Friday, January 7, 2011

shinee makes me wish I was noona.

Definition of oppa : What a girl calls an older boy.

Definition of hyung : What a boy calls an older boy.

Definition of unnie : What a girl calls an older girl.

Definition of noona : What a boy calls an older girl.

If you translate it to Malay it'll probably be "Kak Cik". But I've never actually heard a Malay guy use this term in a romantic way lol. "Kak Cik amat cantik~" kekekekke

Also, I discovered there might be a story in this video :3

Jonghyun comes into the cafe noona (or for me, unnie :D but let's just call her noona.) works in. Seeing how pretty she is, Jjong wanted to ask her out. But she scurried off before he had the chance. (Aww poor Jjong boo noona. lol jk.) Then Taeminnie sees her walk past and he's like OMG THIS NOONA. SHE'S SO PRETTY. Perfect for Minho hyung :D (A few days before this day Minho told Taemin that he's in need of a "special friend". Taemin got it, well half of it. Minho actually meant him, but Taemin thought hyung wanted to ask for his help to get girls with his aegyo. Minho was awfully disappointed, but at least he got to score a couple of chics. or in this case, noonas.)

anyway, so Taemin went to show off his aegyo to noona - AND IT WORKED! :D (CAMNE NI JJONG?? HOW CAN TAEMIN'S AEGYO BEAT YOUR MASCULINITY??) then he lead noona to an alley (bahaya kut) and found Minho!

Taemin : Here you go, hyung! And it's a noona! you two have fun!!

Minho lead noona to a basketball court, but suddenly his interests dropped - DO I SEE BASKETBALL? ... sorry but if I had to choose, I'd choose basketball over you, noona. *leaves* (Minho IS a very charismatic, very sporty guy you know ;) ) So he leaves the whore, I mean noona, to the side and joins the dudes. then Key saw noona! :D and was totally mesmerized @_@

Unlike Minho, Key's a gentleman. I mean, how could he just leave an innocent lady in the middle of a basketball court?! the ball could hit her and break her nose and she's never look as pretty again :( so he lead the noona to the benches :) "You sit here, pretty noona (sings noona neomu yeoppo) I'll just have to beat Minho's ass in basketball for awhile." But Onew saw her and he's like "OMO! THIS LADY IS AS BEAUTIFUL AS CHICKEN!" so he helps her by putting a hankie on the wet bench (very manly, Lee Jinki.)

but then they all forgot about her and left her there all alone. until night time came Taemin's like, "What happened to noona, Minho hyung?" "Oh Onew got her last." "Noona? what noona? O_o" and everyone's like "...ONEW!!!"

so they decided to make it up to her - dance!!! :D

then after seeing them perform, noona's hormones can't be detained any longer.
Lee Taemin, you just killed your first noona's pants.

(yes that does mean Taemin gets the wh-- chic in the end.)
WOOT this was fun! :D Maybe I should make an RDD story next? I mean you no need a story for Lucifer, it's all dancing scenes :I (awesome ones, that is ;D) OOH how bout Hello? Taemin's hair is ugly in it tho :/


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