Thursday, December 9, 2010

there's a reason you were given the name Robin and not Batman.

I wanna ask you guys something... do I explain everything too detail? I mean, do you guys even read all these? T_T


So before I went of for OU this morning, it felt like the world was about to crash down onto me. well, maybe that's kinda exaggerated, but you know that feeling where you feel like no one understands you? and no one really cares? while you take so much time thinking bout others, but they never took the time for you? yea I actually over thought that. Abang took the time to send me to OU and Kak Ain took the time to pick me up :)

so we arrived quite late, like the movie starts at 11.20 and I was there at like 11.30 T_T then Abang sent up till the floor right before GSC then saw Lea and quickly went in for the movie. luckily, when we entered, the movie just started. And also thankfully, Lea bought the food first ^^ I owe her 3.90 har har.

Narnia was not worth watching in the theater, truthfully. it wasn't... epic enough. there wasn't Susan and Peter., for one thing. just sometimes, they appear. and I think the next movie, not one of the four will appear.  I THINK. I mean, I love the foursome! they were AWESOME. so when two's missing... I guess it makes it half as good. 3 out of 5 stars.

so after the movie, our first destination was the toilet T_T then we terus went to solat. then we went to MPH. Laila wanted to buy some books. I bough Gempak ^^ haven't bought it in a while. mostly cuz everytime I search for it, it's out of stock. then went for lunch ^^ we weren't sure where to go, since Lea and Laila don't usually eat here. So I was like "Boleh pegi tempat murah sikit tak?" and Laila scolded me T_T she said we didn't watch the movie in 3D because I insisted it was too expensive. and now I'm insisting we should eat cheap food. "You semua benda you nak cheap!" ouch. do you think I should've decided to make the trip tomorrow so Lea and I could've gone with Anesha and Xueh Wei instead? 

so we decided to go to the food court. but on the way we saw McD, so I was like, why not? :) so I ate Double cheese burger, Lea I think took spicy chicken mcdeluxe (but I sincerely can't remember, cuz in the end she didn't eat it. she finished up her fries then packed up the burger for later.) and Laila ate CHICKEN! :) Onew's favourite. but didn't finish one piece :I then I discovered Rapunzel will start at 4.20, not 4.10. means I'm coming home LATER than 6. so SMSed Kak Ain. agreed that she comes at 6.30.

So after that we went walking round, having fun :) for the first time ever, I went to a boutique to try out clothes, take pictures and leave. it was Kitschen though, isn't that what you're supposed to do? ;P the rules said a limit of 5 pieces. okay, I got 3, Lea got two and Laila got... nothing. EMBARRASSING. then the second rule was one person per fitting room. okay. so the two of them went ahead of me, so I went into a different room. after changing into my first tee Lea was like, "Mane Elyna? ELYNA??" I was like "YEAH" "Laila, Elyna hilang!!" "=.= Lea, I'm here *knocks door*" "OH! hehehehe"

so I quickly slipped on my cardigan and moved into their fitting room. Lea was trying the skirt. kah kah kah. then she leaned onto the door like "a sexy model". she was wearing a spaghetti strap with a cardigan, so pull off that cardigan and wear a skirt, and walah, a whore on your doorstep. I just laughed and went in.

so I stupidly actually tried on my clothes while Laila SMSes and Lea reads her Seventeen magazine. I was like, umm, why are we even here?? I didn't even get to see Lea try her top Q3Q actually, I don't even remember how her top looked like >.<"" I wanted to buy one of the tees I chose, cuz sincerely, they were SO cute. SO my taste. simple, yet cute ^^ but the white one didn't have any discount with a price of 39.90 *cough* and the blue (turquoise? aqua?) one had 10% with the price of 39.90. really, I don't think it's worth it. my third piece, was a half vest, with a zip ^^ I just thought it would look cute with the tees, just to try it on. the price was 69.90, 40% off. well. no thank you.

so there went 30 minutes. we dropped buy Sinma (why on Earth are you buying all those, Lea? And those crocodile clips look the same to me O__O) where I bought a nail buffer ^^ then Padini Concept Store (I love trying on shoes ^3^ just trying them on makes me feel pretty, even if it's just for a while). Lea suggested we went to Dreamworld (FOR THE PHOTOBOOTH YAY), but when we got there it was closed... DD': Laila said it's been years, and Lea said well it's been years since she went there so go figure. I think we stepped into F.O.S. for a while? lame though.

then decided we should go to GSC already. went to buy Topup, like mom told me too, but it ran out T_T looks like no credit for meh. bought food (YESH, MORE FOOD) then went in. Lea said she had to go to the ladies room, then during the commercials I was like -_- I need to go too... when I went Lea was going out. then when I went back Laila was going there. the commercials were soo long. Sempatlah Laila datang balik and the movie was just about to start. that was three toilet trips for you. like, 15 minutes.

RAPUNZEL WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN NARNIA. it was so much funnier and romantic. kukuku. there were kids though. see, kids can be a nuisance. at one scene they showed the king was sad cuz they didn't have their princess. everyone was quiet at that time. then a kid said "MOM, WHY IS THE KING SAD??" what a buzzkiller. and I think my fav part was... hmm I can't say it though, it'll be a spoiler ^^ 

and XUEH WEI, the "I can get used to this" part wasn't THAT funny! YOU'RE WEIRD!!! no one in the theater laughed! like even if I knew that was coming, why is that funny parts in Spongebob that I memorized and see it coming, I still laugh? NO DENYING IT. 

who was hot in the movie? well, if to Yen Fern the horse Maximus was hot, then to Xueh Wei Flynn was hot, I think to me... PASCAL WAS HOT KEKEKE

Pascal the Camelion ^^

LOL JK. sincerely, I have no idea ^^ but you know, they're all hot. OBVIOUSLY. they're cartoon characters. Do I like brunette Rapunzel or blonde Rapunzel? IDK neither. I mean, when the hair was cut off, I sort of miss all the beautiful golden locks... 4 out of 5 stars ;)

then right after the movie I SMSed Kak Ain, "Elyna dah nak balik. tunggu kat mane?" then when we went out Lea told us her mom was already here. and I was busy SMSing Kak Ain. after a while there were walking two meters away from me and I had to go the other way. so I just went. when I arrived at the place I was supposed to wait, Laila SMSed me where I am. well. 

so I wanted for Kak Ain. for quite a long time. I see people come and go. I read a book, stopped. I flipped through my Gempak. I rated people around me from 1 to 10 from first looks.  appearances. then I decided to edit pictures on my phone. on my fourth pic, finally Kak Ain called.

and bye bye OU.


(my mom's really angry that I'm using Bakmal's laptop while he's sleeping half naked here. well IDGAF.)

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