Wednesday, December 8, 2010

raising idols.

Okay, I finished watching Keydol :) I found out the real title is "Raising Idols" but whatever.

So now... what to watch... well there's actually many other things to watch so I'll tell you guys later.

This morning Kak Ain was at home. She had another holiday. S she told me that we'd be making cookies. I was so excited. But before lunch she went out with Abang. So I waited like a doofus at home, until like 5.40 she came back home and I asked her bout the cookies. she said the cookies are done, we just need to do some stuff. I was so disappointed. mostly cuz I don't get to bake cookies often, since we don't really have the equipment (the oven is a bit weird, and you can't bake cookies with a microwave.)

Nak merajuk la. :(


p.s, lol jks

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