Thursday, December 30, 2010

not here yet.

it's such a moody weather today. it's all cloudy and sad. it was 9.30 am and I thought it was 7 >.< it's not really a good weather to celebrate New Years with, huh? actually I don't mind the weather (since I prefer feeling cold rather than sweating even when I got the fan on at 5. which is why my favourite season is fall.) but what I do mind it that I'm not going anywhere to celebrate. Kak Ain and Abang are going back to Bentong since there's a kenduri on the first and Bakmal's going to the Curve with his friends (it's the hottest hangout for PJ kids now, or so he says. but i have to agree it's a cool place).

so where do I fit? with my parents, of course. no planning to go out with friends now, since tomorrow night is the celebration. I doubt any parent of a 14 year old girl would allow them to go out by themselves until the middle of the night anyway. although it'd be nice to see fireworks with friends :3 maybe when I'm a little older.

so enough talk about New Years, I'd probably would just be waiting in front of the computer with loads of tabs on and one Facebook tab, just to get ready to put my status as "Happy New Year, everyone :D helloo, 2011!" ... I sincerely have no idea what to blog about.

OH maybe I should post MORE videos from YT? :D not that I post that much, but posting vids are fun, since they don't involve a lot of typing :3 it does involve a lot of copy-paste though.

So here goes.

the attack of the maknaes HAHA! XD what do you imagine Britney saying if she sees this? would she be proud that her song was presented so awesomely? or would she be ashamed that her song was presented by people who's English pronounciation isn't exactly awesome? either way, I think this could've been better, but I still like it a lot :3
and now I know Mir isn't from FT Island, he's from MBLAQ. HAHA I'm such a loser T T

my favourite dance ever @_@

HAHAHAHA XD "I wouldn't be caught dead in --- sorry buddy :(" BARNEY XD But my fav is still Ted :P hopeless romantic kekeke :')

Yup. that's their new image. sigh. and I just fell in love with Mirotic >.< looks like I'm too late.
well they still look very hot :3 you know what I wish? that one day they'd make a comeback together again :3 *que "AWWW"*
and there was a comment saying "no DBSK song is complete without a Changmin's scream" HAHA X'D I watched a Hello Baby episode where Minho imitated Changmin's scream :') it was so epic.


My phone is so awesome. It had fell a million times but have not weakened. this week itself it fell like three times. I've had such butter hands lately (not literally). this morning a saucer slipped off my hands and it broke. I dropped a comb and a remote. what else can happened today? I drop a pot full of boiling water and I burn myself and skip the first day of school? well actually that would be great considering my situation right now.

apparently I have to play Negaraku, Duli Yang Maha Mulia and the school song on Monday. And I don't even know how to play them.


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