Sunday, January 16, 2011

another trip? haha.

This time, two best GIF's. just to make Xueh Wei jealous :P

yeap, Xueh Wei. Guess what. I can post "jeefs" and you can't.

Heard Syarifah had eye contact with Yoseob when she went to see them off at KLIA last Friday. that bish needs to die. lol jks she's my KPOP buddy. who else am I gonna talk KPOP language to during recess? other than that reason she need to die

so I was trying to forget that they were here, in Malaysia but as usual things wouldn't let that happen. they were here for that showcase DiGi sponsored. with 4Min and G.NA. I knew I wouldn't be able to go to any concerts this year before PMR, but I never knew my disappointment would be this early :( I thought I'd at least see them off, but BEAST were going off on FRIDAY. so sad and last minute. sigh.

listening to "Thanks To" by Yoseob and Junhyung. coincidence?

Eva messaged me "Older/ younger?" and I was like "who? oh wait this is my last message don't have any credit left" and she told me to go online. well, I was. so I waited for her to come online. then I was like "...did she come online on her RP account?" so I went on my RP acc. she wasn't online there. so I went back to my acc. and saw her online. I started a chat, but then she went offline.

bish, you told me to come online. what is this??

hate to go to school tomorrow with this period pain. grr.


Original version:

Couple selection version:

Kissing booth version:

Dentist appointment version:

Microphone-phobia version:

Desperate virgin version:

Diva version:

Hostage situation version:

Unfortunate version:

Rage version:

Visual distraction persuasive method version:

btw I have no idea who this is.
but it's funny! :D

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