal (we tried our best kays.) and 3rd for netball! ^^ Yayy. thanks to Kak Ain, ofc ^^ but also cuz we got an awesome GS, Syahirah ^^

for talks, I liked the Fun with Japanese talk. Zainol sensei and Wira sensei really did make it fun ^^ group 5, Falcon really made some rude sentences though == and Wira sensei said our group's sentences were creative! :D then I also liked the Astronomy talk :] it was really interesting when he was just talking and explaining, but I guess he noticed we were running out of time, so he ran through the presentation which was... boring. and we didn't get to see the stars and planets that night cuz it was raining out! :( so sad. if not it would've been on of the best experiences I've ever had, sincerely.

I also liked the talk where one of the dudes turned out to be an SNSD lover ^^ looks like KPOP's everywhere haha. He used the MV S.E.O.U.L. (you knoow, the one where I fell for Kyuhyun and then immedoately fell for Super Junior and somewhere around this time of the year I'm memorizing tons of Korean Guy's names [and yes, not the girls. mostly cuz I don't like girls that way, finding myself... not trying as hard as for the guys. I know a few though, like from 2NE1 and Amber. no not because she looks like a guy. okay maybe so.] ) ANYWAYS. I was so excited that part. When they first played it the projector wasn't on yet so I was like "... that sounds familiar" and then they played WITH the projector on and I was like OMG I KNOW THESE PEOPLE THESE ARE MY PEEPS THESE ARE THE PEOPLE I'VE BEEN WORSHIPING FOR LAST FEW MONTHS" so yeah. I sang along through out the whole song.

the presentation was mainly about finding environmental friendly stuff in the video. So after that he showed screen shots and he showed one of Ryeowook's and asked if we knew who this is and we were all like "RYEOWOOK" like haha who doesn't know who this is? XD then he showed a screen shot of Jessica and asked what we saw in this picture and Abang Mail was like "BINI AKU" (trans : my wife) I don't think many people heard it. Or they pretended not to hear it because they liked Abang Mail and now they know his expectations for a wife so they totally gave and kept silent 

There you go. Give me KPOP and I talk about it in two paragraphs whole. The treasure Hunt before wasn't as enjoyable though. got 4 out of 10 right =A= Other the unenjoyable trip was the second trip to PALAPES. I was picked as the leader by the dude that I now hate as hell and I have no idea what to do when they asked me what they should do DX then later they decided they shouldn't listen to me. so all ideas by were shut down. and I mean all. like they practically pretended I didn't exist. except for Zalikha, Shiro and Zalikha's friend, one of the twins, I'm not sure which though T_T Then other bad experiences was the third day O_O but lemme explain why that day is also one of my good days.

I burned a lot of fat.

Who here has explored UM? Cuz if you dunno where things are you can't imagine our sufferings. we WALKED in the rain to the Main Library, then we WALKED AGAIN to the Faculty of Medicine. there I totally got discouraged to become a doctor because of the REAL human anatomies they showed. seriously. there was a human head. cut in half (Abang said "nasib tak potong empat" OH SHUT UP ABANG). and A BABY. LIKE WTF Then after that we had the Merentas Desa. But seriously, if only we don't think of the suffering and did that every day, my stomach would be so flat like a famous artist's singing :D

there were also some unforgettable moments. like when I had to pull my pants down at Kak Husna's room to put on ointment. T_T Thank God the only people there was Maryam and Aliya. hope my legs looked nice that night. kurururu. also that moment when the dude came to me and made me the leader. then there was the moment where me and my room mate Syia fought. then the sad moment where I didn't play for the first game of futsal. many moments, really. haha.

but the separating moment was the saddest. I almost cried when we sang Sempurna. almost everyone didn't wanna leave. they kept talking to the fasci's even though we all knew the bus was waiting for us. it was sad, really watching all of us. like, how can we leave just like that? after five days, we created a bond. it felt like we were family. we wanted to stay longer, for sure.

and today, I DID felt like I wish I was still there, waking up 6 am every morning, exercising, joking around with friends and facsi's, having fun.

cont on next post~