Friday, December 24, 2010

nak kene sepak?

Dear Sammie,

You have no idea how much I feel like kicking you in the ass right now.

I told you in your last post that I knew the song, and then in the next post you said YOU FOUND IT.
I know, you probably never check your comments and went ahead and searched like hell to find that song, when I knew it. BUT. You SHOULD'VE check your comments. Not just check your comments too, you should even put a chatbox in your blog. Not just cuz, it's because you ASK PEOPLE QUESTIONS but you NEVER CHECK FOR FEEDBACK.  So not only do you not check for comments, you also don't have a chatbox. Baik takyah tanye soalan.

So that's it. I'm never gonna interact with your blog again. Sorry Sammie.


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