Saturday, December 4, 2010

calling names.


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Did so. Why don't chu? ;) They're awesome, so they totally deserve it.
Zulaikha posted this on my wall, and told me to help Leeteuk win an award.
I prefer helping Donghae win an award ;P


Anyways, today, I was wondering if calling people names (especially your elders) in your heart counts as a bad thing. You know cuz when you raise your voice to your parents it's already a sin, so what about calling them names?

But thing is, I always keep my anger in my heart. So I don't say it out loud. But my heart screams it like I mean it.

Like Kak Ain told me to follow her get the telekung from the car. Then when we meet Abang to get the keys, he told her that we don't have to pray there. So they decided to hang around there. I was so annoyed. My heart went "f*** holes". I felt bad, obviously. But at that moment I automatically just did so. Well, just thought so.

Also another thing I get annoyed bout auto stuff are when you're meeting or parting from relatives. It's as if an automatic switch for you to twist your mouth into that square smile. :] <-- that one. I didn't even see the reason to smile. But I can't stop myself - it just comes. Then you feel like an ass when everyone else are doing their own business and you're standing there like " :] Hi I exist."

Annoyance around relatives doesn't stop there. It goes on when your cooler cousins are interested in something else, like perhaps, a healthy baby/toddler (Umar was sick today.) and the only cousin that seems to like your existence is the most annoying one that you try to be nice too, but perhaps you made a mistake there because now she's clinging on you like lovegrass. Ah. Actually this didn't happen with my cousin. At least she knows how to be a bit more independent. This happened with a schoolmate. Brrh. 

I'm also annoyed when I start reading a book and it doesn't catch your interest enough for you to finish reading it, but you still want to know what happens next. But you just can't make yourself read the book. It's like you're the same poles on a magnet appealing each other.

I'm also annoyed when someone puts a high score on a game on MY phone and I can't seem to beat it. And the name of the scorer stays there forever. And you're forever reminded that someone's better than you at something. Of course there's always the reset high score option, but lets make this a bit more interesting.

I'm also annoyed when I start having crushes on cousins. Like every time he passes by, you stop breathing. Like FFFFUUUU HE'S MY FREAKIN COUSIN. Sheez. Well the thing about having crushes on cousins is that it lasts for about 10 minutes then you're over it. Which is even more annoying harhar.

I'm also annoyed to those people who try to give you those flyers promoting whatever they're trying to promote, and when you don't take it, they either make some disappointed or angry noise or give you the bitch stare. Like, do even know where 90% of those are going? Yea, the dustbin. Now stop wasting paper before mother nature goes on her PMS again.

I'm also annoyed when I can't find the download link to a song I like.

I'm also annoyed at this strand of hair of mine which can't stay in place - behind my ear.

Life = Annoying.


p.s, HEYY this is INTERESTING ;D

Instruction to other parts : right click on video. Select option "Watch video on YouTube" then look at the "Suggestions" on the right side of the page. tadaa.

Thanks to Heng Yen Fern heehee. It's official. My bias' Changmin <3 SO CUTE! >w<


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