Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3 erat chics.

23 watchers on DA! :D SO PROUD!!! it must be because of Kiryu's NY gift :> gotta thank her.. HAHA.

so anyways. the first three days of school on 2011, huh? loads of pressure really, cuz last year almost 50% got STRAIGHT A'S. STRAIGHT AS IN EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT IS A. 118 people, to be exact. so I'm not planning to go online every night pun, this time pun I don't want to online until after 12. my mom said she already told Abang Japran (Abang's friend) to fix the PC, but she really feels bad about it.

Mom. If I'm using the computer when I'm having exams sprawled all over the year, I'd feel bad too. No worries, k? But actually now I'm using her laptop without her permission

WELL ANYWAYS. I left my DA for so long there's 2000+ deviant messages T_T I just deleted everything that's over 30. yes, even Everything KPOP ones T T

OH Hanis deleted her blog :'> but she says after PMR she's making another one and planning to come back to SA! :D YAYYY

so ever since I entered form 3, one of the major things were my friends being big sisters. Xueh Wei has a sister, Xueh Wern. Nuryn (who's my new deskmate :'> ) has a sister. Nadiah has a sister, who's apparently classmates with Xueh Wern. Lea has Danish's sister Shahirah, I think was the name, and she's acting like she's her junior or something cuz she has to guide her around. Next year Ain pulak ade adik masuk T T and I'm here all lost. huhuhu.

then just now my mom told me that her friend's daughter was coming to SA. I was like, OMG IDK if I'm happy or weirded out. like finally I have a junior (well technically Sheera's not my junior but still ^^") who I can guide around and be big-sister-like to. but then on the other hand it'll be all weird that I have this person I barely know who I have to help around with. hopefully she's the independent type O.O

BUT. there's also ANOTHER person I know who entered SA. It's my neighbour's great grand daughter, Najwa :O I haven't talked to her in years, I think I smiled to her at the end of year 2008, but that was the last. I wonder what class she's in :/ gotta go and see her! we're running around the same circles but never even notice each other's existence!!!

oh and to my previous juniors, hope you guys are enjoying your senior-ness, although you guys HAD to be the worst juniors in the whole world == you treated us like we weren't seniors. that was a bad experience okay, since it's our first time being seniors. this year the juniors seems hopefully obedient and quiet. GOOD. the new batch of Girl Guides better be obedient cuz we suck at leading == or at least I am. Nadhrah's better, I think. Xueh Wei merajuk tu tak dapat jadi president. I don't blame her. I know how unfair it is, really.

oh and I'm AJK Seni :3 as planned ever since I phailed AJK BI last year. here's my PMR subject teacher's list:

BM - Pn Sabariah (our garang but yet sometimes funny class teacher T_T)
BI - Pn Puteri (our BI teacher last year, Pn. Noraini got transferred. she was nice. I guess I sort of miss her existence. sort of.)
Maths - Pn. Ranchani (the class was so quiet Q_Q cikgu disiplin lah plak.)
Science - Pn Hafizah :3 was Science teacher form 1, and I like her :D
Pendidikan Islam - Pn. Noraini (not form 1 Pn. Nooraini though, thank God cuz I kept C-ing my Agama form 1 T T)
Geografi - Pn Goh. last year Eva said she's boring. I think she's okay :3
Sejarah - Cik Tan (her tries on making jokes weren't exactly wins. almost slept iin her class today. but woke up because of a 'disturbance'. they just had to make Sejarah the first subject, don't they?? =.=)
Kemahiran Hidup - Pn. Wan Noramirah. hmm. right now she seems to concentrate on boring us with slides. I wonder if she has other plans for the year.

these days people are just getting on my nerves. why can't they just leave me the fuq alone?


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