Monday, December 27, 2010

Umar's blog :D

So have I ever told you about Umar's blog? :3 yeah, he has a really cute blog that I just edited the design :D so now it looks reall awesome (in my opinion) but it looks a bit like mine... never mind it still looks cool ^^

so the link is here. enjoy reading the latest post! :3 it was by me. I love all my posts on Umar's blog, it always seems to make sense rather than my rantings here on my own blog = =" but I've only posted twice anyway :P

so hopefully when school starts I'll get more interesting stories to post, yes? :D and maybe I'll be kinda busy and my parents will try their hardest to get me to not use the computer = =
well new year is coming soon :3 I feel like not posting anything until this Friday! XD well here's my prep for Form 3 that I've done...

  • went to buy books today :3 met up with Chloe! :D she looks nice with short hair ;)
  • wanted to go cut my hair but the shop we wanted to go to was closed :(
  • bought school clothes and shoes :D big problem though... I don't have a tudung :( they ran out of S's and M's at Jusco. so we're going somewhere this weekends, hopefully they still have my size.. and is comfortable >( I LIKED THE ONES THEY SELL AT JUSCO THOUGH.
  • so that means there ain't much to iron. so they're there sitting on my bed, my school clothes, unironed. 
  • I even got new underwear for the New Year! :D picked my best under wears for the first week haha this is embarrassing to admit >///<
there's also some stuff I hadn't done like:

  • wrap my text books with plastic covers.
  • buy pencil box stuff.
  • buy tudung
  • iron and sow name tags and badges
  • iron my clothes
  • wash my old shoes.
so go figure.


P.S, maybe I should have a better background for the new year? something not Korean? :O

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