Friday, January 7, 2011

how much more TV influenced can we get?

have you ever seen an artwork, then you read the comments, and someone says "it's perfect" or "it's flawless" or anything like that and you're like "...umm, no, I found something strange about this art. there IS something wrong with it, it's not flawless."

and then you start wondering if people will start whacking you on the head for being honest.


omo where is Bakmal's cooler??? T T

anyway so overall I give the first week of school 3/5. OFC people in my class are super smart and awesome. but I super miss 2G T T ofc I still have Xueh Wei and stuff, but otherwise, I'm sticking to the Nuryn-Iman-Nadiah group a lot. I BET YOU GUYS BARELY GET THOSE NAMES ON MY BLOG TWICE IN A YEAR. I miss being random with Anesha :'(

so funny things happened in the canteen this week. on Monday and Tuesday everything was a blur. then on Wednesday I arrived quite early so I saw Yen Fern and Jia Yi. (btw the comp is really slow but listening to DBSK's "Tonight" and everything's like A-A-A-A--A-A--AH~ LOL ok better now XD) and I scored an awesome seat :3 then the next day I'm there early but I was the only form 3, and there were juniors on the table and I'm like O_O err.. then I went to search for Syarifah and Ain HAHA. Good thing Dina found us.

the next day (today) I saw Jing Kai and Yen Fern at the usual place and I'm like PHEWW. went to buy food and came back. Sie Mone asked Eva if she can talk to random juniors, then told her to tell juniors who come and sit here "If you sit here you'll die." I liked the idea so I said I wanted to do it :D so yea now we have a bunch of things planned if the juniors think they can come and sit at that place. and I've decided that next time I SHALL NOT BE SCARED. EVEN IF I'M ALONE I AM TWO YEARS OLDER. I AM STRONGER. next time I'll just put my bottle there and search for recruits when they come :3

FORM 3. YEAR OF SENIOR-ISM. KEEHEE. man. and imagine, I have two more years to go. being a senior is SO fun :3


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