Saturday, January 29, 2011

listen to my heart beat.

recently in form 3, we have learned about the heart.

I hate this topic because the veins and aorta and pulmonary is SHIT. haha lol jks its what keeps me alive but still.  it's so confusing. so I've decided to make it a little bit more fun by using a song to teach you about it, and at the same time, entertain you.

Listen to my heart beat (it beating for you) ~

--okay so fine 2PM ain't half bad :PP this proves it through their dance and lyrics... they make sense... and their dance is osm, and their voice aren't half bad. like seriously. have you seen Taechyeon's teeth? they're huge. haha off topic--

yes this does not have any educational values at all. I have just pwned you, yay me.

oh and happy birthday Eva Chee Yie Hua :) I THOUGHT YOU WERE BORN IN FEB LOLZ


oh hello there.

But you better know that I’m not giving you away
Will I ever stop waiting? No way
It’ll be the same in my world, I’m your boy, You’re my Girl


I was laughing so hard at the part where he was talking bout "Cherimon" XDD

that's why I hate any type of pairings such as JongKey OnTae 2Min EunHae and KyuMin. cuz it involves my boyfriends in a relationship with... other people *gasp*


So recently I had been writing a lot. There's this specific story I've been working on. The title's "Fishing on A Cloudy Day". See, since I don't always have access to the computer, I write it down in a red book you may have noticed I'd brought along everywhere I go, opened up with a pencil and eraser in my hand. And if you noticed, I don't promote it like I do most of my stories...

Cuz it's based on real humans.

"Nuryn Nuryn read this story!!" I told Nuryn, handing her over the red book, showing the drawing of the main characters.

"Ohh, I have a headache, read it to me la."

"Okay, but look at the picture!" Nuryn looked at the picture. She pointed at one of my favourite characters, Riku.

"This is..."



My face fell. The reason is because Iman was still listening. She just finished reading the story. She told me to continue, but I wanted to know Nuryn's opinion too. At first Iman was like "*smile,smile* oh gawd these peeps are so interesting-not" but then when she heard the name she was like "Oh." then she leaned over to see more.

"This looks like ***" Iman said.

"It's supposed to be ***" I told her. "Does this look like ******* to you?"

"Not really... Who's this?" Nuryn asked, pointing to the girl with curly hair.

"Isn't it obvious? It's ****"

"**** has curlier hair. curlier than Divya" Iman told. "Kesian Divya XD"

"Yea she doesn't have the curliest hair anymore" Nuryn added. we all laughed. Divya heard her name and turned, then returned to her work.

"So who's this?" Nuryn asked, pointing at the last girl - Nanami, the one who moves into neighbourhood. "Wait, it's not you right?"


I said no at that time, but after a long session of debate, I finally admitted, yes, I actually wrote a story where... I was one of the main characters.


So the story is about the five girls of Tora village, living a typical Japanese cultured summer lifestyle, having fishing as their favourite activity.

Nanami is the new girl who moves into her cousin's village, reminiscing old memories of a bad relationship. Her friends call her Nana, and she often makes the logic of everything. Gets into awkward situations since she doesn't know the girls too well. has an asshole brother who can be a nice guy, but just isn't always.

Sai is the hyper girl in the group, influenced by manga's and food. she gets annoyed by her siblings, but she loves them all the same. the big sister when it comes to family, but then when it comes to her friends, she's the one that has to be looked after. perhaps because she doesn't get as much attention at home. can get really emotional sometimes.

Ichiyo is the typical girl next door in the group. loves to sleep, and always uses her uncle's boat to go fishing. she loves her friends and takes care of them, but can't get along well with her sister, although she always tries. her mom gets to know her friends and is called the coolest among their mothers.

Riku is the tomboy of the group, good at practically everything from catching fish to barbequeing them. Nanami's cousin and rather popular in the neighbourhood for her kindness and inherited dimple (her whole family other than her dad has a dimple on the left cheek) doesn't talk much, but loves adventure as much as the other girls.

Yuka is the double personality of the group. she loves to run, talks back to her brother, owns a dog named Popcorn and bakes. yes, bakes. has natural curly hair that's straight at the roots and curls up at the end (there's a term for it in Malay but I just can't remember >.<") the source of most of the mischief and snacks in the group.

I really want this to succeed, and I was browsing through some old notebooks I had and I remembered "Sam"... I already written down the whole draft of the story, now all there is to it is to write it down. so I was thinking.... I want to get both of this published.

wish me luck, kay? ;)
thank you!! >w<


p.s, Sam is a Malaysia-scened story, teen fiction. It consists more of the male species (although the main character's a girl) while Fishing on a Cloudy Day has a lot of girls... who act rougher than how proper girls should act XD it's more friendship themed, and it's Japan-scened. I don't know, I guess I just can't stick to one concept XP

Monday, January 24, 2011


So me and my deskmate...

Desk what?


Oh okay... so you mate with your deskmate?



So today, me and Nuryn, my new deskmate, were talking bout someone.

me : this morning, I thought I saw -insertname- so I tried my best to ignore her, then she passed by you know. and I was like "Oh I don't know your existence" until she was like looking at me and so I looked back but she already turned. but I think it was Yen Fern...
Nuryn : How can you mistaken Yen Fern for Pumpkin?! (that's our codename for her)

then coincidently 'Pumpkin' passed by our class and we were both like :| and Nuryn waved at her cuz she knows Pumpkin quite well. I was like 'idk her idk her' after she passed our class, Nuryn was like "...What a coin-ki-dink!!! *smiley*"

I can't help but laugh. at first I thought it was about the 'coin-ki-dink' word, but then I realize it was because of the coincidence itself. life is so funny, so tricky, in so many ways XD

then I can't stop laughing.



Me : Did she wave back?
Nuryn : She waved back, and smiled.
Me : ...
Nuryn : suke la tu.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I know I said no kpop, but...

FIRST, new trip to fyeahkpopmacros :3 AS USUAL, they'll never let us down. but I'm not posting what I find funny, I'm posting the ones with most notes.

2116 notes.

623 notes.

837 notes.

531 notes.

603 notes.

900+ notes. 
(can't remember, accidentally closed tab before I typed it down XD)

I think the best ones are the T.O.P. ones. 
his macros are just AWESOME XD


So Ain told us KPOP fangirls that she went to the shop in Times Square, the one with a lot of KPOP stuf T-T 
I'm collecting all the left-over money I have, then after PMR I'm gonna ask my mom so that I can go to Times Square with a bunch of KPOP fangirls, then we can go there and I can buy the whole shop QwQ I know this idea is BRILLIANT.

so now I'm restraining myself to buy top-up until February or until mom buys it for me. the price we have to pay for Korean boys TwT TOTALLY WORTH IT.


Oh did I tell you bout Jjong's injury? :'| He got ankle injuries when they performed at Indonesia, so lately his performances he doesn't dance. Apparently the injury was worse than he thought, so he got surgery on the 17th, and SME confirmed he's in good condition.

which brings us to this video.


b) BEAST is a fan of Lucifer :'3 I love it when there's no rivalry *coughcough*

c) Taemin's breath when he's tired HOTTT (I know I'm delusional)

d) Taemin takes over Jjong's amazing "JANAAA U OOOHHHHHH" EVEN WHEN HE'S LEAD DANCE. Taemin is amazing. <3

e) wardrobe comments : while Onew and Minho looks amazing, Key's jacket looks awfully uncomfortable and Taemin looks like he's wearing.....CRAP  FROM THE VINTAGE STORE. all put together just to barely cover up his whole body with black. CRAP.

all in all...
you know those moments when you're confused between two guys like you like/love both of them but you can't like/love both of them, but sometimes you just know which one is the one?
Yea it's Jonghyun :'(

AND ABOUT THE SONG. OH GOD I LOVE THE REMIX PART AT THE BRIDGE BEFORE MINHO'S RAP. wants a full version of it and have it as my ringtone, alarm, blog theme song FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE

gonna try to write down the English lyrics :'3 Their English singing is so awhsum. not perfect. awhsum.

SHINee make you dance for me
Just gonna be with you, baby
SHINee make you come with me
Just gonna be with you, baby
Whisper, the crazy party
(Tell you) whisper whisper Lucifer,
I'm never gonna give you up
We are the SHINee SHINee SHINee SHINee
Never gonna let you down
(Tell you) whisper whisper Lucifer,
I'm never gonna give you up
We are the SHINee SHINee SHINee SHINee
Never gonna let you down.


no time for serious post. huhu. T T last photos.

Forever a SHAWOL <3



supposed to write a serious post tonight... should I? my mood suddenly changed. don't feel like doing that anymore.
heck, I don't even feel like doing my homework anymore.
guess what? I'm staying up till 12.48am today to watch the Dream Team episode I missed 83 because of the stupid awards thingy. I even missed SHINee's performance. so sad :(

kk. school post now. serious post later :3

so lately... things had been running smooth. Trying hard not to break the rules so that Blue house won't minus marks T_T skarang belum hangat lagi, later bila dah nak dekat sports day mula lah orang jadi 'house-ist". I've never liked being house-ist even since I was in Form 1. I remember that bish who always threatened the Blue house that Yellow's gonna win T3T SHUT UP BISH JUST SHUT THE FUQ UP.
Then last year no house-ist issues came up :3 yayayay.

then this year, it came up again.

I forgot how it felt like to be the victim of house-ism. see, Blue house had won first place for three times in a row, until last year the Red house took over the throne. 2009, the fight was against Yellow, but last year we seemed to befriend each other.
but I guess I was wrong.

"I think Blue house and Yellow house are like friends. they always help each other," Iman Naadirah said to me as we make our way to the padang on Tuesday, when Blue house practice was held, along with Green house. Red house and Yellow house had practice on Monday. we just finished Japanese class, and came to the gallery with Yen Fern and Eva, who are both Yellow house's.

"Yeah, I think so too," I said, smiling. It's always nice to know that not everything in life is about rivalry.

The next day, we had Pandu Puteri meeting.
and we all know how sensitive us Taurus' are.
I can't even tell if she was just joking or she was serious, but it hurt a whole lot!!!

now I just feel like bitching bout Yellow house, but I'm that much of a nice person.

other than house-ism, there's also the class-ism.

I think I'm the only one with this issue. I really hate being class-ist, since I have a bunch of friends from the last four classes. you know what, I guess I shouldn't even mention this. but yea. I'm class-ist in heart. call me a bish all you want, but at least I'm not posting anything regarding it.

now I just feel guilty.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

another trip? haha.

This time, two best GIF's. just to make Xueh Wei jealous :P

yeap, Xueh Wei. Guess what. I can post "jeefs" and you can't.

Heard Syarifah had eye contact with Yoseob when she went to see them off at KLIA last Friday. that bish needs to die. lol jks she's my KPOP buddy. who else am I gonna talk KPOP language to during recess? other than that reason she need to die

so I was trying to forget that they were here, in Malaysia but as usual things wouldn't let that happen. they were here for that showcase DiGi sponsored. with 4Min and G.NA. I knew I wouldn't be able to go to any concerts this year before PMR, but I never knew my disappointment would be this early :( I thought I'd at least see them off, but BEAST were going off on FRIDAY. so sad and last minute. sigh.

listening to "Thanks To" by Yoseob and Junhyung. coincidence?

Eva messaged me "Older/ younger?" and I was like "who? oh wait this is my last message don't have any credit left" and she told me to go online. well, I was. so I waited for her to come online. then I was like "...did she come online on her RP account?" so I went on my RP acc. she wasn't online there. so I went back to my acc. and saw her online. I started a chat, but then she went offline.

bish, you told me to come online. what is this??

hate to go to school tomorrow with this period pain. grr.


Original version:

Couple selection version:

Kissing booth version:

Dentist appointment version:

Microphone-phobia version:

Desperate virgin version:

Diva version:

Hostage situation version:

Unfortunate version:

Rage version:

Visual distraction persuasive method version:

btw I have no idea who this is.
but it's funny! :D

Friday, January 14, 2011

a visit to fyeahkpopmacros.

200+ notes

500+ notes

600+ notes
(btw this reminds me of Gray from Fairy Tail T T)

1,000+ notes

winner of the week! :3

extra :

Donghae oppa!!! that's embarrassing!!!
>.<" but that was in his lines, i guess.
who ever made SuJu act in that movie really needs some help >/

Thursday, January 13, 2011

subtopics ftw.

just thought if I did this tomorrow there'd be more subtopics. just saying.
plus laptop still crappy. this time worse than before. poor me.

Program Maju Diri 

a.k.a. no homework for two days! :D apparently people told us about it so now we're suffering ourselves because of homework that was delayed two days ago. ringkasan pemahaman, why must you ask for my opinion?

back to PMD. the first session was about hypnosis crap, so that was boring. she caught my attention when she started talking bout emotions and stuff, but then she told us how to control it, and I lost interest.then pn Mashitah and Pn Gohilah took over and started talking bout.... I forgot. but I remember we discussed bout careers, and that's when I got interested. cuz I don't know what I wanna be. they said it starts from what stream you take in form 4 and I'm like OMG IDK WHICH I SHOULD TAKE.

so we took this test to see which career lines we fit in, and as I thought, my highest was artistic. when teacher started alllaborating our personalities I'm like "OMG THAT'S SOO ME. other than tak ikut peraturan. I can be diciplined you know." oo look my nails are long. but then I found a lot of peeps getting artistic and I'm like T_T I'm not special.

the next day, we started with making notes. urgh. studying. so we went into groups, and after recess we made mind maps. I think ours was quite nice, but compared to the others, blergghh. huhu. so sad. so not using that technique to make notes :P then after that Pn Lim's retirement party. IDK her, but it's really sad that we're losing a lot of teachers :( oh and while the teachers were having lunch at the gallery, we were listening to crappy senior songs. i mean Baby was awesome, but then came some songs that people have a million times, and they're so old it's as if they haven't listened to the radio for the past six months :(

yesterday, guess what I watched :3

Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2

crappy laptop is crappy. anyway. so Taemin was in it. when I first saw him he wasn't talking that much D: and he was the only one wearing black pants!! DD: AND he caused them to lose the first game!!! DDD:

but so cute when he was getting onto the kayak he was like pushing the kayak into the water and when he got into the water he tried to jump onto the kayak but only half his body got on and he started kicking with his legs like SO CUTE <3

guess what I'm listening to HAHA obviously SHINee. RDD right now. so like his team won both games, the morning games and the afternoon game. the first morning game was the one they lost, but after that Taemin's like "I have to show them I can help in winning too >(" SO HE IMPROVED A LOT MY MAN <3 so the next two games they won and they got to have awesome lunch with an awesome scenery riding awesome monster trucks and get sprayed with awesome mud on their awesome clothes.

the afternoon game was mud wrestling, and his opponent was like muscle man. short, but his muscles 8/ s I think it's kinda obvious he'd lose T_T AND IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS TOO. I was like rooting for him but then he lost so quickly I was embarrassed T T POOR BB. then the MC was like "Byeongman, how could you beat up a girl?!" I should've been offended but.. I laughed. I should've gone "HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT BOUT TAEMINNIE" but I laughed.

well they won anyway so they got spa treatment :3

The Haircut


what I wanted
(middle one)

what I got.
no no, much shorter.

The Decision.

so after the PMD, I figured I should have something thought out after all that counseling, so I'll take sub-science with ICT :3 then I'd think of what I wanna be :D


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I really hate myself. I wonde why everyone else doesn't. or they actually secretly do? I used to prefer it when people just teru terang and tell me if they think I'm doing something wrong, but now I guess it's better if they don't tell me. cuz my confidence level right now is the lowest it had ever been in my entire life of 14 years and 8 months.

so the laptop is being real shitty. the screen is a bit detached from the motherboard, n the only way to betulkan is if we.. well it's hard to explain, but it only works if we put it senget... argh ignore me. just imagine me, bending down just to see clearly what's on the screen ==

Well nothing much to tell. If you want more just read Xueh Wei's blog since her life is almost the same as mine.


P.S, after Science we went back to class and Xueh Wei and I saw Anesha from downstairs at the library entry. we barely tried to call Annie, but Xueh Wei's like, "She's blind." so when we went upstairs we wanted to wave at her, but the whole 3G peeps were crowding and blocking our view, and Yen Fern was one of them, then we're like "MOVE OVER!!" and she's like "HI *waves*" XDD we just waved back, but partially the wave was to catch Anesha's attention, and it worked! :D then we left. kehehe.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

omg i hate blogger. so much.

So I had to make the class blog? yea well apparently Blogger is being very annoying.

anyway remember how yesterday I made that Replay thing? Guess what. I wrote a proper story based on Ring Ding Dong. well the concept that is. The suits. The wings. The car. The hairstyle.

well will post it later :3

so Harith messaged me the other day asking me if I know if there's anything wrong with Hanis. I told him no, why? then he was like, nothing I figured it out. worried bout my friend, I asked him no seriously tell me.

H : so if I tell you, you tell me if there's any events I can go to? :3
Me : (see I invited to Musical Night last year. worst decision ever. didn't even meet him cuz my mom was there.) no this year big guy. PMR. now tell me.
H : *blabbers some stuff* she was too silent, tak happy, and dia tak respong to any question, and if i say anything bout violins, senyap tros. tapi now dia dah okay.
Me : NOT. what I expected. oh well.
H : Waaaaaat? Did i do anything? omeeeegad?
Me : (ee mak nyah nye =.=) well i expected something like why she was upset, you know.
H: ...... you don't say (yes I did say) *blabbers more stuff*
me : o rly? did u noe she told me that she wanted to change schools?
H : well was that what u wanted?
me : yes that was what I expected -.- (at this point even I didn't understand our conversation.)
H : well yea she said she wanted to tukar skolah after pmr. she wanted to go to Melawati. the whole class convinced to stay away from that school. i offered her to balik sri aman, but she pindah rumah ke BA (I'm guessing it's Bukit Antarabangsa, who else to trust but my brothers? ;) ) so she'd go to Melawati. why so?
me : she said she wanted to go to SA, but it's too far away :( well its her choice not ours.
H : yea ikr, but dk la, maybe you leh invite dia gi outing jalan2 mana2 ke, I'm sure you girls leh meet up again? its just a chilling area, you have fb and other communication stuff dont u?
Me : *types why r u telling me what to do? but deletes.* tengokla.
H : mhm, invite me too. lol jk XD
Me : (ee gatalnye. menyampah gile.) Haha. Gtl (gatal). oh btw on my dA ade this dude who told me he knew me through FB buut I don't know who he is T T
H : (after a very long time, I even believed he gave up.) lol mute terus. later, night, salam.

I don't reply. haha. serves him right. he should've stopped when I replied with "tengokla". sucker.
but man, he doesn't give up. later on he texted me again:

"oh terjaga... wait gtl ape? and wats the guy's name on fb and da?"

I didn't reply. kalau layan lagi teruk la jadinye.
No seriously this dude is just asking for history to repeat. Only this time I won't go around kecoh-kecoh. layan cam biase je. But I'm gonna do the thing I did above there a bit more :3 I KNOW I'M SO MEAN. but I'm not gonna lie. don't believe me? go to my dA acc right now. it's there, trust me.


BTW listening to SHINee right now :3

I'm not a pervert but...

P.S, the RDD story is here, here and here.
It's the parts respectively in their order :3 Yea cuz it's a long story T_T 
I didn't practice the piano because of this. sheesh.

Friday, January 7, 2011

shinee makes me wish I was noona.

Definition of oppa : What a girl calls an older boy.

Definition of hyung : What a boy calls an older boy.

Definition of unnie : What a girl calls an older girl.

Definition of noona : What a boy calls an older girl.

If you translate it to Malay it'll probably be "Kak Cik". But I've never actually heard a Malay guy use this term in a romantic way lol. "Kak Cik amat cantik~" kekekekke

Also, I discovered there might be a story in this video :3

Jonghyun comes into the cafe noona (or for me, unnie :D but let's just call her noona.) works in. Seeing how pretty she is, Jjong wanted to ask her out. But she scurried off before he had the chance. (Aww poor Jjong boo noona. lol jk.) Then Taeminnie sees her walk past and he's like OMG THIS NOONA. SHE'S SO PRETTY. Perfect for Minho hyung :D (A few days before this day Minho told Taemin that he's in need of a "special friend". Taemin got it, well half of it. Minho actually meant him, but Taemin thought hyung wanted to ask for his help to get girls with his aegyo. Minho was awfully disappointed, but at least he got to score a couple of chics. or in this case, noonas.)

anyway, so Taemin went to show off his aegyo to noona - AND IT WORKED! :D (CAMNE NI JJONG?? HOW CAN TAEMIN'S AEGYO BEAT YOUR MASCULINITY??) then he lead noona to an alley (bahaya kut) and found Minho!

Taemin : Here you go, hyung! And it's a noona! you two have fun!!

Minho lead noona to a basketball court, but suddenly his interests dropped - DO I SEE BASKETBALL? ... sorry but if I had to choose, I'd choose basketball over you, noona. *leaves* (Minho IS a very charismatic, very sporty guy you know ;) ) So he leaves the whore, I mean noona, to the side and joins the dudes. then Key saw noona! :D and was totally mesmerized @_@

Unlike Minho, Key's a gentleman. I mean, how could he just leave an innocent lady in the middle of a basketball court?! the ball could hit her and break her nose and she's never look as pretty again :( so he lead the noona to the benches :) "You sit here, pretty noona (sings noona neomu yeoppo) I'll just have to beat Minho's ass in basketball for awhile." But Onew saw her and he's like "OMO! THIS LADY IS AS BEAUTIFUL AS CHICKEN!" so he helps her by putting a hankie on the wet bench (very manly, Lee Jinki.)

but then they all forgot about her and left her there all alone. until night time came Taemin's like, "What happened to noona, Minho hyung?" "Oh Onew got her last." "Noona? what noona? O_o" and everyone's like "...ONEW!!!"

so they decided to make it up to her - dance!!! :D

then after seeing them perform, noona's hormones can't be detained any longer.
Lee Taemin, you just killed your first noona's pants.

(yes that does mean Taemin gets the wh-- chic in the end.)
WOOT this was fun! :D Maybe I should make an RDD story next? I mean you no need a story for Lucifer, it's all dancing scenes :I (awesome ones, that is ;D) OOH how bout Hello? Taemin's hair is ugly in it tho :/


how much more TV influenced can we get?

have you ever seen an artwork, then you read the comments, and someone says "it's perfect" or "it's flawless" or anything like that and you're like "...umm, no, I found something strange about this art. there IS something wrong with it, it's not flawless."

and then you start wondering if people will start whacking you on the head for being honest.


omo where is Bakmal's cooler??? T T

anyway so overall I give the first week of school 3/5. OFC people in my class are super smart and awesome. but I super miss 2G T T ofc I still have Xueh Wei and stuff, but otherwise, I'm sticking to the Nuryn-Iman-Nadiah group a lot. I BET YOU GUYS BARELY GET THOSE NAMES ON MY BLOG TWICE IN A YEAR. I miss being random with Anesha :'(

so funny things happened in the canteen this week. on Monday and Tuesday everything was a blur. then on Wednesday I arrived quite early so I saw Yen Fern and Jia Yi. (btw the comp is really slow but listening to DBSK's "Tonight" and everything's like A-A-A-A--A-A--AH~ LOL ok better now XD) and I scored an awesome seat :3 then the next day I'm there early but I was the only form 3, and there were juniors on the table and I'm like O_O err.. then I went to search for Syarifah and Ain HAHA. Good thing Dina found us.

the next day (today) I saw Jing Kai and Yen Fern at the usual place and I'm like PHEWW. went to buy food and came back. Sie Mone asked Eva if she can talk to random juniors, then told her to tell juniors who come and sit here "If you sit here you'll die." I liked the idea so I said I wanted to do it :D so yea now we have a bunch of things planned if the juniors think they can come and sit at that place. and I've decided that next time I SHALL NOT BE SCARED. EVEN IF I'M ALONE I AM TWO YEARS OLDER. I AM STRONGER. next time I'll just put my bottle there and search for recruits when they come :3

FORM 3. YEAR OF SENIOR-ISM. KEEHEE. man. and imagine, I have two more years to go. being a senior is SO fun :3


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3 erat chics.

23 watchers on DA! :D SO PROUD!!! it must be because of Kiryu's NY gift :> gotta thank her.. HAHA.

so anyways. the first three days of school on 2011, huh? loads of pressure really, cuz last year almost 50% got STRAIGHT A'S. STRAIGHT AS IN EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT IS A. 118 people, to be exact. so I'm not planning to go online every night pun, this time pun I don't want to online until after 12. my mom said she already told Abang Japran (Abang's friend) to fix the PC, but she really feels bad about it.

Mom. If I'm using the computer when I'm having exams sprawled all over the year, I'd feel bad too. No worries, k? But actually now I'm using her laptop without her permission

WELL ANYWAYS. I left my DA for so long there's 2000+ deviant messages T_T I just deleted everything that's over 30. yes, even Everything KPOP ones T T

OH Hanis deleted her blog :'> but she says after PMR she's making another one and planning to come back to SA! :D YAYYY

so ever since I entered form 3, one of the major things were my friends being big sisters. Xueh Wei has a sister, Xueh Wern. Nuryn (who's my new deskmate :'> ) has a sister. Nadiah has a sister, who's apparently classmates with Xueh Wern. Lea has Danish's sister Shahirah, I think was the name, and she's acting like she's her junior or something cuz she has to guide her around. Next year Ain pulak ade adik masuk T T and I'm here all lost. huhuhu.

then just now my mom told me that her friend's daughter was coming to SA. I was like, OMG IDK if I'm happy or weirded out. like finally I have a junior (well technically Sheera's not my junior but still ^^") who I can guide around and be big-sister-like to. but then on the other hand it'll be all weird that I have this person I barely know who I have to help around with. hopefully she's the independent type O.O

BUT. there's also ANOTHER person I know who entered SA. It's my neighbour's great grand daughter, Najwa :O I haven't talked to her in years, I think I smiled to her at the end of year 2008, but that was the last. I wonder what class she's in :/ gotta go and see her! we're running around the same circles but never even notice each other's existence!!!

oh and to my previous juniors, hope you guys are enjoying your senior-ness, although you guys HAD to be the worst juniors in the whole world == you treated us like we weren't seniors. that was a bad experience okay, since it's our first time being seniors. this year the juniors seems hopefully obedient and quiet. GOOD. the new batch of Girl Guides better be obedient cuz we suck at leading == or at least I am. Nadhrah's better, I think. Xueh Wei merajuk tu tak dapat jadi president. I don't blame her. I know how unfair it is, really.

oh and I'm AJK Seni :3 as planned ever since I phailed AJK BI last year. here's my PMR subject teacher's list:

BM - Pn Sabariah (our garang but yet sometimes funny class teacher T_T)
BI - Pn Puteri (our BI teacher last year, Pn. Noraini got transferred. she was nice. I guess I sort of miss her existence. sort of.)
Maths - Pn. Ranchani (the class was so quiet Q_Q cikgu disiplin lah plak.)
Science - Pn Hafizah :3 was Science teacher form 1, and I like her :D
Pendidikan Islam - Pn. Noraini (not form 1 Pn. Nooraini though, thank God cuz I kept C-ing my Agama form 1 T T)
Geografi - Pn Goh. last year Eva said she's boring. I think she's okay :3
Sejarah - Cik Tan (her tries on making jokes weren't exactly wins. almost slept iin her class today. but woke up because of a 'disturbance'. they just had to make Sejarah the first subject, don't they?? =.=)
Kemahiran Hidup - Pn. Wan Noramirah. hmm. right now she seems to concentrate on boring us with slides. I wonder if she has other plans for the year.

these days people are just getting on my nerves. why can't they just leave me the fuq alone?


Sunday, January 2, 2011

everything is a controversy these days.

even this vid is a controversy.

oh shut up. it's funny. :)


Saturday, January 1, 2011

seriously no one gets the joke?

"It's 2011 already? sigh. feels like just yesterday it was 2010."


Okay I'm a bit late. the day before yesterday was 2010. so yeah. feels like just the day before yesterday was 2010. sigh.


So that's what's been going on.
GD is going gay.
well gay boys are hot.
well, cute.
can't say I support gay-dom though.
and Hyunseung's cute too <3
I mean, look at that face he had on the second frame!