Wednesday, December 29, 2010

this is not a happy story.

I think I have a fever.


I got into 3C. What the heck is the school trying to do??? DX


an I do this tomorrow? @_@ urgh no I have to get this done do you guys have any idea why I haven't been online for the last 2 days? well one thing is because yesterday I didn't get a chance to go online. but I could've done so at night, but why didn't I? well, here it goes.

So I was watching Oh! My School on KBSW. They were supposed to parody a Grease musical advertisement, but I think it sucked :P still the ending HAHAHA. and the biggest reason I watched this is because... well, Minho's in it :P hehehehehehe

so the show was just ending and I was just going to take a shower when mom came down and said "cepat cepat siap Pak Itam pengsan." who's Pak Itam? well she's my mom's brother a.k.a. my uncle. he's really great and funny, and he lives with his wife at Kampung Lonek, a homestay. I was really worried and knew how serious this is, so I quietly went upstairs to change. I thought we were going to the hospital, so I changed to tshirt and jeans, but mom told me to change into baju kurung. when I went downstairs, Kak Ain looked at me curiously. "dah meninggal dah ke?" she asked. i told her mom told me to wear this.

so after a while mom came back downstairs to tell us that since Umar's still a baby, maybe Kak Ain, Umar and I should stay at home. so I took off my tudung. well.

but then while I was just sitting around (since I didn't have to go anyway :P) mom's phone rung. in the midst of busy-ness, Ayah wasn't around and the others were in the kitchen and mom was upstairs, I picked it up.

Kak Dayah (Pak Itam's daughter) : *in a sobbing voice* Aunty Zai?
Me : *runs upstairs* err,, ni Elyna...
Kak Dayah : *sigh of frustration* cakap dengan mak jap...
Me : *hands phone over to mom* Kak Dayah.
Mom: hello, Dayah? *listens* *beristighfar a couple of times* ok, nanti Aunty Zai britau yang lain... *hangs up* *beristighfar and holds her tears* Na, pergi britau yang lain suruh siap la... Pak Itam dah takde dah...

at that moment my heart was throbbing hard. like, how is it possible? that fast? no way. it can't be. I went to tell the others what mom just told me, and they were shocked too. "cepatnye, cepatnye." we all thought it was totally sudden.

so as soon as everybody was ready we went off to Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. we arrived when it was almost ten, and mom took a glance of Pak Itam and broke down. she was the first sibling to arrive, and Aunty Badar (his wife) was at Terengganu. she got on her way as soon as she heard. but after a while she relaxed a bit and read the Yassin. I wanted to do the same, but Kak Ain told me to teman her. if Kak Ain wasn't having her period we'd be in front reading the Yassin by now. everytime I laughed about something Umar did, I felt bad. I should be in front, reading the Yassin for arwah.

we slept over that night, and mom said I slept soundly. yes, the snores and all. I didn't even know why. we slept at an extra house behind the main house, you know, cuz it's a homestay so just in case there were more people then the house could hold. the next morning I found three fat men sleeping on the floor in the living room. they were my cousins. they arrived at 3am.

so around 8 am I finally found myself actually leaving the bedroom (to avoid falling asleep again) and had breakfast. I didn't finish the nasi lemak though. Wasn't in the mood. so I didn't really do anything today. I just sat around and went to the main house whenever mom told me to. I went once to see what was happening and who was around. they were getting ready to wash the body. then I got bored and went back to the extra house. then mom called me to salam all my relatives (cousins and aunties). at that moment diorang tengah kapankan arwah. poor mom. Pak Itam was the last brother left. now there's only her, Aunty Maz and Aunty Ha. then while I was sitting there with my relatives, they said we could see the arwah now.

people gathered, and after a while people started to breakdown and cry. I saw my mom and came by to hug her, but Aunty Ha pushed me away :( like I wasn't any help. I know I'm not good at pujuk-ing people but I'm her daughter you know.

so I went to the extra house (rejected) to tell Kak Ain she can go and see now. Although I didn't get the chance, but it's okay. Kak Ain gave me Umar and went. when she came back her face was wet. apparently people who just saw a dead body wasn't supposed to be near babies. they needed to take a bath first. but Kak Ain thought washing her face was fine, since she only caught a glance. I didn't see anything, so never mind~ we weren't even supposed to cry when we see the body (when it's been kapan-ed) but mom and some others did :(

then we went back front and met Kak Su and Aunty Ha. Aunty Ha told us to go and have lunch before the rest came back (they went to solat jenazah) so we did. then blablabla. Umar did his business so emergency!!! we went to the extra house as fast as possible. Kak Su and Umaira followed us, and later I just decided to have a nap. will tell you bout the dream later ;3 when I woke up mom told me to get ready to go.

on the way back home, on our way from Seremban to KL, mom told she missed her brother. :( I really had no idea what to say other than "oh" so I held her hand. I really felt bad because I STILL haven't read arwah the Yassin :(

so here I am now, wondering what would've happened if Pak Itam woke up. wondering, he's not here anymore, not with us anymore. he's in Allah's hands now, and we can't do anything bout it. it was from just a small back pain, he's not even really sick. but once he fainted, and woke up in the hospital, the doctor told that he was a walking time bomb. means he was ready to go anytime. he was a strong smoker :( I'm guessing that's what did it. oh gosh. it's really sad, thinking a man who used to be the funniest guy on Earth, the friendliest, the one with the biggest hand to shake, the man who always pretended he could speak Thai, is now gone.

and remember the relative that came last Tuesday? it was Pak Itam. and I didn't even salam him when he left. I totally regret it.


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