Sunday, December 5, 2010


haha these SHINee sub channels are really funny with their titles. I don't even know what the title of the show I'm watching. But it has just Key and him cooking O.O but it also has other celebs on it like Dongho from U-Kiss and some other person. But since I'm watching it from a SHINee subs channelthey cut off all those and only show Key's parts :iconhurrplz:

but the chef.. the girl.. er.. Yirang? I think I'm a lot like her (other than that chef part. I'm not really good at cooking). I always see her doing stuff I would always do when I'm around boys. like tahan-ing from over smiling.  and blowing up up my mouth so that I wouldn't smile. compose myself. then I get all smiley again. then my head feels fuzzy and my cheeks feel like it's being pinched. Hate that feeling so much.

and in her situation, it's Key. I think that's even more.. hard? and she's his noona lol! but still. you can't help it right? Plus he's freaking good looking.

I mean, like if someone was more than an hour late for a meeting, wouldn't you be pissed? Plus when he wasn't around she was like "When he gets here..." like she's really angry. but then he comes skipping so cutely and automatically smiles. She asked "What have you been doing?" and he replies "That's how it's like when you're a celebrity." If it was some other person, an ugly dude or some younger, much younger kid, then I would've gotten ready to choke him. but it was freaking Key. Not simply because he's Key too, it's cuz he's so CUTE.

Do you know how annoying guys are when they're like that? You wanna be angry, but you just can't. I've been through this situation before, but I just can't get my finger on who. But the feeling I definitely remember. If any dude is reading this, don't be like Key, acting all aegyo. being friendly is just awesome. But adding the aegyo at the most inappropriate times are totally annoying, cuz you don't wanna catch yourself smiling when you're being scolded.

and to any other girls who feel like this, please talk to me T-T I don't wanna feel alone on this.


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