Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kem Tahan Lasak Sukan 2010

I am so lazy to think bout what to write here. Let's just say that I had a great time, although it'll be an unforgettable experience I seriously missed home. BUT.

The facilitators. GAAH. I'll miss them so much. They are so awesome. Kak Husna, Kak Ain, Kak Lin, Kak Zu, Kak Fatin, Abang Remi, Abang Mail and Abang Fikri. My favourites are :

Kak Ain

She played netball for the Malaysia team, so I'm proud to say that she was our group fasci ^^ She's really nice, and I got to know her better on the first day. Although I can tell that overall I had a bad rep kekeke. Cuz of my un-athleticness. lol. so embarrassed. She took a lot of pictures and helped a lot with injuries, has a boyfriend (Abang Remi :P I can only now official-late [not even a word] it since mom told me that when we were watching a video during a talk, Kak Ain put her head on his shoulders :3 AWW.) and I can say is one of the sporting fasci's ^^

Abang Fikri

If I tell anyone on the camp that he's my favourite they'll think I'm weird. So let me state out his bad qualities first - he talks like a mak nyah. or you can say he talks like a girl too. but he looks like any normal nerd, really. no actual girly looks. but of course, he acts as he talks. there was even a session where we were open to ask questions and Kak Lin said "Tak nak tanye ke, Abang Fikri gay ke.." he responded with "HEY! Ambik yang jernih je ye adik-adik.." so yeah now we'll never know since we didn't ask :]

now lets get to the points of why I liked him best. it's cuz he's different. he's not in his senior year, for one thing. then he's the Presiden of Kolej Kelima (where we stayed in UM). then there's the fact that he's not from the Sports Centre. He's from the Faculty of Computer Science. what else? he's funny. yeap. that's pretty much it.


And the saddest part is, he went back home on the 4th day because his mom was sick :'( kesian nye. I felt like pulling him saying "NO don't leave just yet" BUT IT'S HIS MOM. I can imagine how worried he is inside :( but to me, it felt like the last day of camp came earlier. I'm already separating with someone who effected my life, one day earlier than expected.

Abang Mail

Ptch everyone likes him. He makes pretty much most of the jokes through out the camp. He plays rugby and leads us. (Although Kak Husna is the Ketua Fasci, but ya know, there must be one guys leader) And I have a feeling he's from Johor. "Beso"?? You sound like my bro haha XD what else? he reads all our prayers :)

haha a funny story. a senior, Izzy was asked who her fav fasci was and she said Abang Mail. "comel". At that time Abang Mail wasn't there. So later Kak Ain said to him "Lain kali pakai seluar pendek lagi." cuz his shorts was kinda... short. haha, i guess that's the point XD but still. then the next day we did some exercises then Abang Mail was wiping his face with his shirt. I heard some seniors behind me saying "weyh sexy dowh" HAHA. girls. he was actually quite muffin crusted. :P

3am! wow what am I doing here

next, fav activities ;) well it was my first time going kayaking. Its really hurts the arms, seriously. but it was fun ^^ other than that I was actually quite happy with Merentas Desa. IDK why. maybe cuz I got like somewhere in the middle rather than somewhere in the back. I also liked the blip test, even if it's seriously tiring. it can make you feel like you were put on full speed on a spinning machine in less than half an hour, seriously. then I also liked the friendly matches ^^ our group won 5th out of 7 for futsal (we tried our best kays.) and 3rd for netball! ^^ Yayy. thanks to Kak Ain, ofc ^^ but also cuz we got an awesome GS, Syahirah ^^

for talks, I liked the Fun with Japanese talk. Zainol sensei and Wira sensei really did make it fun ^^ group 5, Falcon really made some rude sentences though == and Wira sensei said our group's sentences were creative! :D then I also liked the Astronomy talk :] it was really interesting when he was just talking and explaining, but I guess he noticed we were running out of time, so he ran through the presentation which was... boring. and we didn't get to see the stars and planets that night cuz it was raining out! :( so sad. if not it would've been on of the best experiences I've ever had, sincerely.

I also liked the talk where one of the dudes turned out to be an SNSD lover ^^ looks like KPOP's everywhere haha. He used the MV S.E.O.U.L. (you knoow, the one where I fell for Kyuhyun and then immedoately fell for Super Junior and somewhere around this time of the year I'm memorizing tons of Korean Guy's names [and yes, not the girls. mostly cuz I don't like girls that way, finding myself... not trying as hard as for the guys. I know a few though, like from 2NE1 and Amber. no not because she looks like a guy. okay maybe so.] ) ANYWAYS. I was so excited that part. When they first played it the projector wasn't on yet so I was like "... that sounds familiar" and then they played WITH the projector on and I was like OMG I KNOW THESE PEOPLE THESE ARE MY PEEPS THESE ARE THE PEOPLE I'VE BEEN WORSHIPING FOR LAST FEW MONTHS" so yeah. I sang along through out the whole song.

the presentation was mainly about finding environmental friendly stuff in the video. So after that he showed screen shots and he showed one of Ryeowook's and asked if we knew who this is and we were all like "RYEOWOOK" like haha who doesn't know who this is? XD then he showed a screen shot of Jessica and asked what we saw in this picture and Abang Mail was like "BINI AKU" (trans : my wife) I don't think many people heard it. Or they pretended not to hear it because they liked Abang Mail and now they know his expectations for a wife so they totally gave and kept silent 

There you go. Give me KPOP and I talk about it in two paragraphs whole. The treasure Hunt before wasn't as enjoyable though. got 4 out of 10 right =A= Other the unenjoyable trip was the second trip to PALAPES. I was picked as the leader by the dude that I now hate as hell and I have no idea what to do when they asked me what they should do DX then later they decided they shouldn't listen to me. so all ideas by were shut down. and I mean all. like they practically pretended I didn't exist. except for Zalikha, Shiro and Zalikha's friend, one of the twins, I'm not sure which though T_T Then other bad experiences was the third day O_O but lemme explain why that day is also one of my good days.

I burned a lot of fat.

Who here has explored UM? Cuz if you dunno where things are you can't imagine our sufferings. we WALKED in the rain to the Main Library, then we WALKED AGAIN to the Faculty of Medicine. there I totally got discouraged to become a doctor because of the REAL human anatomies they showed. seriously. there was a human head. cut in half (Abang said "nasib tak potong empat" OH SHUT UP ABANG). and A BABY. LIKE WTF Then after that we had the Merentas Desa. But seriously, if only we don't think of the suffering and did that every day, my stomach would be so flat like a famous artist's singing :D

there were also some unforgettable moments. like when I had to pull my pants down at Kak Husna's room to put on ointment. T_T Thank God the only people there was Maryam and Aliya. hope my legs looked nice that night. kurururu. also that moment when the dude came to me and made me the leader. then there was the moment where me and my room mate Syia fought. then the sad moment where I didn't play for the first game of futsal. many moments, really. haha.

but the separating moment was the saddest. I almost cried when we sang Sempurna. almost everyone didn't wanna leave. they kept talking to the fasci's even though we all knew the bus was waiting for us. it was sad, really watching all of us. like, how can we leave just like that? after five days, we created a bond. it felt like we were family. we wanted to stay longer, for sure.

and today, I DID felt like I wish I was still there, waking up 6 am every morning, exercising, joking around with friends and facsi's, having fun.

cont on next post~


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