Saturday, January 8, 2011

omg i hate blogger. so much.

So I had to make the class blog? yea well apparently Blogger is being very annoying.

anyway remember how yesterday I made that Replay thing? Guess what. I wrote a proper story based on Ring Ding Dong. well the concept that is. The suits. The wings. The car. The hairstyle.

well will post it later :3

so Harith messaged me the other day asking me if I know if there's anything wrong with Hanis. I told him no, why? then he was like, nothing I figured it out. worried bout my friend, I asked him no seriously tell me.

H : so if I tell you, you tell me if there's any events I can go to? :3
Me : (see I invited to Musical Night last year. worst decision ever. didn't even meet him cuz my mom was there.) no this year big guy. PMR. now tell me.
H : *blabbers some stuff* she was too silent, tak happy, and dia tak respong to any question, and if i say anything bout violins, senyap tros. tapi now dia dah okay.
Me : NOT. what I expected. oh well.
H : Waaaaaat? Did i do anything? omeeeegad?
Me : (ee mak nyah nye =.=) well i expected something like why she was upset, you know.
H: ...... you don't say (yes I did say) *blabbers more stuff*
me : o rly? did u noe she told me that she wanted to change schools?
H : well was that what u wanted?
me : yes that was what I expected -.- (at this point even I didn't understand our conversation.)
H : well yea she said she wanted to tukar skolah after pmr. she wanted to go to Melawati. the whole class convinced to stay away from that school. i offered her to balik sri aman, but she pindah rumah ke BA (I'm guessing it's Bukit Antarabangsa, who else to trust but my brothers? ;) ) so she'd go to Melawati. why so?
me : she said she wanted to go to SA, but it's too far away :( well its her choice not ours.
H : yea ikr, but dk la, maybe you leh invite dia gi outing jalan2 mana2 ke, I'm sure you girls leh meet up again? its just a chilling area, you have fb and other communication stuff dont u?
Me : *types why r u telling me what to do? but deletes.* tengokla.
H : mhm, invite me too. lol jk XD
Me : (ee gatalnye. menyampah gile.) Haha. Gtl (gatal). oh btw on my dA ade this dude who told me he knew me through FB buut I don't know who he is T T
H : (after a very long time, I even believed he gave up.) lol mute terus. later, night, salam.

I don't reply. haha. serves him right. he should've stopped when I replied with "tengokla". sucker.
but man, he doesn't give up. later on he texted me again:

"oh terjaga... wait gtl ape? and wats the guy's name on fb and da?"

I didn't reply. kalau layan lagi teruk la jadinye.
No seriously this dude is just asking for history to repeat. Only this time I won't go around kecoh-kecoh. layan cam biase je. But I'm gonna do the thing I did above there a bit more :3 I KNOW I'M SO MEAN. but I'm not gonna lie. don't believe me? go to my dA acc right now. it's there, trust me.


BTW listening to SHINee right now :3

I'm not a pervert but...

P.S, the RDD story is here, here and here.
It's the parts respectively in their order :3 Yea cuz it's a long story T_T 
I didn't practice the piano because of this. sheesh.

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