Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I really hate myself. I wonde why everyone else doesn't. or they actually secretly do? I used to prefer it when people just teru terang and tell me if they think I'm doing something wrong, but now I guess it's better if they don't tell me. cuz my confidence level right now is the lowest it had ever been in my entire life of 14 years and 8 months.

so the laptop is being real shitty. the screen is a bit detached from the motherboard, n the only way to betulkan is if we.. well it's hard to explain, but it only works if we put it senget... argh ignore me. just imagine me, bending down just to see clearly what's on the screen ==

Well nothing much to tell. If you want more just read Xueh Wei's blog since her life is almost the same as mine.


P.S, after Science we went back to class and Xueh Wei and I saw Anesha from downstairs at the library entry. we barely tried to call Annie, but Xueh Wei's like, "She's blind." so when we went upstairs we wanted to wave at her, but the whole 3G peeps were crowding and blocking our view, and Yen Fern was one of them, then we're like "MOVE OVER!!" and she's like "HI *waves*" XDD we just waved back, but partially the wave was to catch Anesha's attention, and it worked! :D then we left. kehehe.

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