Thursday, January 13, 2011

subtopics ftw.

just thought if I did this tomorrow there'd be more subtopics. just saying.
plus laptop still crappy. this time worse than before. poor me.

Program Maju Diri 

a.k.a. no homework for two days! :D apparently people told us about it so now we're suffering ourselves because of homework that was delayed two days ago. ringkasan pemahaman, why must you ask for my opinion?

back to PMD. the first session was about hypnosis crap, so that was boring. she caught my attention when she started talking bout emotions and stuff, but then she told us how to control it, and I lost interest.then pn Mashitah and Pn Gohilah took over and started talking bout.... I forgot. but I remember we discussed bout careers, and that's when I got interested. cuz I don't know what I wanna be. they said it starts from what stream you take in form 4 and I'm like OMG IDK WHICH I SHOULD TAKE.

so we took this test to see which career lines we fit in, and as I thought, my highest was artistic. when teacher started alllaborating our personalities I'm like "OMG THAT'S SOO ME. other than tak ikut peraturan. I can be diciplined you know." oo look my nails are long. but then I found a lot of peeps getting artistic and I'm like T_T I'm not special.

the next day, we started with making notes. urgh. studying. so we went into groups, and after recess we made mind maps. I think ours was quite nice, but compared to the others, blergghh. huhu. so sad. so not using that technique to make notes :P then after that Pn Lim's retirement party. IDK her, but it's really sad that we're losing a lot of teachers :( oh and while the teachers were having lunch at the gallery, we were listening to crappy senior songs. i mean Baby was awesome, but then came some songs that people have a million times, and they're so old it's as if they haven't listened to the radio for the past six months :(

yesterday, guess what I watched :3

Let's Go! Dream Team Season 2

crappy laptop is crappy. anyway. so Taemin was in it. when I first saw him he wasn't talking that much D: and he was the only one wearing black pants!! DD: AND he caused them to lose the first game!!! DDD:

but so cute when he was getting onto the kayak he was like pushing the kayak into the water and when he got into the water he tried to jump onto the kayak but only half his body got on and he started kicking with his legs like SO CUTE <3

guess what I'm listening to HAHA obviously SHINee. RDD right now. so like his team won both games, the morning games and the afternoon game. the first morning game was the one they lost, but after that Taemin's like "I have to show them I can help in winning too >(" SO HE IMPROVED A LOT MY MAN <3 so the next two games they won and they got to have awesome lunch with an awesome scenery riding awesome monster trucks and get sprayed with awesome mud on their awesome clothes.

the afternoon game was mud wrestling, and his opponent was like muscle man. short, but his muscles 8/ s I think it's kinda obvious he'd lose T_T AND IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS TOO. I was like rooting for him but then he lost so quickly I was embarrassed T T POOR BB. then the MC was like "Byeongman, how could you beat up a girl?!" I should've been offended but.. I laughed. I should've gone "HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT BOUT TAEMINNIE" but I laughed.

well they won anyway so they got spa treatment :3

The Haircut


what I wanted
(middle one)

what I got.
no no, much shorter.

The Decision.

so after the PMD, I figured I should have something thought out after all that counseling, so I'll take sub-science with ICT :3 then I'd think of what I wanna be :D


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