Thursday, December 2, 2010

banned? har har har.

Xueh Wei, I know how you feel.

I'M BANNED ON YENF'S CBOX!!! :( This is all because my competitive side went high LOL.

well now I'm watching Exploring human body. Did I ever tell you I stopped watching this because I wanted to get started on watching Hello Baby?

Yes that's the traitor that I am. beware, don't get to close to me, I might betray you any time, like I betrayed SuJu. Only difference is they don't really feel anything since they don't know I exist. So I may be more considerate on your feelings then SuJu's. harhar. whuuuut am I crapping about.

to Hana, thanks for taking the chibi request >w< I mean I know I only won 3 but SHINee has 5 people... but you still excepted the challenge... even after I ranted bout SHINee on your page... you said it was the longest comment you've ever received... and you're STILL accepting it... SO NICE OF YOU <3 <3 <3

to Cynta, sorry if this "Shizou" person might turn out super ugly bcuz I dunno him >< but I'll try my very best. now I'm just wondering HOW I should draw him. should've asked you that.

to Yen Fern. Thank you for posting the vids on your wall :)

to Bakmal. thanks for not being pissed on me who keeps using your computer ><"

to Xueh Wei. MAYBE I'll change the cbox AGAIN. so that you can comment. lets leave it for a few days and see if you can chat there again soon :)

to kiryuluvsu on DA. Please don't actually ask for 5 art requests >.>

to Super Junior. HARHAR YOU GUYS ARE SO FUNNEY. as usual. Donghae is the cutest <3


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