Saturday, December 25, 2010

the dream.

My wedding:
Best Man:Eunhyuk
Wedding Planner/Hairstylist:Heechul
Entertainment:Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung :3 and maybe Sungmin :D
In Charge Of Food:Shindong (OBVIOUSLY)

perfect Super Junior marriage? XD Nuwaii, a junior of mine, did a SHINee vers. Groom was Minho, best man was Taemin, Wedding planner/hairstylist was Key, entertainment was Jjong and Food was Onew XD so yeah since my bias is Jjong so I told her I'd make a SuJu one.


So I forgot I actually wanted to post a dream I had last night.. dah nak ade dream baru baru nak post haha ^^" so the dream went like this... (some parts may have been manipulated so that readers would understand better or at least I wouldn't have to explain too much)

I was this girl who looked a bit like me - thick black layered hair, lips and eyes like mine. But I didn't wear glasses and my nose was a bit smaller. I was at my house, entering my mom's room. She told me that we're moving. I went all emo, but said nothing. I just packed my stuff. In a few days, we were off.

Weird thing about our ride was that me, Bakmal and our niece, Umaira (she went along, somehow) went on the same car... but we weren't driving the car. there were no adults. the car was on auto pilot. I was a bit scared during the ride, but I didn't do anything. Oh yeah, Bakmal looked the same, except he had shorter hair (which I think wouldn't look very good on him :P) and he was a bit fairer. darker than me, but not as dark as he is now.

Oh God my Jjong desktop buddy is so CUTE!!! >w< omo.. off topic... where was I? right. so we arrived to the new place we were supposed to move to. and since it was the school holidays us underaged people (including Bakmal, apparently he wasn't 18 in the dream. maybe 15 or 16. he still looked like he does now though =.=) it wasn't exactly a school, more like a nursery for teens :D if only such place existed. we wouldn't be wasting time going out and being exposed to 'those things', but we wouldn't exactly be studying neither ^^ AWESOME.

anyways, so at that place I basically relied on video games like Gameboys and PSPs. I don't know why I didn't make friends. even my brother had made a friend. I don't know where my niece went haha ^^" so one day I was playing the PSP and a dude came to me and asked if he can play the PSP, and gave me the Gameboy. I just took it. He looked a bit like Jiho from My Pitiful Sister, except he wears glasses. Ngeh, I can't find latest pics from the drama, so see for yourself - weekdays, channel 391 (KBSW) 9:30 am and re-runs at 2:30 pm. he's really cute, and whenever I see him I react like when I see Lee Donghae <3

anyways. so a few days after that he was goofing off at the living room. this dude apparently has a best friend who's a girl ^^ she's quite pretty, like the girl from It's Okay, Daddy's Girl, Chae Ryung. only with straight hair and a fringe.

so she was handling the radio which played some song, and the dude started dancing. and he wasn't really good. but the kids all gave him space  to dance some more. although it was really bad, the kids kept laughing and cheering him on. they were all just playing round. I was laughing too. then suddenly his eyes caught mine and he started dancing towards me. he held out his hand, offering that I danced with him. I just laughed and didn't say anything, so after a while he took back his hand and winked at me. I was about to wink back (stupid, stupid me = =") but then he turned around quick (phew!).

after a few days we became friends ^^ I wasn't very close to his best friend, but we still talked. I sort of have this jealousy thing, of course. then one day he wanted to show me his favourite place in the 'nursery'. (very HSM, no?) so the place was actually a beach at the back of the nursery, and many people hung out there really. in fact, some of the girls dress up as mermaids. even the dude's best friend. so I had this idea of making a play here. you know. cuz we don't actually do anything here anyway.

then my dream went to Bakmal's story. he was stealing something from a grocery store. haha. then when it came back to me, my bro woke me up T T how sad is that.

thing is, I think this could be like, a story or something. wouldn't it be awesome - getting inspiration for a story from a dream? :D thing is, I would write all these, but then I wouldn't be able to figure out an ending. it's always like that  T_T

so I was wondering, what do YOU think the ending should be? :3 thanks for the opinions~ kekeke :D


P.S, watched 2010 Best Korean Idols Countdown... but missed first place because we were going out T_T but I have an idea of who won ;) anyway, will tell tomorrow~ at 5 pm ;D kekeke.

P.P.S, don't ask me why they were dressed up as mermaids. they just DID.

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