Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i just can't freaking wait.

Translation credited to : Jackelyn1212

n the beginning when kiki says...wasn't today fun? ( and in korean it says: why am i with this dude right now?)
seunggie repliies by saying Of course...its good to have a drink when ur stressed (in korean it says : i dont know if i'll release the stress drinking with u tho ) 
and then kiki thinks ( i should have gone home early and slept !! h
and seunggie thinks i shouldnt have come with this dude at all!!
the girl comes in and kiki thinks BINGO!!

seunggie sees the girl and thinks ...oh she's not bad (as in she looks good! ) 
they both think: If it wasn't for this guy i would have made a move by now!
then seunggie thinks (I guess kiki and i like the same type of girls) and he craftily asks kiki "didnt u say u needed to do something today?"
and kiki thinks (oh is he trying to send me away right now???) and replies by saying "no i dont, do u??"" 

seunggi: "No" and he thinks ( I need to start something with that girl there) and says "I dont have anything to do either...when do i have stuff to do anyways??"
kiki thinks (sorry but today is my turn)
seunggi (flipping the phone thinks (i guess its turned annoying))
kiki: "do u have any worries that u wanna talk about?" and thinks ( I know u r thinking really hard on what to do)

seunggie: "worries? what worries?" and he thinks (how to let u off the scent is my worry lol) (as in how to get u to drop the girl )
kiki: (thinks (so u too want to go at it, is that it??))*evil smile and taps fingers
kiki: (thinks ( i guess in the end its all down to the timing)) taps fingers and seunggie's watching
seunggiee: thinks (now that he's tapping his fingers, soon he's gonna??)
kiki: thinks (i can't do anything apart from making a move first)

seunggie: thinks (this guy is looking at the time!)
kiki: (thinks ( then should i slowly start??)
countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 the subs say (it's dangerous the countdown has begun)
the girl leaves and they both think WHAT THE????
both speak at the same time :
seunggie: kiki today...
kiki: yeah today was really fun time ..(confused talking) they overlap and talk about getting coffee together again
seunggie: tomorrow

kiki: day after
seunggie: ok let's meet the day after!
awkward moment
seunggie: im leaving
kiki:you're leaving? uh...let's go together!
seunggie: go together?? pause...ok then...yeah..let's leave together!
They both rush out.

So it was Doojoon and Dongwoon, but theirs weren't that great.
Then there was Yoseob and Junhyung, and I posted that one ^^
And then this one - Gikwang and Hyunseung.

Which one is the best? ;)

it's tough but...
I think I have to choose Yoseob and Junhyung's!

HEY this isn't biased okay I like Gikwang too (and his very muscley abs lol) but the trouble with this one is that it had dialog so if Jackelyn1212 never existed none of us would ever know what they're saying!!! So yeah :)



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