Saturday, January 29, 2011

oh hello there.

But you better know that I’m not giving you away
Will I ever stop waiting? No way
It’ll be the same in my world, I’m your boy, You’re my Girl


I was laughing so hard at the part where he was talking bout "Cherimon" XDD

that's why I hate any type of pairings such as JongKey OnTae 2Min EunHae and KyuMin. cuz it involves my boyfriends in a relationship with... other people *gasp*


So recently I had been writing a lot. There's this specific story I've been working on. The title's "Fishing on A Cloudy Day". See, since I don't always have access to the computer, I write it down in a red book you may have noticed I'd brought along everywhere I go, opened up with a pencil and eraser in my hand. And if you noticed, I don't promote it like I do most of my stories...

Cuz it's based on real humans.

"Nuryn Nuryn read this story!!" I told Nuryn, handing her over the red book, showing the drawing of the main characters.

"Ohh, I have a headache, read it to me la."

"Okay, but look at the picture!" Nuryn looked at the picture. She pointed at one of my favourite characters, Riku.

"This is..."



My face fell. The reason is because Iman was still listening. She just finished reading the story. She told me to continue, but I wanted to know Nuryn's opinion too. At first Iman was like "*smile,smile* oh gawd these peeps are so interesting-not" but then when she heard the name she was like "Oh." then she leaned over to see more.

"This looks like ***" Iman said.

"It's supposed to be ***" I told her. "Does this look like ******* to you?"

"Not really... Who's this?" Nuryn asked, pointing to the girl with curly hair.

"Isn't it obvious? It's ****"

"**** has curlier hair. curlier than Divya" Iman told. "Kesian Divya XD"

"Yea she doesn't have the curliest hair anymore" Nuryn added. we all laughed. Divya heard her name and turned, then returned to her work.

"So who's this?" Nuryn asked, pointing at the last girl - Nanami, the one who moves into neighbourhood. "Wait, it's not you right?"


I said no at that time, but after a long session of debate, I finally admitted, yes, I actually wrote a story where... I was one of the main characters.


So the story is about the five girls of Tora village, living a typical Japanese cultured summer lifestyle, having fishing as their favourite activity.

Nanami is the new girl who moves into her cousin's village, reminiscing old memories of a bad relationship. Her friends call her Nana, and she often makes the logic of everything. Gets into awkward situations since she doesn't know the girls too well. has an asshole brother who can be a nice guy, but just isn't always.

Sai is the hyper girl in the group, influenced by manga's and food. she gets annoyed by her siblings, but she loves them all the same. the big sister when it comes to family, but then when it comes to her friends, she's the one that has to be looked after. perhaps because she doesn't get as much attention at home. can get really emotional sometimes.

Ichiyo is the typical girl next door in the group. loves to sleep, and always uses her uncle's boat to go fishing. she loves her friends and takes care of them, but can't get along well with her sister, although she always tries. her mom gets to know her friends and is called the coolest among their mothers.

Riku is the tomboy of the group, good at practically everything from catching fish to barbequeing them. Nanami's cousin and rather popular in the neighbourhood for her kindness and inherited dimple (her whole family other than her dad has a dimple on the left cheek) doesn't talk much, but loves adventure as much as the other girls.

Yuka is the double personality of the group. she loves to run, talks back to her brother, owns a dog named Popcorn and bakes. yes, bakes. has natural curly hair that's straight at the roots and curls up at the end (there's a term for it in Malay but I just can't remember >.<") the source of most of the mischief and snacks in the group.

I really want this to succeed, and I was browsing through some old notebooks I had and I remembered "Sam"... I already written down the whole draft of the story, now all there is to it is to write it down. so I was thinking.... I want to get both of this published.

wish me luck, kay? ;)
thank you!! >w<


p.s, Sam is a Malaysia-scened story, teen fiction. It consists more of the male species (although the main character's a girl) while Fishing on a Cloudy Day has a lot of girls... who act rougher than how proper girls should act XD it's more friendship themed, and it's Japan-scened. I don't know, I guess I just can't stick to one concept XP

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