Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the day I wish I was playing sports rather than staying at home.

Okay seriously, I think I over reacted, but this is how I felt then.

I was just finishing up folding the laundry when mom called and told me Pak Itam was coming. I was furious after I hung up. I just received a line of new chores after I've been planning to relax, go online, listen to music, maybe sleep some more. now I gotta fill up that time with sweeping. and I think what pissed me off most was that I had to do all these chores and that skinny kid who lets me use his computer sits around, making a mess for me to clean up, then goes out, then comes back home, to sleep.

yez I wuz very pizzed at ze moment.
PMS? no, my period just finished.
look, even I don't understand myself, okay, so don't question my actions of ranting to myself and throwing things around in excuse of being pissed.

OH BIG NEWS. If YOU, my dear reader, watches MTV, on Astro channel 713, you should know that on 25th December 2010 at 6 pm there will be a KPOP Countdown of AWESOMENESS and EPICNESS PLUS (I think) there will be TRIVIA'S all around the show :) and if you DIDN'T know, well, you're welcome.

not available on that time? there will be a repeat on the very next day at 4 pm :) and yet again, you're welcome.

I don't mind promoting what I love and care about :) but ya know, sometimes I get selfish too. when I see things on Tumblr sometimes, I think about reblogging it or not. cuz some epicness I don't wanna share.

there are just some things that I don't want people to see.
cuz it's precious to me. and I want it all for myself.

so I right click and save in my pendrive.


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