Monday, January 24, 2011


So me and my deskmate...

Desk what?


Oh okay... so you mate with your deskmate?



So today, me and Nuryn, my new deskmate, were talking bout someone.

me : this morning, I thought I saw -insertname- so I tried my best to ignore her, then she passed by you know. and I was like "Oh I don't know your existence" until she was like looking at me and so I looked back but she already turned. but I think it was Yen Fern...
Nuryn : How can you mistaken Yen Fern for Pumpkin?! (that's our codename for her)

then coincidently 'Pumpkin' passed by our class and we were both like :| and Nuryn waved at her cuz she knows Pumpkin quite well. I was like 'idk her idk her' after she passed our class, Nuryn was like "...What a coin-ki-dink!!! *smiley*"

I can't help but laugh. at first I thought it was about the 'coin-ki-dink' word, but then I realize it was because of the coincidence itself. life is so funny, so tricky, in so many ways XD

then I can't stop laughing.



Me : Did she wave back?
Nuryn : She waved back, and smiled.
Me : ...
Nuryn : suke la tu.

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