Sunday, February 20, 2011


First time blogging in class ever since 2011 started C:
sincerely have no idea what to blog about.
class photo today C: candid.. was not as I expected. still hoping the pictures will turn out well though.

Out. (lol I'm so lame.)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taemin's interview.

Elle Girl Interview
Q: At the morning after get up, first thing to do is?
Taemin: Using mobile phone to look at the time, and then take a bath
(me too!!)

Q: When eating eggs, would like to eat hibiscus(raw) eggs, partially cooked eggs, or fried eggs?
Taemin: Partially cooked

Q: When you look in the mirror, what part do you see the first?
Taemin: EYES! Looking my eyes in the mirror, like self hypnosis
(WTF same again)

Q: Football, baseball, basketball, the most favorite game?
Taemin: Football. I liked to play soccer since i was young. Favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo

Q: Between American Coffee, coffee latte, and frappuccino which one do you prefer?
Taemin: American coffee. Not really enjoy drinking it
(Taemin hates coffee. loves chips though. I was supposed to hate coffee too, but the other day I drank it and I was like "...hey, I ain't too bad.)

Q: Laundry, cooking, dishwashing, cleaning, which housework you hate the most?
Taemin: Laundry.
(CLEANING. it's ok Taeminnie, I'll do the laundry you go clean the toilet kekeke)

Q: Which seat do you prefer when you watching a movies in theater? also in the plane?
Taemin: In theater is the middle seat, in plane near the window seat

Q: How many times does it takes to dressed up in the morning? What the criteria on selecting clothes and shoes?
Taemin: I will get what i see. So it takes less than 5minutes to dressed up
(when at home lol.)

Q: I heard you like your stage fashion/costume the most?
Taemin: “Lucifer” Music Video black clothes/costume. A torn black jacket and skinny jeans

Q: Backpack, shoulder/crossed bag, tote bag, which one do you prefer?
Taemin: When i go to school, backpack. Normally when i go out, shoulder/crossed bag

Q: In terms of fashion items, which one would spend the most money?
Taemin: Prefer jackets, pants as well jacket

Q: what do you usually have in your bag?
Taemin: MP3, toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as wallet
(uwaaah, he takes care of his teeth :O)

Q: what are your most and least favorite subjects in school?
Taemin: Favorite subject is sports, hated the social subjects

Q: If you have a girlfriend, flowers, clothes, and rings, the most like a gift given to her what is it?
Taemin: Will put flowers in the ring

Q: a girl like a puppy, or a girl like a kitten, which one do you prefer?
Taemin: a girl who is like a kitten

Q: when you can buy a car,would you get a sports car or a luxury car?
Taemin: Although the two are wanted, but still would like to buy a luxury

Q: Which city did you have the most special first impression on? and which city would you like to go the most?
Taemin: wish go to Paris to see wanted and take a photo

Q: watching movies, reading books, buy the album, if you want to recommend it, would recommend which one?
Taemin: Secret it’s a book that will benefit everyone

Q: What words that you would like to added before the name “SHINee” is?
Taemin: “idols that can be developed” SHINee

Q: what is your most memorable memory?
Taemin: the moments when i can move my body along to the music without restrictions

Q: which member makes you laugh the most?
Taemin: Onew hyung. his gag is really funny

Q: If you can exchange/swap body with one members, who would you choose?
Taemin: The question really is so hard ah

Q: birthday when the mood is agitated or upset? Of age you do, you want to adulthood? Or hate the adult it?
Taemin: when my birthday is approaching i feel worried. it is as if time passes too quickly. i do not wish to become an adult

Q: To who do you wanted to said “I Love You” the most?
Taemin: Eve and Adam, my puppies
(not your parents lol?)

Q: what do you wish to accomplish the most?
Taemin: accumulate many valuable experiences, chat with friends, and work hard towards the goals i set for myself

Q: Three words to describe you ?
Taemin: determination, student, red? that’s all i can think of

red? RED?! seriously Taemin? out of all things. RED.


don't I have a heart?

when the hella was this?!

someone asked where I came from when he saw this. amazing.


On Friday, I forgot to mention that we had a Maulidur Rasul celebration, so like we saw a couple of videos blarghblarghblargh then the last vid we saw was of an abortion. the starting itself was like "OKAY WTF" cuz it was literally blood pouring out of your va-ge-ge <-- that's how we pronounce it lol. but then when they were showing the dead lil babies I was just watching. after that also I didn't really feel anything but disgusted. even Nuryn said I was cold-hearted.

then today there was a post on Tumblr that said "Reblog if you're against child abuse" and there was a picture of some kid bleeding and bruised. at first I didn't think about reblogging it, cuz like what can we do if we reblog it anyway? can we catch all those people who did child abuse? no. but then I saw the line down there that said "If you don't reblog, you don't have a heart." and I reblogged.

cuz literally, I DO have a heart. but somehow, I really can't feel anything these days. it's like all my emotions are shut down. 

but there were feelings such as worry, and conscious-ness. 

what is this feeling?? it feels like I'm the worst person on Earth there's no one there for me. and when someone does come, I turn that person down like she will never solve my problems.

heck what the hell is wrong with me?? there's nothing that can solve my problem. unless that person says something first. but right now it seems like that person hates me. heck I hate me.

what the hell am I doing here?


Friday, February 18, 2011

comel gile.

lol guess what drama I'm addicted to right now.

you know, when you watch dramas like Dream High, you wonder if such an awesome school actually exists.

it does.

Congratulations to Song Seunghyun and Choi Minhwan pf FT Island who recently graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School! ^^ photos on

lol now I feel like a KPOP blogger. I should start blogging bout my own life now (although it mainly sucks).

so lets brief through the week.

Monday :

  • haha I actually can't remember... wait. okay nothing particularly interesting other than Eva was sick and her slow-ness really brought down my mood.
  • and it was friendship week. today's interaction with friends - high five them. 
Tuesday : 

  • Maulidur Rasul. holidayyy didn't actually do anything.
Wednesday :

  • went crazy with Syarifah and Zulaikha about Oh! My School and Dream High. we really need a life.
  • pat everyone's back (no not that back.)
  • hmm what's wrong with me
  • oh went to tuition cuz there wasn't any Pandu Puteri and I can't go on Sunday.
  • that reminds me. I really need to practice the piano. and do my homework.
Thursday : 

  • something happened that brought down my self-esteem.
  • bump fists with cool people.
Friday : 

  • The thing that bothered me was proven nothing but me thinking too much.
  • bro-hugged everyone awkwardly -guess who doesn't bro-hug people very much-
Saturday : 

  • Shitty stuff. as usual.
  • the play. woots for The Landlady.
  • sometimes I wonder if I'm just fuqing emotionless.
well life sucks anyway.
sorry but really I'm so not in any mood right now. If I was watching any variety show I'd probably perk up but right now my duty is to download songs.

well whatever.


Friday, February 11, 2011

second day at andrew choo.

Jia Yi sat with us this time. and Andrew taught me Sejarah and Science. awesome. haha. when he said "Itula, kamu semua kena ada bimbingan, seorang pro macam saya." some kid (memang nak masuk neraka lol) said "PEGI MAMPOS LA" and Andrew couldn't even care.

the Geo teacher taught us Maths too (apparently she's Mrs. Choo lol) and Cikgu Din taught us BM, and he's really straight forward and funny lol. Suaidah was reading my story under the table when he told us to do tatabahasa exercises, then he passed by and Idah panicked. Cikgu Din saw the book and went like "Takpe, tengok la nota!! Tirulah, takpe, cikgu tak marah, cikgu bangga!!" and when he left we were laughing so much. cuz they weren't notes lol.

went back home with Ika and Idah and Azzam. we separated at the crossroad where I have to go right (to mom's office, and also on the way to my house) and they have to go straight (to their house, also on the way to their grandma's house). but at least I had someone to cross the road over to the Kawasan Melayu with. that's good enough. It was sort of fun too, getting to sweat from walking XD I enjoyed it <3


sad night.

firstly, I read my cousin's blog entry and suddenly felt kinda sad. he was talking about friends and stuff, and I've never done anything he did (and if you didn't read the post, it wasn't anything bad) but I sort of understand. actually, I was sort of a loner back in SSP. Sri Aman sort of brought me to life. I remember the first few months of my life there, my mom said I seemed happier. cuz having friends back then was harder then it was now? most people are different, because when you're younger you care less and befriend everyone. I was a bit immature I guess, that's why I didn't befriend many people. now I've grown up a bit, and making friends is an easy deal.

like for instance today was my first day of tuition at Andrew Choo. well actually the first day of this year, since I went back in standard 6. at first I entered the class and I got nervous cuz none of my friends were there yet. after surviving 15 minutes alone in class (with weird people thinking I'm deaf going "sape tu?? sape tu??" "I'd like to introduce myself, to avoid anymore confusion, I'm Elyna, I'm new, for the year that is, and I'd like it if you guys didn't stare at me like I have two horns and a tail sticking out of my back, thanks." naah I didn't say that.) they finally arrived, but then I was already used to being alone and being stared at.

oh. and Jia Yi tuitions there too. since standard two, I've been told. I felt bad seeing her sit alone just now, maybe next time I'd sit next to her (even though she didn't sit next to me when I was alone. and she probably have friends, maybe they didn't come today.)

should I tell about the tuition so far? the Geo teacher like so repeat words like "Jarak Mutlak *writes mutlak down on board* MUTLAK, MUTLAK, MUTLAK, *taps on board* MUTLAK MUTLAK MUTLAK!!" and I'd be here like "... okay, Mutlak. lol." and the English teacher has a hoarsey voice that's sort of scary the first time. she also stares at people, trying to pick someone to read the text, and when people stare back she'd pick that person to read the text. a.k.a. me. but I like it when she says "good" after we read :3

I'm rather off topic. so after reading the blog post, I listened to MBLAQ's new album, 'Blaq Style'. well actually the first two songs. technically the first and third (since I'm already in love with the second) the first, which was the intro, was okay. it was just the piano, no singing. I wonder which member played that, if it was them. cuz it was really nice.
then I listened to Cry, the 3rd song of the album. I loved it so much, but it was seriously so sad. although there's probably sadder songs in this world, I really like sad songs like this. hmm, how can I describe it? some sad songs sort of have some hope in them, but I prefer those... that you just cry to. no pun intended.

I think I'm considered sensitive, cuz I've cried to songs a million times, like even after the 20th time I hear It Hurts by 2NE1 I still cry to it, cuz the sadness just seeps in you and makes you go cold and lonely just like that, and tears form in your eyes.

Language is no barrier. mom had always been against this K-POP thing cuz she doesn't understand. to me, music is one language. the words don't matter sometimes, you just feel the emotions. like you can tell someone is angry when he's shouting, even if he's shouting in Greek.

When was the last time I felt sad without the influence of music? well. I truthfully can't remember. I guess last year, that time I had a fight with Laila...

OH no recently I felt sad too. It's because of a friendship that's breaking apart. We used to be so close in form 1, we used to sit next to each other in class, and talk about everything. I'd try to be interested in K-POP but it was really hard for me then. I really miss talking to you, Adilah Aishah bt. Khushairi <-- (I remember how this used to be a problem lol.). let's talk someday.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

rantai buat si beruk.

I posted the dance ver because I really don't like the MV. I watched it on MTV and got really uncomfortable. but if you really want to, you can search the Clean Ver on YouTube :3


so like we all know I went to Melaka the other day with my family. at night, we went to search for souvenirs (before Umar got sleepy and stuff) so I got ten bucks to spend, and mom was tired of walking, so I went with Bakmal to search for souvenirs. so on our way to the building called "M*** Samudera" (and that's because I forgot, not because it's a bad word) Bakmal was all "So Bakmal nak belikan kawan Bakmal sorang ni something special sikit. Perempuan."


Lately, ever since Bakmal went to college, mom noticed somethings (that I didn't). like how he wears perfume and cares about how he looks. she really thinks he got a girlfriend, while I just thought you know, anything's possible. it could just be cuz he grew up :P

but hearing this, wow. Bakmal, who practically ignores all the girls in his secondary school, has a girlfriend.

so we went around, and my first opinion was that he bought a t-shirt, since he bought everyone else keychains. he kept saying frustratedly "Ape nak belikan beruk ni ek??" I just smiled. Bakmal never really showed affection. guys.

after going around, I saw someone buying a necklace and asking to write her name. I sincerely forgot these people existed - you know those guys who write names on stuff with markers and glitter pens and all, so that we pay and extra three bucks. I used to love those, but now I think it's just tacky. so I told Bakmal bout the necklace, and he asked which one would I pick. I told him, I'd pick the blue pendant, what's her favourite colour? but he didn't know.

so after a while of browsing, I showed him one glassy pendant, that's white and the reflection was colourful (you know, like the colours on a bubble). he said it looked nice, but really, it was just 5 bucks. after we bought it, he said it looks fake (HAHA obviously. it weighs like a feather) but I told him it's still pretty and the thought's what counts. so he told me to keep it and to not tell anyone.

that night while he went to the bank, I told Kak Ain and Abang.

just now, when we separated, I forgot to give him the necklace, and tonight he went out. I feel bad, and every time I feel like I should check if the necklace is still with me. I mean, it's for his girlfriend.

well if it weren't for me he wouldn't have found that necklace anyway, so ^^ he should be happy to have a sister like me :D


got that glitter on my eyes.

I repeated that for about 5 times before I actually believed it when I saw it on my Tumblr. 46?! I reacher 43, dropped till 35, and now it's FORTY-EFFING-SIX.

oh. yay.
lol cuz Xwei's got like, 300.

anyways, today I got back from Melaka. remember when I said I'll miss B2ST's showcase on Hitz?

so on Thursday night, Aunty Badar's kenduri was up and running. when we arrived it was around 7 so first thing to do was obviously solat. so while i was praying, I sort of heard someone mentioning "Korea". but I ignored it. maybe it's a mistake...

so after that the kenduri went on~ we were supposed to read the Yassin after Ishak, so while they were praying Ishak me and Kak Ain were sitting outside. when suddenly a girl with long hair, glasses and in shorts and t-shirt came. at first I really had no idea who that was. then I figured, it must be one of Aunty Badar's homestay customers. but takkan lah ada kenduri pun...? well, I guess business is business.

but then when three of these people came, one being a lady with curly hair, and the other a guy with glasses (this looks like the typical family of three - the parents and the youngest daughter) they started calling them "the Korean people" and mom was like telling me to go there and talk some Korean and I'm here like "I DON'T KNOW ANY KOREAN LOL" they just ate dinner then left though. although Kak Ain and I were already planning to talk about Korean dramas and singers (Kak Ain only knowing Full House, which is currently one of the shows I'm watching online now a days.)

the next day, I was discovered.

so we were having breakfast when Aunty Badar called someone and told them to invite the Koreans over for breakfast (since we're having a kenduri, the customers will have to sleep in a different house). so Aunty Badar was like, cleaning up the space in front of me. Kak Ain said "Elyna, your dream, they're going to eat in front of you!!" And I'm like " dream is for Taemin to eat in front of me but what the heck."

so yeah, they were eating breakfast while mom was layanning them. yes MY mom :) so proud HARR. they were talking to me too XD mom introduced the whole family and I was like "that was so unnecessary T T" so yeah.

the father works at Samsung at KL, and they live in Mont. Kiara. the girl goes to an international school, and is one year older than me. and guess what. SHE'S A SHAWOL TOO!!!! :DD unluckily, we didn't really get a chance to talk, her mom was talking for her like my mom was talking for me, so her mom was like "do you know any Korean actors?" and I said "I don't know any actors (duuh I watch like, three dramas and I never bother to find out bout the actors, sincerely.) but I know some singers, uumm, group singers.."

"which ones?"

"Umm, BEAST, SHINee..." then the girl pointed at herself "SHINEE!!!" she said excitedly. and I was like "OMG XDD" serious best giler. if only we had more time to talk XD I don't think we'd ever stop lol.

so that made up for missing the BEAST concert ;) mom even said she might try to get in contact with them, since Aunty Badar is a business card addict it might be possible, (cuz since Dad is an Education professor, he gets to know people from the Language department too since it's practically linked. you know. learning the language is important before you study it.) and so I'll get to meet her again!!! :D I'm worried she won't be so excited though

then after that we went to Melaka (Aunty Badar's house was at Kampung Lonek, N. Sembilan btw) and founa small hotel to sleep in. at night when Umar was sleepy mom and dad brought him back to the hotel while the four of us went to look around Melaka.
today, Kak Ain, Abang, Umar and I went to Afamosa Water World, and had serious loads of fun :) i fell out of the tube into the water plenty of times, and rode the slide twice and didn't feel scared harhar. seriously, there was nothing to be scared of. it wasn't like we were flying in mid-air which would actually be really awesome. I was even getting ready to scream, but unfortunately didn't really had the 'feel'. just screamed for fun though :)

at first when we arrived home I was like "owh God I can't do anything I need to sleep" but then when I touched the computer I couldn't sleeps HEEE.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

enough to get you started.


yes, I finally blogged something non-relevant to K-POP. whatevs.




my first ever bias lol.
but I think it was yesterday... 2nd February harhar... I'll check.
Nope. it's today ^^
CNY lagi lol.


Really don't wanna go out. Not today, today is a fine day to go out, thing is, we're going out until SATURDAY. TOMORROW, on Hitz there's gonna be the B2ST concert and I'm here like "omg what the hell am I missing T T" I really really really wanna watch it,b ut what to do... Family comes first.. but still. why not some other day?! T T

oh where are we going?

"Kita hanya merancang, Allah menentu" as mom said. So we're planning, that today we go to N. Sembilan to Aunty Badar's kenduri. although it'll be really sad, remembering Arwah Pak Itam :( then we sleep there for a night, the next day we set to Melaka, go to beach, makan-makan (a sort of picnic harr) then we set to Sarang Buaya.

really, we were planning to go to Segamat, but hearing bout the banjir... is it still flooding there? I haven't logged into FB for a while now, since Bakmal is online on his and I'm too scared to log off... (yes hours counts as a while. don't bother days, days would be like centuries)

anyways, recently I haven't been able to detain myself when I see my biases on TV. like last night I was watching KPOP Hitz, and Barae came on and I was like, waiting for the moment Seunghyun comes and when he did I was like frozen. he is the most gorgeous thing on Earth, really. he is the dreamiest of all dreamy people. gaarrgh.

then Lucifer came on and I was screaming and jumping all over the place and practically wailing the song while trying to grab Taemin out of the screen. am I that crazy?
naah. I'm just another fangirl hurr.


OH OH I DREW PICS OF MY TOP BIASES a.k.a. Jonghyun, Donghae, Taemin, Hyunseung and Seunghyun SHOULD I PUT IT UP? I WILL. SOON. OBVIOUSLY HAHA

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my bb's just tryina have fun

really, they should have more of these moments on camera <3

crying my eyeballs out -not literally- I LOVE SHINEE SO MUCH
too bad Minho's not there tho :(


why do you love Hyunseung?

why do I love Hyunseung?


Kay so when I first saw B2ST, my attention was turned to the maknae Dongwoon and visual maknae Yoseob. I mistakenly told Ain that I like Gikwang, cuz seriously I didn't know any of them at that point.
but when I discovered who I actually meant was Yoseob, Ain said that was hers.
and I was like.. okay well he's in my top three then.
1. Yoseob
2. Doojoon
3. Dongwoon

after a while I was obviously OBSESSED with Yoseob and his aegyo. but he wasn't serious enough for me, really. and Ain like Yoseob first so since I'm such a good friend I decided to let go of him. Doojoon was taken by Hanis. Gikwang was taken by Syarifah (and she's a real fanatic too, don't mess with her AJ). Dongwoon was just too typically favourited. Junhyung just ain't good looking enough.
so that leaves me with Hyunseung and I'm like... why not?

reasons to like Jang Hyunseung
-he's just that adorable
-he's an awesome dancer (if not as good as Gikwang)
-he's an awesome singer (if not as good as Yoseob)
-he's the awkwardest with girls, according to the members and I just fuqing love shy boys <3 <3 <3 (mostly cuz he's all mysterious-y and he makes you wonder what exactly is he hiding that makes him so shy, but still)

but recently I found out my senior, Hanan likes him and I'm like YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Ain was like "alaa ambik jela Junhyung" but NO. not that's he's that bad, he's awesum okayy. but idk, he's gangster look actually scares me O_O but at that moment I really couldn't think of anything...

but today, I discovered why I HAVE to have Hyunseung. seriously. more than Donghae. more than Jonghyun. more than Seunghyun. maybe not more than Taemin, but still.

Answers all questions.

btw I don't like Gikwang's over-rated abs.
over-rated abs was what made Jjong and Hae fall in my list of fandom, really.


extra info on Hyunseung (my bb<3)

Name : 장현승 (Jang Hyun Seung)
Former Stage Name: So-1
Role : Sub-leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
DOB: September 3, 1989
Nickname: Rancho
Education: Anshan Information Industry High School
Specialty: beat box
Height: 176cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Web surfing and bowling.
Info : He was eliminated from YG group Big Bang in the ninth episode of their documentary.