Friday, December 31, 2010

bye 2010, welcome 2011.

Okay I made a list of my new year resolutions, I've got a total of 10, let's see if I can make it interesting on how I'm gonna tell it. ^^ (this is not by priority. more like the other way around.)

Okay, we all know how I love to write, bla bla bla, over imaginative, blah. So I remember during standard 6 me, Hanis and Najiya decided to open a "company" that we might make alive one day ^^ it all started in a test pad. the cover was yellow with bees and the words "Sweet Honey Lemon" written in Comic Sans font. we didn't write stories in the book, instead we wrote sypnosis's, of stories we have in mind, but never even gave actually writing the story a second thought. we even finished up the book and got a new one by the end of the year =_=" we barely used 1/8 of the book.
well, whatever it is, at that moment SHL was very important, it was priority after UPSR and crushes and family. seriously, even friends weren't as important. we didn't let anyone out of SHL read it. so lately we've been so busy with our own stuff, since we went to different schools (all are good schools though, I came to SA which now turns out to be a SBT school ^^ Hanis went to a private school and Najiya went to a boarding school. All TOTALLY different pathways ==") we all have left SHL in a corner of our lives. it dropped low, LOW in our priority list. and I feel bad. even if the others don't feel anything, I want to make that year 2008 and all the designing for SHL's blog to be worth it.
so my first new year resolution is to write more stories for SHL ^^ I want to make that testpad PROUD. haha I know I'm crazy. but still. writing is still important in my life, and that's how SHL existed, so yea ^^


sometimes I can never be really sure if my prayers were counted. sometimes I want to be quick, and forget the importance of praying. I don't know if my pronounciation was right, and if my rakaats were sufficient (sometimes I forgot if I'm at the 3rd rakaat already, or am I still at the 2nd? =_=" it gets annoying kay.) my thoughts wander all the time. so this year, I wanna perfect my prayers. and maybe even read the Quran more. ask for blessings for PMR HAHA =_=" gonna be hard, but I gotta do something, right? Can't listen to KPOP all the time =3=


okay so since dad put in the wireless in November 2009, I was seriously ADDICTED to the internet, and when I got into KPOP, it got worst. I would sleep at 2,3am on a school night. Mom would get really pissed, and she'd take away the wireless, and I would worry it would ruin. so THIS YEAR, since I'm gonna have to concentrate on a big exam anyway (yeah big, huge is for SPM) I am going to lessen my hours on the computer. maybe one on school days, or even never (it's better not at all really, it hurts to use the computer for an hour) and use it for 3 hours max on weekdays (on one use). so yea, I created that limit myself  ^^ <---bangga.


as usual, improving my drawing is very important as well ^^ if I do not improve my drawing, I can't make the covers of my own novels (as I had dreamt of doing ever since I was like, I dunno, was BORN?! no lah since I started TRYING to write books ^^ now it's just short stories but still. illustration is necessary.) and that won't work for me. okay fine I admit I've always thought of a job at GempakStarz but ever since Core said he wanted to work there I dropped it ==


I have failed on improving my piano skills during this holidays T T AGAIN. BECAUSE OF THE INTERNET. I sort of have this love-hate relationship with the internet right now. anyways. so I took my 5th grade exam this year. but when I try to play 6th grade songs, I feel like I don't belong at this position. at 7th grade, Prii arranges One Republic songs by herself. at 8th grade, Eva composes her own songs. and I'm here, still as slow as ever, at everything don't even ask what notes keys expression timing EVERYTHING. so the next resolution is to practice the piano more, and I mean PRACTICE, and NOT do my homework last minute, it must be together with my school homework ^^ homework is homework, no?


I so have to study more. what I have achieved, I know is not my full potential. I know because I don't study a month before the exam, I study one or two weeks before the exam, and I still maintain a CGPA of 3.3. so Imagine if I studied a month before. I'm not here to boast, but I know I can do it. I know I can score straight A's for PMR. all I have to do - stop procrastinating, and start studying.


Okayy So I bet you're wondering "where's my little slits of KPOP?" well it's here XD so I really wanna collect loads of money :3 what for? well, I hear SHINee is making a world concert soon ;) it's coming, I know it is. please please please come to Malaysia, AFTER PMR ^^ I think they went to Japan a few days before this, or are officially coming soon ^^ WOOHOO! so next resolution, collect LOADS of money. IDGAF if I don't eat at school, I'll eat at home ^^ it's healthier at school anyway :P buying food at the school canteen is like buying a disease == so no expensive stuff for lunch, no sweet drinks, just plain water. just rice and chicken, LIQUIDS IS WHAT WATER IS FOR, not kuah kari. or maybe I should just buy toast. if like that I only spend like 3 bucks a day from my 5 bucks so 10 bucks per week!!! ^^ superb. if only I can last that long.
I mean I obviously have to buy topup. chatting with friends is important when you've gotta spend your nights with books.
and what if the concert is before PMR? Even worse, what if they come BETUL BETUL before PMR, like a week before? A MONTH BEFORE PUN DAH TERUK.
...then I buy myself and MP3 player, maybe an iPod ^^


so I know my parents were seriously pissed with me whenever I overuse the computer, then the wireless gets struck by lightning, thrice. then the PC broke. then I use their laptops without permission. then I don't listen to them and piss them off. then I don't do my chores and say things that I shouldn't that would break their heart. so this year, I shall be a good girl (hopefully). I shall do my chores, and listen to what they say, and answer when they call me, the first time they call me, and get good results, and try to make their day better ^^


okay now that we're here I noticed we only have nine. it's okay. nine is good. ^^ so my last resolution is kinda obvious.... TO DIE. LIKE SERIOUSLY LIFE MEANS NOTHING NO ONE NEEDS ME IN THIS WORLD. so I was thinking, after I get the results, I'll cut my wrist. so if I get good results, I'll leave people a wonder, WHY THE HELL DID THIS KID KILL HERSELF? but if I have bad results, then at least I have a reason.
LOL JK. I wonder if anyone fell for that. I'm SO not the type who kills herself =_=" it's just that, this resolution is so self explanatory, I need something type. so since I'm in the third year of secondary school, I would really love it if I got 8A's for PMR ^^ not only will I guarantee myself to any stream I like (which right now is science, but art doesn't seem like a bad idea) but I will also get a laptop! my parents said insyaAllah, but it's mostly because of money. like seriously, what's more important, paying the bills or increasing the bills by having another laptop in the house? so maybe I'd contribute my raya money for it ^^ if that's the problem that is, if the reason is because they can't trust me, then I can't do anything anymore.

THEEEEN COMES MY 16TH BIRTHDAY ON 2012. And what will I ask for? A TABLET OF COURSE. a form 4 senior told me that in form 4, you just have to concentrate in class, do your homework. it really is a honeymoon year ^^ so that means, MORE TIME ON DA FOR ME! ^^ that also means, MORE WATCHERS! which means, MORE COMMISSIONS! AND THEN, I CAN BUY ANYTHING I LIKE WITH MY POINTS! WOOHOO!
man I look too much into the future. who knows, maybe my drawings suck even more digitally? ==


p.s, I just noticed my first resolution was explained through memory a lot. sorry for that. when it comes to memories, I can rant all night long.

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