Saturday, December 4, 2010

just another typical story, part 2.

when I wrote this who knew there would be a part 2?
Well, this is gonna be short anyway.


Your parents fought. Your dad was being unreasonable, wasn't he? You even got mad at him, make a little drama. Life can't get anymore interesting. Your dad threatened his dad, saying if they reported to the police, he'll say the boy did something to you.
They didn't report to the police. Just as you guys wanted.

A couple of weeks after, you heard a gossip from your friends.

He got himself a girlfriend.
Guess he didn't really like you that much, huh?

And you're left there, heart broken, forever alone.


Comments from my fellow gossipers:

Person 1 : Bengong padan muka ex-adik angkat dia. Tak serik-serik mamat tu. Nak kena belasah lagi lah tu.
Person 2 : Padan muka that girl ingat the boy tu suka sangat kat dia :P

MY FRIENDS <3 Haha. Best comments ever.


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