Saturday, January 29, 2011

listen to my heart beat.

recently in form 3, we have learned about the heart.

I hate this topic because the veins and aorta and pulmonary is SHIT. haha lol jks its what keeps me alive but still.  it's so confusing. so I've decided to make it a little bit more fun by using a song to teach you about it, and at the same time, entertain you.

Listen to my heart beat (it beating for you) ~

--okay so fine 2PM ain't half bad :PP this proves it through their dance and lyrics... they make sense... and their dance is osm, and their voice aren't half bad. like seriously. have you seen Taechyeon's teeth? they're huge. haha off topic--

yes this does not have any educational values at all. I have just pwned you, yay me.

oh and happy birthday Eva Chee Yie Hua :) I THOUGHT YOU WERE BORN IN FEB LOLZ


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