Monday, December 13, 2010

minho's birthday present.

Kak Ain didn't go to work today, so she told me that we were going to do the cookies today c: was so excited AGAIN. then after lunch she told me there were some cake in the fridge, she brought it back home from a birthday party. I was like, "Is it's Minho's birthday party? :D" although I knew it was impossible. BTW his birthday was 9th Dec, I didn't wish him though. Cuz I knew he wouldn't see it anyway :>

Kak Ain's response was "It wasn't a friend's birthday... It was an old person's birthday."


So I peeked into the polystrene that supposingly had a cake. One was green and pink and creamy... the other was chocolate and creamy... definitely not Secret Recipe... more like something from the Ah Moi shop down at Old Town... are you sure this was an old person's birthday? I'm sure it's not Minho's though.

Anyway, reading Yen Fern's blog post bout getting ready for school makes me feel like my preparation for 2011 is -50%. Here's a list of what I gotta prep on...

  • School clothes. the other day we went to Carrefour and saw them, but it was just me and mom, so when we checked the price we were like "...let's go buy it with Ayah next time." so I need two kains and two baju kurung and one tudung. why everything new? cuz last year I only got one new skirt and one new baju kurung and no new tudung since I got 3 during 2009. and now I've grown so much more so.
  • books e_e I remember they said that the bookshop will open on 22nd December, so will go then. but actually I got some extra exercise books, but never mind. let's just keep some extras. who knows, right? I might need 'em. Form 3 is different from Form1 and Form2. we got us PMR.
  • what else? You know, I'd love a new backpack :> I told them that when my birthday was coming, and Dad bought me an ugly ass grey backpack. like I know it's Reebok and everything but... Yeah I know I should be grateful. That's why I haven't said anything and had been carrying that bag around for the last 6 months =.=
  • STATIONARY! you'll never know. might to write a list for that, so that I wouldn't buy too many stuff :>
yeah that's it. but right now I'm prepping for Kem Tahan Lasak, which my mom forced me to go, since she's AJK and stuff and she says it's totally worth it bla bla bla. I'm just going along with it. The other kids of the other AJK people are also forced to come, which includes Maryam and Hui Wei. HAR HAR. 



p.p.s, wrote a new story at SHL ;) go on. you know you wanna read it.

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