Tuesday, December 7, 2010

this thursday.

Thiz Thursday iz gunna be AWHSUM!

Firstly, because that night is the Amazing Race Asia finals :iconhurrplz:

Secondly, cuz for the very first time, I'M GONNA WATCH RAPUNZEL AND NARNIA ON THE SAME DAY! :DD

Yeah, I chose Laila and Lea over Xueh Wei and Anesha :( It was through lots, so I guess it's fair right? Plus, Xueh Wei already watched Narnia and Rapunzel. Well, at least she's GOING to watch Narnia this Thursday. And I heard/saw/read Lavynia already watch yesterday. I wuz like Q_Q BUT IT'S 3D SIAPE SANGGUP?? well maybe someone got to belanja her. If someone belanja me also I wanna watch 3D :iconhurrplzagain:

Anyways, now I'm STILL watching "KeyDol". Episode 7, though, there's four parts, since Yirang wanted to go to Thunder's yoga class (oo looks like someone's got a crush~~ ^3^) (btw Thunder is the person who I talked about the other day that I didn't know who. he's actually kinda cute, looks a bit like Minho :3 He's from MBLAQ. what song do I like of theirs? Oh Yeah and... that other song.. I forgot the title.. aih...). Key didn't want to be just the two of them, so he invited Dongho ^3^ Who's really cute and funny and 16 <-- most important thing right there.

So in Episode 7, ALL their parts are joint basically. So through this I've concluded Thunder wants to be fit, but now the teacher pulled him into being a yoga teacher, or maybe a trainer. Dongho probably wants to be an English teacher... Since people are trying to get him to talk in English... And Key wants to be a chef :3 HOW CUTE!

Well, can't wait for Thursday! ^^ I wonder if there's a photobooth at OU.. I mean, we gotta spend the time between 1:20pm - 4:10pm properly, right? I hate just walking around doing nothing, which is why I'm not joining them who's gonna be there from 10am. what. the. hell.


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