Sunday, December 26, 2010

MTV's 2010 Top Korean Idols Countdown

So I know it's kinda late, I should've done it yesterday cuz MY GUESS WAS RIGHT! ^_^ so here's the results...











Okay my biggest WHOOPIES! were Lucifer, Bonamana, and Run Devil Run.
 My "Oh awesome they're on the list"s are Love Love Love, Love Ya and Tell Me Goodbye.
My BOO!!! 's went to Without You and Love Song. mainly cuz I have something against groups that have time as their group name (2PM, 2AM, 4 Minute) and against Korean singers who work solo.

I mean, even I don't know why I don't like them, I just... don't. Sorry :( but some of their songs ARE awesome, like 4 Minute's 'Hot Issue' and Gummy's 'I'm Sorry' but others are like 'blergh'. to me. don't mind me, I'm just a dumbass. if you like them than that's fine.

I don't though. so don't make me like them.

also, I'm sort of happy Because of You is on the list, cuz if you remember once I showed you a video of Key dancing in IMR? one of the songs was this, and I wanted to know the title but never found out T T so yea. YAY! :)

well, enjoy ^^ if you wanted to watch it but never got to, you're welcome ^^ but there are some stuff like facts bout the groups that I didn't get to write down so yeah. you missed that. sorry :(


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