Wednesday, December 22, 2010

have you ever.

Have you ever stalked someone? Online, I mean. I think it's really fun. You see what they do in their lives and they don't even know that you know what they're doing in their lives. Or do they...? O.O

So I was sitting around, being bored, stalking peeps. Then I suddenly came across a group of which the person I was stalking was in. Apparently I knew everyone who was in that group. Oh in case you're kinda blur this was in FB (obviously). So since I was bored I kept on stalking. Wow these guys are funny. Then I saw a wall post saying something that were along these lines :

"News : we got a stalker."

I was so shocked. I immediately closed that tab. But when I thought about it, maybe it wasn't me. I mean I just found that group today like, how is it possible they found out immediately? Plus there are many freaky juniors these days that stalk like hell. Crazier than me.

Okay when I say this maybe you'll find out who I'm stalking. But once I was stalking that person I stalk, and I found pictures of them being taken as they run up and down the stairs of the PIBG building. By the juniors. Like WTH you don't even keep it a secret you're practically gay for that person. Juniors now a days know no shame *shakes head*

But sometimes stalking can go out of hand, even if it's online and you're at a safe spot and no one will ever know. I remember around this time last year I had an online crush on this dude who was a senior of mine in SSP and now goes to BB, but I've never noticed him before. He was a formspring addict, so it was actually kinda easy to stalk him. Hanis convinced me to chat with him, but that ended in epic misery.

So one fine day I was looking through his wall. Did you know that I even discovered he wore boxers not briefs? yeah that's how much of a stalker I am. Then I suddenly saw a post of his top stalkers, you the ones where they calculate people who look at your wall most and stuff. ... and I was number three.

Ever since then I never dared to look at Z*yd Kh**r*l's profile ever again.

Anyway I'm just posting this cuz I'm bored and I was stalking after a long time not stalking someone. I mean seriously Sorority Life gets you addicted O.O

TCH YEA I actually really hate this MV but I love this song ^^ I can cry whenever I hear it :'(

So now since I'm still bored, I'm gonna tribute to Amber from f(x) cuz SM said that she's not out of f(x) but she's not appearing in any videos that were uploaded recently so. SM, HURRY UP ABOUT IT WE WANT OUR AMBER BACK.

So let's see and hear how AWESOME f(x) is WITH Amber ^^
(And yea Nu Abo isn't available cuz I don't like it =3= if you want it go search it yourself.)

On this video, many posted "Amber looks handsome". see, if Amber wasn't in this video the comments would be typical SNSD comments - "Ooh, they're so pretty" "OMG I wish I had their legs" "They're a bunch of whores". And we do not need another batch of SNSD's. 9 pretty girls with awesome legs is enough to envy. we don't need another one. we need one that has a difference. f(x). And Amber makes most of the difference.

In this one they say that it copies a lot of SNSD's style.

a) they need a girly number or controversies will appear.
b) I think zitis not SNSD at all! does any of the SNSD songs have raps? I BET NOT. Even if there is I bet it was a guy who did it. and in f(x) a girl does it.

And apparently, that girl is Amber. So SM Ent, please open your freaking eyes.

Okay actually I can't argue that this song mostly concentrate on the vocals, which actually the reason I love this song heheh ^^" But like any other rappers, Amber shall need a rest, no? I mean, Minho gets a break in Quasimodo and doesn't rap. to me Sorry Dear Daddy = Quasimodo. in one way or another.

I'm so worried these days cuz so many people get so sensitive when people give different opinions... they misunderstand and they start hatin'... which I really don't feel comfortable with. when I see a fight going on in the comments section I avoid commenting or they'll start fighting with me and I don't want any online drama going on ==" (other than those Korean dramas ofc :P)

And this is them WITHOUT Amber :

A majority of the comments ask : "Where is Amber?"
See how much us fans love Amber?
It's the same with everyone. At first maybe Amber wasn't your fav. But you see her loss in appearance in the group, you start missing her and asking for her. Like maybe perhaps Kangin wasn't your favourite in SuJu. then he went for war. and you keep asking for him to come back. you miss him and all those jeez. Isn't it the same?

SM, you put us fans to misery.

AND NOW!!! Since I am, yet, still bored, here's a list of awesome pics I found on DA! ^^

...well apparently it's really hard to find awesome pics these days.



p.p.s, actually us fans love this misery. we're actually feeding on it, feeding onto the drama that has come upon us, and we're actually asking for more, "Please, give us more reason to question SM some more and never blame the stars because the stars are never wrong, it's always the company that sucks, the company is always evil, not the stars" etc etc. so please. give us more drama to feed on.

p.p.p.s, I know I said I don't want online drama but haha, there's a difference you see.

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