Monday, December 6, 2010


I didn't cheat when I voted at just now. I voted as sincerely as possible, and held myself together when they chose Taemin's dance as a thumbnail. I chose Lucifer as best dance, although it was tough between that and Hoot. Hoot was so cute, I loved watching ti X) But Lucifer obviously had better choreography so. I can't believe they placed Bonamana there HAR HAR. Bonamana wasn't... the dance just wasn't as epic.

When I saw "The Best Male Group" I was like :/ SHINee, or SuJu? I had a feeling SuJu was gonna win anyway, so I chose SHINee :) Plus, I'm a SHAWOL! (although I'm also an ELF. Whatever.)

For best male solo artist, I chose Seunggi :) For Hanis, personally. Plus I wasn't much of a fan of Taeyang. Just a bit. And I didn't know the others so. I've heard of Rain, Se7en and Jay Park, obviously but I've never heard their songs (HARHAR I've never heard Lee Seunggi's neither but what the heck.)

Best female solo artist, I went with Gummy. she had a couple of good songs, and the typical other reason, I didn't know the others. other than BoA. But I don't like her songs. Best rookie artist? Miss A. why? simply cuz Kyuhyun danced to their "Bad Girl Good Girl" song. keehee. Orange Caramel had a couple of good songs too, but I guess I'll vote for them tomorrow :)

Best Improved artist, U-Kiss. cuz Dongho was funny in IMR :iconhurrplz: Song of the year Bonamana. It was tough though, I loved them all :( Like Lucifer, Can't Nobody, Soom, Lupin. tough tough decision. Then story of the year, Jjong and SeKyung a.k.a. biatch dating :( I wanted to vote Amber's MIA, but then I didn't really know her during this controversy. So yeah. Oh, so she's the boy in f(x)? :D haha. no offence. I'll vote for this story tomorrow.

Best Social Network personality? tough choice between Heechul who said the F word on his tweet and Doojoon, who I didn't even have the Twitter acc of. I only followed Yoseob heehee :D There were also Jaejoong from DBSK, Dara from 2NE1 and Jay Park. Voted for Doojoon :] Hey, I like what I like.

I know all my votes were practically irrelevant, not based on real qualities and totally biased, but that's for me to decide on how to spend my votes. My voice out to you? Make it fairer. Cast your vote :) Link's up there, in case you didn't notice. in the first line.


p.s, HAHA I don't even read :P but whatevs. I like voting. it makes me feel important :]


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